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Introducing, for your consideration, the...

Ambassador Program

Greetings Elyrians, happy end to the work week!

The Soulbound Community team is excited to launch our new Ambassador Program, a community initiative intended to recognize and elevate members who go above and beyond. A Chronicles of Elyria Ambassador is a member of a prestigious group of like-minded teachers, helpers, movers and shakers; an Ambassador has a demonstrable and recognized dedication to helping new members of the community find their feet, they are keepers of the deepest and most obscure game knowledge, able to answer the toughest of questions, and they are paragons of what it means to be a member of the Chronicles of Elyria community.

The program is intended to recognize and empower those among the community who truly embody its spirit. Wherever they go, an Elyrian Ambassador will be known as someone whose knowledge of the game is deep, whose commitment to the betterment to the community is unparalleled, and whose kindness and willingness to reach out and help other community members is beyond reproach. These are the traits of an outstanding member of our community; a candidate for Ambassadorship.

(Special thanks to Caelestius for his support on this project)

To learn more about this exciting new program, please visit the following link:

Community Ambassador Program Details

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8/5/2017 12:04:56 PM #31

What an excellent idea.. i would be honoured to be part if it. Good luck to anyone . Sharing your knowledge of Coe with all new player is a duty we should all have. Owr comunity is in quick expansion a we need to help the Developer to create the best Mmorpg ever made.

8/5/2017 12:12:26 PM #32

truly any poll can be rigged.

if some one had a large number of people behind them they could also force a vote for or against who ever they like :(

we have seen this with the likes and dislikes already.

sad fact is most people in COE dont vote much and any group could take advantage of it if they had the backers.

for instance a king could be nominated and his entire kingdom could vote for him in order to get him it.

and no i ant singling out Adam it could be emery hell even my own king Sev. its just a case of Politics realy.

but as i see it each king should basically already be a Ambassador, they out of all of us have spent the most money to make this game a reality. so it stands to reason they would fit the bill of this program.

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8/5/2017 4:08:52 PM #33

As it was explained to me, I believe the process is something along the lines of this:

  • Nominations will remain open indefinitely, allowing for anyone to nominate a community member as an Ambassador at any time.
  • After receiving a new nomination, SBS will assess the eligibility of the nominee, and if they are eligible, reach out to them to determine whether they would like to be considered for the position.
  • Each community member who accepts nomination will undergo a separate yes-or-no vote in order to judge the community's opinion on their suitability as an Ambassador.
  • After the vote is completed, SBS will convene a panel to deliberate on the nominee's contributions to the community, their suitability to the position, and the results of the public vote, in order to determine whether to extend the nominee an offer to become an Ambassador. There is no concrete limit on how many community members can serve as Ambassadors concurrently.

This is my understanding based on the conversations I have had with the community mod team; if I've gotten any of the steps in the process wrong, feel free to correct me. ^.^

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8/5/2017 6:19:30 PM #34

I love how people are already trying to gain brownie points.

8/7/2017 5:47:09 PM #35

Looks exciting good luck to all those nominated!

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8/12/2017 12:42:59 AM #36

Hello all!

Thank you for your excellent support of our new program.

This first round, we confirmed 26 total candidates that we plan to put out for a vote. Originally we had planned on doing this tonight, as it has been the requisite 7 days since the nominations opened. However, we also know you prefer us to do things the right way versus hurrying them out the door.

For this reason, and because we found an excellent way to use our existing forums (with a little tweaking) to ensure fair, legitimate and organized voting, we will be delaying the vote until Tuesday, August 15th.

We're sorry for the delay, but we promise it will be worth it!

In the meantime, so we don't leave you on a Friday night without something new - check out our new announcement of the Soul Chamber here.

More to come...

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

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