No support

I try vor over an weak now to get contakt too the support via e-mail and i tryd Discord as well so far no response.

Last info from caspian was:

From friday and he mentiont some where bevore:

otal Influence, which can be raised through purchases, is used to determine the order of domain / settlement selection on a server among the nobility of the server. However server selection is based on the order in which packages were purchased.

i checked hear if the sat is afailabl and it was empty i askt over discord 3 days bevor no response and then i bought it mad plans to give it to som peopel and suddenly another king apears out of nowher support still not aifailabel...

I dont mind the kingseat but some other peopel from eu where countin for that one so i am strongly disapointet at the support i mean if there was another guy with a open seat 1 week schould be planty of time to tell that to other peopel....

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First, let me say welcome to the community. Second, let me apologize for others down voting your post of a legitimate concern.
Unfortunately, the studio is still relatively small and they, in my opinion, do not have enough people dedicated to support and do take far too long addressing things some times. They are a good team and do care, they just don't have enough people to handle the job.

Your best option is to send a message via the mail system on this forum, direct it to Vye.

Best luck to you.

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Yeah i did follow the story a bit over the weekend, and I hope the situation will be cleared soon. Aside from Ereshkigal some people who work on backstories, guilds, counties..... can not continue atm, because no one knows how the situation on the EU Server will end up. ( Well at least for 2-3 Kingdoms).

3/20/2017 1:59:00 PM #3

From preparing for pax and returning they have probably been a little busy, hopefully you hear something soon!

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What I can say Eresh is that this other King who came from the middle of no where is not something that the Devs could have accounted for. He has bounced around every server so far. If he does actually stay on EU, then technically you will not have a King slot available for your pledge in EU, however I will say that to my knowledge he has no community what so ever, so it is possible for the community who was counting on there being a King slot there to simply place in his Kingdom and take it over upon launch. Where there is a will there is a way, I am sure that if you talk with the other EU Kings your community can gain additional support there as well. It is well within the game mechanics, and well within your rights as players. I wish you all the best of luck!

3/20/2017 3:39:20 PM #5

Wow, last time I checked we had 5 Kingdoms... now we suddenly have 8? What did I miss?

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3/20/2017 6:15:04 PM #6

Ereshkigal bought his pledge to take the last EU kingdom, and never got any contact from the devs, then a few days later Dawid Valanor decides to come to the EU. And Erishigkal has been trying to talk to the devs for over a week from before Dawid swapped servers for like the 3rd time.

3/20/2017 6:26:40 PM #7

Lucky for you Erishigkal, there's not servers locked in yet, so you have time to communicate your plight to the Devs!

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He has been trying for over a week, that's why he made the post

3/20/2017 6:53:47 PM #9

The biggest problem here is Dawid or Pendulum as he was once known (anyone could tell it's the same person when Pendulum was suddenly was gone from the influence and this new name appeared) changes so much. He started on NAE, moved to NAW and was there for a bit. But then left for APAC. Stayed there for even longer but when hearing the lag would be too much. Since he is an American, he moved back to US servers.

Now he has moved to EU and somehow thinks the lag there won't be a problem for him? Going off Emery spreadsheet he got 2 dukes from who knows where, that don't seem to care that he will have some epic lag. No idea what going from US to EU would be like. I assume 200+ though.

One would think someone who was willing to dump that much money into the game wouldn't jump around like some child that can't make up their mind.

It's now sad that someone that knows where they want to be has been pushed out. I wonder if he paid it off before some of the NAE kings and if he can push them out if he now wants to change servers again.

First come first serve, that's all good and well. But it's honestly utter bullshit when someone just jumps around to every server. Which the biggest problem he could just move all over again and do this to another server.

3/20/2017 7:01:42 PM #10

Wherever this Dawid ends up, people are gonna be miffed and IMO his Kingdom wont last 2 seconds because everyone he's displaced is going to take it over from the inside.

3/20/2017 7:20:21 PM #11

Posted By Gunnlang at 1:53 PM - Mon Mar 20 2017

Now he has moved to EU and somehow thinks the lag there won't be a problem for him? Going off Emery spreadsheet he got 2 dukes from who knows where, that don't seem to care that he will have some epic lag. No idea what going from US to EU would be like. I assume 200+ though.

Depends on where he is located and where in the EU the server is.

From SE texas and SC Texas I tend to get 90-110 pings to London based servers, 110-120 to Frankfurt , 115-130 to Amsterdam,

If he is central us or eastern us, his ping wont be a huge determent on an EU server most likely it will be between 100 and 130

if he is on or west of the rocky mountains, then yeah he will have a 170-200+ ping probably to most eu servers.

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Since everyone has made it their business where I find a home, let me address the concerns one by one.

First, the lag excuse for APAC was only a political one to urge Australians and Kiwis to leave NA-W and return to their home server. I allowed that ruse, because I sincerely believe that any player wishing to play competitively, as are most people Down Under, will suffer for the communities they chose to stay with.

Two, I have not been jumping around from server to server by choice. At the time I left NA-E, there were no options of building a community there outside of Vornair, where I was deemed unworthy to hold a duchy seat since I recruit mostly gatherers and crafters. Vornair is in the habit of poaching PVP guilds which is common knowledge now, but at the time I was unaware there was such prejudice held against casual players. Being ill prepared for the expectations from those looking for a kingdom, I faltered in NA-W where I was abandoned by my people and targeted by the independent duchies of Avalon.

Three, I looked to return east, since Aranor had opened up one known slot there, but the independent duchy held by Dleatherus showed no interest in being the first member of my council . At which point, I was led to APAC after the recruitment efforts of Emery and Fizz convinced me I'd have support. Again this was a low level manipulation to have a flag and player run throne that wouldn't have the support from actual players due to the low population. I simply wasn't getting any new recruits since they were almost all in NA-W, so I was planning on at least playing with an alt in NA-E. I could then interact with real players. I reconnected to many that I had lost when I returned east and decided I'd work on getting the kingdom moved over, since again, with at that time 3 open slots, I had a space once again.

However, you can't make a move without the permission and blessing of the empire, so within a week of it being determined by them that I was playing east again there was a systematic block for me to do so, since I was still 2 paychecks away from being paid off. These being of course, the shadow kingdom of the Kinder household, Bordweall and ultimately Kairos, one of the eldest kingdoms in the game.

Four, I have decided to play in EU with the support of the former sovereign kingdom of Tryggr which has welcomed me with open arms. I only did this with assurance that Ereshkigal didn't want to rule a kingdom. We have all been in council with each other and he knows he's welcome to join us for a very new and exciting chapter of the dramas and intrigue of the European server.

Any further questions of this should be directed to myself, and not the thread of a frustrated new member of our community. This mud slinging can stop now. I'll be monitoring this thread and will report any further detours of its purpose and concerns as destructive and legitimately toxic to the ability of the developers to effectively project a healthy play environment to new and prospective members of this community.

P.S. My ping in Europe is around 160, which I believe to be acceptable for someone who is a king,

3/20/2017 7:53:33 PM #13

This is the only part of Dawid's post I want to address. The rest is subjective and people can agree or disagree with him as they see fit.

Posted By Dawid Valanor at 12:45 PM - Mon Mar 20 2017

First, the lag excuse for APAC was only a political one to urge Australians and Kiwis to leave NA-W and return to their home server.

No. It wasn't. To tell people otherwise is to set them up for (potentially) an inferior experience. Please refrain from telling people what our intentions were, and until you get a chance to test our game with your latency, please refrain from telling people what is an acceptable ping.

3/20/2017 7:58:26 PM #14

Dam mate break up that wall of spam a bit.

So basically you didn't want NAE cause you were scared of Vornair? Can kind of understand that. They are big, but they have also been around for a very long time as well.

NAW cause you were Ages scared you? Oh no 2 dukes. He has no real power against a whole kingdom. Sure if you got BH next to you that maybe a problem. But then BH will be (most likely) picking first. So you could just pick away from them. And if 2 dukes really scare you that much.. wow

APAC has lag for you, yeah that would suck. Small population. I could get all those points. But with a lower population that would help you if you had higher lag. More so if you had a bigger group there.

To now you are on EU. Which was a pretty sudden move. I tend to look at Emery spreadsheet weekly cause I'm mostly curious to see the new kingdoms pop up. Plus who will finally take the last spots on NAW.

Sure it didn't help basically 4 kings jumped onto EU server all within a week. Or maybe a bit over.

But you can't be all that surprised that one, this new guy is annoyed in general. And two people are annoyed at you. It's a fact you have jumped around. More so if your reasons are just what I said. You are getting pushed around that easily, what's to say you won't move again if the EU kingdoms want you dead?

3/20/2017 8:00:11 PM #15

I think I am a little confused with who gets the spot because I thought that server selection was in order of purchase so even though Dawid moved after Erishigkal purchased it, does Dawid still get the slot?