Domain "size" questions

In the DJ and Q&A on pre-alpha we were given numbers :

6 kingdoms per continent, 12 duchy per kingdom and 24 counties per duchy.

We also learned that during KoE our domains will be able to grow or shrink depending on players actions. That the shrinking will only goes to the limit of the smallest domain size available.

The previous numbers we had were from the DJ on land management 6 to 10 duchy per kingdom and from 8 to 64 counties per duchy, with a maximum of 2000 counties on the continent.

  • is the smallest size of a county still the same ? (small county allowing for 100 or so characters in )

  • Players can not lose their title and domain in KoE, but NPCs can be consumed entirely. That mean the number of sub domains can shrink too, is there a limit to it ?

exemple a duke has only 3 player counts, so only 4 counties are player owned, can they end up consuming all the NPC counties and at exposition that duchy has only 4 really big counties ?

an other exemple, non likely ever occurring but possible, a duke has no player counts, can he manage to consume all the 23 NPC counties into his own ?

Last question,it has been asked often and i know there is no answer ready..... Settlements are generated and as such it is impossible now to tell how many are going to be present in each domain, some of them might have only one or even none at all.

But the number of settlements is importent to know how many aristocrate one can invite in his county, and if all counties have only one settlement there is no room for any aristocrate.

I do not know how many aristocrates other counts have invited to settle in their county, i have done it with one, and i do not feel confidence to invite more because i'm afraid there will be no room for them.

  • Would it be possible to have some estimation ? like do not plan on more than 3 because that is really unlikely, or it should be safe to count on 4 or on average we expect that counties will have 2 settlements ......

Understanding that as numbers can not be known there is no guaranty, even if for exemple average should be 3 does not mean every county will have 3 , but some rough estimations and/or limits would help a lot.

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It would definitely be nice to know what to expect in terms of mayor/baron count, even if the answer is only "somewhere between one and many".

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This is an old thread but: One thing should be noted here, players can loose their domains... I'm not sure if a title without a domain exists.

As Caspian said, it's not a question of if they will loose their domain as much as when. Meaning they expect a lot of chaos in the world.

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5/23/2019 9:30:15 AM #3

wow, that's some heavy necromancy you did here.

And technically you can not loose your domain, someone else claim and usurp the title to the domain, so it can never exist a title without the associated domain. DJ#18

5/23/2019 9:45:51 AM #4

But you do loose it if they usurp the title like you said. It would be lost to you. I jsut thoguht it coudl use soem clarification as this is one of the few threads that come up when you search for certain topics. Like domain size etz.

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5/23/2019 2:30:12 PM #5

Sure, what i mean is you can not own the domain without the title and owning the title mean you own the domain, you can never have one without the other.

So in case of a coup, if you happen to lose your title you also lose the domain. As long as you retain your title, you are the only legal owner of the domain.

about domain size, quite a lot have changed since the time when this thread was created and the subject of this thread was specially about what would happen during KoE (Kingdom of Elyria) but that part has changed a lot and still might evol.

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