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I wanted to ask if you like the idea of "logic driven research". I'd call the current research as "in-game mechanics driven". Basically, you do something, get very good at it and your avatar might think of something. Then you are able to build that and maybe you are able to teach that. However this will be implemented, you basically research by doing something, e.g. blacksmithing.

What about something, which basically does not involve a lot of in-game mechanics but only logic? [Next to the "in-game mechanics driven" research of course]

Example: From what I've read, there will be some old ruins of a past civilization around the world. [Don't know if that info is up to date/true] Imagen now, you would take a peace of paper (in reality), and write down thoes rune-sequences. You might also draw a picture of the ruins and what not. Then you sit back and try to decipher this. Maybe the runes will give you some kind of power, or maybe tell you about the past civilization. Or Whatever, it doesn't really matter. The point is: You decipher it by working with your head, by just starring at it and try to make sense out of it. - Instead of just blacksmithing for ages. [I don't want to say that one is better than the other]

The point it: One research is basically done in-game, by practicing something. The other is done by sitting down in reality and look at stuff. Like a puzzle.

An example for such rune deciphering would be Cicada 3301's Liber Primus: [Cicada 3301 is some online crypto puzzle]

I think this would add great fun to the whole "Research, School, University, Monastery" stuff. What do you think?

If also asked this on reddit for the new Q&A, u might upvote if you like the idea:

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1/12/2017 9:37:50 AM #1

MIght be fun, but it has some downsides. Your research capabilities would entirely depend on your IQ, which would put anyone who is not a puzzle-solving genius at a major disadvantage. And beyond that, there's still the issue that it would make it way too easy to share knowledge between servers.

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1/12/2017 9:40:41 AM #2

My guess it that it actually will be a mix. I think you will need certain skill levels in certain areas to trigger logic driven research possibilities.

This would fit in with the player skill based profession "mini games".

1/12/2017 2:20:08 PM #3

Since everyone want skillbased systems: This is one. Such thigns are more about knowledge then IQ. People can learn that. You can teach people in your university doing such things. You can explain how to approach the problem of decrypting a text. E.g. one might have an advantage if someone does that by profession in real life.

Also I might should add: I never though about it people doing it alone. I actually instantly though that it should be freakign hard so player are forced to sit together and basically make solving this stuff their main goal. [I'm a bit of a freak maybe :p] It might be unfrai, but the whole game is unfair. It's good if people start hating somone else.

And if someone does not have fun with it, they might have fun exploring the world and just looking for runes and such to bring to the other people.

In the end it's just an idea. :) No clue how good it actually would fit into the game. I just hoped to bringt that idea into the heads of the devs, in case they didn't think of it.

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1/12/2017 3:07:36 PM #4

It's great if SBS can add a lot of puzzle to the world.

The downside though, is that each puzzle will have to be hand crafted. This will make production cost drastically and SBS might not have the resource to do so. After all, SBS is not a huge company with a lot of spare resources.

Secondly, once a group of players solve the puzzle, others can possibly quickly follow their footsteps. As a result, only a small portion of the community will enjoy the full value of it. The low use of value may not justify the high cost.

One way that SBS can do it, is to provide pieces of puzzle over a 1 year period so that players can never complete the puzzle right away and more players can be engaged in the solving process. Unfortunately, such implementation may force the game to have a low number of puzzles. Personally, I am fine with that, but I am not sure about you. A few major & long puzzles > a tons of minor, short puzzles.

1/12/2017 3:28:16 PM #5

Personally I don't enjoy puzzle games, and I think most people would just buy a puzzle game if that's what they really wanted lots of in a game. If there will be puzzles like the ones suggested in the post, I would hope that they are only tied to one skill such as a translation one so they are not vital to everyone.

1/12/2017 3:42:35 PM #6

Yeah, of course it's a cost for SBS. I also though about that, but in the end that's something they have to decide and I don't really have to care about. Since I just want to give a suggestion.

I really think about one big puzzle which is not solved within a year. It also shouln't be tied to any skill really. Maybe the runes just unvold a story. Like story written down on paper. "Once there was a men, he fought the dragon. End"-kind of thing. Maybe it allows you some very little advantages, like aging not that fast or whatever - that doesn't really matter.

If I could design the puzzle, I would really go with deciphering runes. Like the egyptian symbols. I would you invent some encryption algorithm. A very very very easy example would be and then just spread these runes-sequences around the world or whatever. You don't need any interface where, you don't need to just find enough and your avatar somehow makes sense of it. The point of it should be that you sit down, write them down, and just star at it for a few months, trying to somehow solve it. And suddendly, you can, by hand, translate these rune-sequences.

You should gain some wisdome (which should not be crucial to the overall game) out of solve this. It should be hard, so you don't want other people to gain it. Causing conflicts.

Some of you might think about some little oblivion style puzzles. That's not really what I meant.

I just like the idea of some independent monastery where the people master all the skills. And such a puzzle kind of thing would fit that very well. (And since this is probably a more nerd-oriented game g, I guess, there are a lot of people who would enjoy it). I just like the idea of somehow "hidden" knowledge. With in-game mechanics, everyone sooner or later kind of is shown that knowledge. With something like I meant, that might (might!) not be the case.

But yeah, it might be just too much work for a too small audience. But as I said, that's not really for me to say. I actually don't really belive in it, since it's a small team and so on, but I just wanted to share the idea. :)

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1/13/2017 9:08:18 AM #7

This sounds quite similar to deciphering a dead language. Like, you find a research journal in a language nobody can translate and go look for ancient ruins to find something like the Rosetta Stone.

This could be neatly incorporated with the various languages we will have in-game. Done that way, I can see this become a good addition without turning away those who aren't too fond of puzzles.

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1/13/2017 1:31:05 PM #8

I would like to see a healthy mix of the two , sometimes you just need to grind to get good at things and sometimes you will Be able to figure out a puzzle for something or some skill .

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