[NA-W]The Rìoghail Tradeway

The Rìoghail Tradeway

The Rìoghail Tradeway is a trade network, linking cities from every kingdom via an extensive roadway. Cities are free to trade and work together, regardless of border. This ensures that if one city has a surplus of something, they can easily sell that excess to another city that may need more of that good. The roads exist to ensure both the fastest and safest route in between major cities, promoting travel just as much as trade.

Of course, the roads are also beneficial in times of war as well. Armies can quickly travel across the roads, rushing to either invade or defend in the fastest time possible. The roads will also be linked to many strongholds, run through fortified locations, and be patrolled by guards, so an invading army can't exploit the roads to lead a sudden charge undetected.

Now the next question I can already hear you typing up; 'But Yorick, roads are already a thing! Why do we need this?' Well here's exactly why:

  1. You are correct, roads do exist. But by no means are they the most direct route of travel, nor are they safe or even fully paved for that matter.

  2. These roads will link the partners listed down below specifically. That way if you're going from one major city to another, you don't have to detour through seventeen other towns, get ambushed by bandits in every second forest, and add an extra week to your travel times, provided you actually make it alive.

  3. These roads are guarded and well maintained along the entire length of them, to make them the choice route of merchants, travelers, soldiers, and anyone else.


So roads and all that is all fun and good, but what's a trade network without trade partners? Here's a list of everybody who's signed on as a proud partner.

Please note: This list is incomplete, a couple partners are missing, as well as several links. I'll be constantly updating this so stay tuned for improvements and growth.

Kingdom of Aranor

City of Braenaroch

City of Enarvie, capital of the Kingdom of Aranor

Eriview Harbor (And Tha'ghol County)

Molten Hammer

Fort Ashwood

Unnamed Capital, Duchy of Evertide

Unnamed Duchy/City - Duke Archaon

Unnamed City - Baron Crushed Can

Unnamed County - Count Ostracism

County of Macau

(Side note: I'll be talking to these people a lot to try and get them to name their places and make posts.)

Kingom of Ashland

County of Ashford, capital of the Haverlands

County of Aequum

County of Milovia

County of Mirrorvale

County of Tir'Brännon

Free City of Nordhausen

County of Karsana

County of Atrein

Vivecta County

County of Osthelia

Magpie's Perch

City of Vlans

County of Strongmist

County of Flautas

City of Canterbury

County of Montlake

Capital city of the Duchy of Sanctaphandri

County of Halvmåne

County of Stenhus

Capital city, Duchy of Fioralba

Kingdom of Azalea's Ascension

Tre'Fidy, capital of the Duchy of An'ayr

Zei'la, capital city of the kingdom

County of Sylitera

Unnamed City - Baroness Dizzi

Unnamed County - Count Andrew

Kingdom of Blackheart

City of Coldforge, Capital of the Kingdom of Blackheart

City of Aelfhaest

Capital City, Duchy of Ravencrest

Kingdoms of Tyria & Valycia

None yet, as they are new to the server and still growing. Will be working closely with them as time progresses.

Partnered Guilds

Thatcher Shipping Trade Enterprise

Animal Husbandry Association

Knight's Armaments

Gold Band Mining Industries

Azalean Institute for Professional Scholarship

The Enarvian Library

The Order of the Blue Rook

Visit Us

Anyone is free to visit. Any guild or city partnership inquiries, all you need to do is swing by and talk to me about it.

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Oooh interesting. I'd love for my county or city to partner for this idea.

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Posted By Kaloki at 10:08 PM - Wed Jan 11 2017

Oooh interesting. I'd love for my county or city to partner for this idea.

Feel free to swing by the discord channel!

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I'm super jazzed to be a part of this trading community! Good job on the post, Yorick.

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Massive edit dropped. Made sure everybody who has a link is now linked, and got rid of all the pictures. They were a bit too cluttery. Will be alphabetizing and sorting between counties, cities and duchies to the best of my ability at a later date.

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Look forward to working with you.

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Post updated. Apologies for the inactivity; I'm still here, just busy with irl stuff as well.

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