[NA West] The Duchy of Duskforge {XoO}

The Duchy of Duskforge

Duchy of Duskforge Discord -

Allied with the Cloister of Xen and Svellaros Alliance

Fully pledged Duke as of January 2017

Work in Progress - Will be updated often


The Kingdom of Blackheart


Arcanmene Ragnarok of house Ragnarok


Defense and military focused; new players welcome.


Duskforge used to be under the control of The Untainted Eye. After the first time he communed with Luna, he realized that he needed to dedicate his life to spreading her word; he could no longer care for his Duchy. After a deep meditation with Luna and Her Majesty, Rowena, Queen of Blackheart, it was decided to pass the ownership of the Duchy to his High Shield, the Commander of the Cloister’s Armies, Arc.

After the Eye’s pilgrimage to Darkholm, the High Shield saw fit to focus the resources of Duskforge on defense knowing that there will be those who view the Eye’s teachings as a threat to their power. Because of this the High Shield will use Duskforge to assure the defense and protection of the Kingdom.

Also recognizing the need for enlightenment of Mann to truly accept Luna’s teachings, Duskforge will also be a center trade and commerce. Luna’s words will be carried throughout the Kingdom, not only by followers of the Cloister, but also traders and merchants that will reach all corners of Elyria through Duskforge.

Duskforge and the Armies of the Cloister are still ever vigilant. Behind the defences, and behind the bustling trade hubs The High Shield continues to recruit and train The Armies of The Cloister. Legions of Templars lay in wait for the call to spill blood, either by the command of The Crown, or the holy decree of Luna. Their true deadliness, however, is in the shadows…


Being the ancestral home of The Cloister, Duskforge is steeped in countless tales of battles and bloodshed. Some say the landscape of Duskforge is stained in crimson during the setting sun from the amount of blood spilled at the cloisters hand.

It was not until Luna saw fit to make her will known to The Untainted Eye that Duskforge stopped bleeding.

There was a massive undertaking after that day. Grand Cloisters were commissioned to be built throughout Duskforge Luna’s shadow blanketed the land, covering the crimson topsoil in her twilight shadow.

The once vicious Xen Army were now roaming Elyria, searching for all relics and idols from their deity. It was almost as though Luna was guiding them to each location, for within a short time Duskforge became home to countless artifacts and relics from ages long forgotten.

After a time The Eye communed with Luna and it was decided that he could no longer squander her words to himself and his duchy. Her gift was granted for the whole of Elyra. The Eye chose, that day, with the council of Luna and Her Majesty, Rowena, Queen of Blackheart to pass the ownership of Duskforge to The Eye’s Right Hand, The High Shield of the Order of Robin, leader of the Armies of Xen, Arc.

After the announcement was made, The Eye set forth to build the foundations of The Cloister in lands of Darkholm, being graciously granted land by The Crown.

Arc, always thoughtful of dangers and the avarice of Mann saw that The Eyes teachings could be seen as a threat to power for some. He chose, at that point to use the resources of Duskforge to create a defensive backbone so as to better protect The Kingdom and The Eye as well.

Being a Mann of logic and common sense Arc also knew that the best way to the hearts and ears of the people of Elyra would be through their purse strings.

To that end he invested heavily in commerce and trade, so as to make Duskforge an economic center for the kingdom.

Hierarchy and Duties

Archduke of Duskforge - The Archduke commands the Cloister’s Armies as well as leading the Duchy of Duskforge.

Reapers - The elite, personal force of The Archduke. Reapers take on special assignments that need a more gentle approach.

Templar - The Templar take all commands from the Archduke of Duskforge. The Templar embody the rage of our deity and focus on solving issues through direct conflict. The Templar take part in Holy Wars. Templar must join the Cloister of Xen.

Grand Council of Duskforge - A group of trusted advisers that give the Archduke advice and council. The Archduke still hold all authoritative power, but in most cases takes into consideration the council’s input on important matters.

Patriarch of the Old Ways - An honorary position for the war smith known only as Darktide.

Matriarch/Patriarch of Twilight - The masterful tactician of twilight. The Matriarch/Patriarch of Twilight works with The Archduke to root out traitors within the border.

Matron/Patron of Exchange - The leader of Commerce and Trade. The Matron/Patron of Exchange ensures that trade and commerce are free flowing in Gloomspear and the cities of Duskforge. Everyone should have access to goods while in the lands of Duskforge.

Great Mason - The leader of Infrastructure for the Duchy of Duskforge. Commands the Masons of Duskforge, and ensures the infrastructure of Duskforge upheld, including the Super Highway of Duskforge.

Masons - Takes commands from the Great Mason. The Masons ensures all Counties and Cities in Duskforge have the necessary amenities to prosper and succeed.

Super Highway of Duskforge - The main highway or road leading from Darkholm to the Duchy of Whisperwind.

Untainted Eye - The leader of the Cloister of Xen.

Supreme Arbiter of Duskforge - This position is held by The Archduke of Duskforge. Ensures the Laws of Duskforge are being upheld. 12 Arbiters are appointed to help uphold the law around Duskforge.

Arbiters of Duskforge - A special title for those who hold law above all else. The Arbiters of Duskforge help the Supreme Arbiter keep the borders secure, help enact or remove laws, and are part of the Grand Tribunal process. Counts, Barons, Mayors, Citizens, and Council members can be appointed as an Arbiter.

The Grand Tribunal - A specific Tribunal that requires the attention of Archduke of Duskforge and the Arbiters of Duskforge.

All defendants in The Grand Tribunal may invoke the right to a Champion of Death. That is to say one champion of the defendant and offender’s choosing can choose fight to the death, meaning coup de gras. The winner of said outcome will be the undisputed winner of that case. Normal Tribunals cannot invoke the right to a Champion of Death unless the Count where that Tribunal is taking place authorizes it.


Archduke of Duskforge, Arc

Gloomspear, the capital of Duskforge - Central hub for all important matters settled in the Duchy. Within Gloomspear, lies the Bastion of Twilight where the Archduke resides.

Counties and Cities of Duskforge

All counties and cities will be treated fairly within Duskforge. The individual counties and cities within Duskforge operate autonomously, but must follow the laws of Duskforge.

Laws of Duskforge

  • Duskforge honors the laws of Blackheart

  • Taxes will be paid

  • Any and all attempts to unlawfully overthrow or usurp the counties or Duskforge itself are punishable by death

  • Tribunals will be led in the counties of Duskforge, and the counties will have their own laws that do not take away from the Laws of Duskforge

  • A Grand Tribunal will be held in Gloomspear

Citizens of Duskforge

All members of the Blood, that is to say members of Blackheart, are welcome in Duskforge. Outsiders are also welcome within Duskforge, but most who break the laws of Blackheart within the borders will be met with swift justice. The official religion of the Duchy of Duskforge is worshiping the Goddess Luna, but all citizens are welcome to freely worship.


Reapers - Open, but extremely limited; must join the Cloister of Xen and Xen of Onslaught.

Templar - Open, but limited; must join the Cloister of Xen and Xen of Onslaught.

Patriarch of the Old Ways - Filled

Matriarch/Patriarch of Twilight - Vacant

Matron/Patron of Exchange - Vacant

Great Mason - Vacant

Masons - Open

Untainted Eye - Filled

Arbiters of Duskforge - Open, but limited.

Counts: Open

Guilds: Open

Barons: Open

Citizens: Open

To Join the Duchy of Duskforge

Contact myself (Arc, Arcanmene, Archduke Arcanmene Ragnarok) through personal message or in our Discord at currently being created.

To Join the Cloister of Xen

Contact Anivar or myself through personal message or in our Discord at

To Join the Xen of Onslaught Gaming Community

Please go to our website at to make an account then put an application in at to apply. You can also message myself or Anivar if interested.

About Us

Xen of Onslaught has been around for over 15 years and we strive to enhance the online gaming experience for adults through the use of actively supported forums, voice communications, and dedicated game servers.

Xen plans to engage in every aspect of the game. Xen of Onslaught is a respected adult multi-gaming guild with thousands of members currently spanning several gaming fronts. We are a be all, end all guild that will fit every one of your guild needs for Chronicles of Elyria and the many games to come.

All are welcome to join the Onslaught!

Some more in-depth details of who we are and what we have done/can do by viewing our accolades at

"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

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Hope everyone is enjoying their week! I know I'm not. College started back up.

1/11/2017 3:14:26 AM #17

25+ members and growing! Come check us out !

1/11/2017 3:14:40 PM #18

Welcome to Duskforge , a growing Duchy seeking players like you!


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Posted By Arcanmene at 03:38 AM - Fri Jan 06 2017

Just uploaded the Duchy Icon, which was created by one of the members of Xen of Onslaught {XoO}.

Discord is still being finalized.

Looking for more amazing citizens!


1/12/2017 9:22:40 AM #20

Looking for a home? Want to be trained how to fight? This is the place for you!

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Posted By Darktide at 9:14 PM - Tue Jan 10 2017

25+ members and growing! Come check us out !


1/12/2017 6:47:08 PM #22

You need training? Luna is here. You need discipline? Luna is here. You need a friend? Luna is here. Pick up a weapon and defend Luna, your life depends on it! Is that blasphemy I hear?


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Best place in elyria

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Posted By Snowmannumbertwo at 4:49 PM - Thu Jan 12 2017

Best place in elyria


1/13/2017 4:03:48 AM #26

NA-W, tons of friendly help. Working with the kingdom of BlackHeart. Who wouldn't want to come here?

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Posted By Darktide at 10:03 PM - Thu Jan 12 2017

NA-W, tons of friendly help. Working with the kingdom of BlackHeart. Who wouldn't want to come here?



1/13/2017 4:08:04 PM #28

All are welcome! We have lots of openings to be filled. Become what you like but be prepared to fight if called upon. Training provided.


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Few new members today! Come see use soon!

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Posted By morbidar at 12:47 PM - Thu Jan 12 2017

You need training? Luna is here. You need discipline? Luna is here. You need a friend? Luna is here. Pick up a weapon and defend Luna, your life depends on it! Is that blasphemy I hear?

All are welcome!


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