Will there be crafting marks?

Let's say I'm one of the greatest bladesmiths in the world and my skill is legendary, can I put a mark on my creation so that anyone who saw it would know I made it?

If that were the case, then could someone forge(literally and figuratively) my signature and sell a fake?

What if I'm making a high quality dagger for an assassin who I know plans to kill a king. Can I hide my mark so that I can't be easily traced? Can an investigator or another blacksmith find clues withing the blade to directly figure out that I made it or would they have to narrow down a list of craftsmen who could make something of that quality?

I'm asking because I imagine that assassins will need high quality gear to kill kings and the like and I also imagine that if you made the dagger that was used to kill the king then you'd have a lot to answer for. What insurances will craftsmen have when making gear for assassins and thieves so that they can minimize(obviously not eliminate it since risk management is core gameplay) their risk?

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If marking items is a thing, if you make well known items why wiould you be held accountable? I imagine many a elite guard ALSO has equipment you've made :)

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Well it's not like the dagger of an assassin would leave it behind. People would just hide the dagger back in their bags or somewhere on them which means nobody could really direct it back to you, the craftsman.

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I would assume, with the level of customization (these aren't just skins people) for all aspects of CoE - from clothing to matching up blades and hilts in multiple combos - that people can mark or remove a mark from any object they choose.

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Honestly, your friend is just selling a creation of his, its up to his customers to decide what they do with it, so even if they try to say something about it, there's nothing your friend can do about it. Although if they do get feisty, your friend can just move somewhere else or stop selling all together so they risk losing a source of the best legendary class equipment.

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Not only that but isn't it up to you to put the mark on it? So just don't put the mark on it.

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An assassin doesn't want a marked blade. Haven't you ever watched a thief in a movie say something like, "I need $1,000,000 in unmarked bills and an unlicensed gun." Why would they need a gun that isn't traceable? In case it gets dropped or stolen. "Excuse me, Mr. Blacksmith", do you remember who bought a dagger that looks like X from you?" A good blacksmith would want to mark all their weapons, and try to remember what people look like for a while after they buy them.

By the I am saying, a marked blade makes you less liable for it, and more likely looked at as a possible source of information during an investigation. I'd love to see an instance where a maker's mark is recognized from a blade, and the blacksmith happens to remember who bought it from him. Heck some kingdoms might even implement a law that requires blacksmiths to make weapons with maker's marks, and have the buyers identify themselves on paper to the maker, in case the weapon is used maliciously.

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I think it's pretty obvious that an assassin would want an unmarked blade to be fair.

Consider this, given the fact that deviant skills are a thing, I image there would be gear that would cater mostly to people who want to do illegal things like concealed daggers, stealth cloaks, lockpicks, and I could also imagine that a baron might decide to outlaw some of these items. A baron could even outlaw the production of certain items such as these. But you can never get rid of these entirely, obviously.

Maybe this topic was a bit pointless, but I just hope that a craftsman would be able to make his/her work anonymous in case they wish to support or sell to a criminal organization or even simply produce illegal items.

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Posted By Korinra at 8:14 PM - Fri Dec 23 2016

In case it gets dropped or stolen. "Excuse me, Mr. Blacksmith", do you remember who bought a dagger that looks like X from you?" A good blacksmith would want to mark all their weapons, and try to remember what people look like for a while after they buy them.

I can see some wise blacksmiths keeping a ledger of their items sold, along with atleast a short description of the buyer, name if possible, and a rough appearance.

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yeah , I for 1, if a legendary smith, would NOT want my work marked for the simple fact it will hinder your business, imagine if you will, your marked blades are known to be the best and you have everyone wanting is booming, then the king catches wind of your work,will provide the materials for all the blades he wants YOU to provide for his court/army and will give you room and board ,fine wine , exquisite foods, but you are working soley for him. By the time you finish these fantastic blades for the kings men, your personal business/clientele will think you have moved or died giving someone else the chance to reap YOUR rewards. just a thought. side note...I guess if you want favor/fame, working for the king wouldn't be so bad!

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unregarded the intention of this thread to support murderers it is an interesting question if something an artisan crafted yould be signed. This could be usefull and would be a good advertise for quality goods af any kind. A Watermark for paper, a mark on weapons, a branding for horses....

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