Too Realistic?

Im just wondering how much is TOO much...

Cuz smooth gameplay, and alot of options are all great.. but what happens when you are jailed and loose "play time" for false imprisonment? if that can even happen.

Or if there is no nameplate above people head, how can you know who your friends are, and how to contact them? How can you find a person who killed you to take revenge, when he can just wear a different gambison and you dont know who they are.

Also im fine with no questing in general sense, but how do they plan to incentivise us to play the game. Cuz logging in to roam around and chop wood is kinda meh after a while.

I just think allowing the world to be run by players entirely can be counter productive, Just look at Mortal Online. Its essentialy CoE but very old and unpolished, and also done by a studio of 10~ people.

Mortal online never got up its feet and the game end up being sooo boring. Because everything was ran by players and there were no players willing to be that commited to a game that had 0 content. It only had a large number of interactions.

Imagine this:

6 Months playing the game > you log in > there is no quest to do cuz thts how game works > lots of people ofline or too far to interact > merchants in local counties/kingdoms dont do their job too well > you cant die anymore cuz ur close to perma death so no risky bussiness.... What do you do? Chop wood? Kill Rabbits? Grief? Explore?

And what happens when kings are offline and you need them imidiatelly to setup something ingame that "cruicial" for your gameplay. Do you depend on people to advance in game but people are generally unreliable?

I would really like SBS clarification how they plan on doing this. Just a Dev Journal about some of this stuff. I know after alpha and beta testing these things would get sorted out but just wondering how they plan on doing it now.

Ussualy first 3-4 months in game slike this is great.. lots of people running around, alot of new things to discover and stuff, but they tend to settle down and losse its charm. Im just wondering how are things going to be in CoE.

Essentialy what are incentives to Log-in Everyday after a few months of gameplay.


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Posted By Joreel at 02:38 AM - Wed Jan 11 2017

It's gonna take more than one lifetime to master even one profession, if I remember it was said to be 2-3 lifetimes to master one, depending on the profession...

Then remember grandmaster is the highest, which takes several lifetimes.

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Posted By Ezenrkul87 at 4:00 PM - Thu Jan 12 2017

Posted By Atogrim at 11:45 AM - Sat Jan 07 2017

Judging by your post so far you should reconsider if this game really is for you.

Why is this the typical response to people who have actual concerns about the game. It seems that instead Of actually talking about things you'd rather just have people leave the game.

It's the typical response to people whose "concerns" are based on trying to draw CoE features back into line of that of every other mmo.

CoE is a niche game. It is the game that many who have always wanted more realism in their mmorpg experience have always dreamt of - The passage of time; aging, dying, generations. Having an impact on landscape, culture, history. No game mechanic cop-outs; fast-travel, endless pockets/hammerspace, endless ammo, etc. The list goes on.

So when you get the odd player who comes in and starts lobbying for the game to be changed so that it aligns more with all the other mmos out there, with all the features that everyone here have been trying to get away from, of course the response is to go and play WoW then.

There are dozens of games that already cater for that type of gameplay, don't come here and try and hijack the one game trying to cater for this end of the spectrum. If they don't like the features catered for this end of the spectrum, then they are following the wrong game for them.

I myself dislike racing games. I find going around and around a track in circles, over and over again, boring as f. But you aint going to see me going to the Gran Turismo forums and bitching that I think their gameplay is shit and that they should take out the racing in favour of RPG elements which I like (No, I go and play GTA instead if I want to play a car RPG). The game isn't for me, it's for all the hundreds of thousands of people who are racing fans.

The same holds true for CoE.

If someone prefers a more traditional WoW-like game then of course you are not going to recommend them to stay and fork out money for a game they aren't going to enjoy to play now are you?

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