I cannot lift my solid iron warhammer...

Greetings fellow Elyrians and the rest of you...

So a few days ago I was watching some forging stuff on good old Youtube and I came upon a video by a guy some may know, like him or not. Now this video (search youtube for: What fantasy gets WRONG about medieval weapons) made me ponder how often in fantasy and even other type games, that we see very large and spectacular weapons.

While many of these weapons may look great and feel cool to use in game, what about the truth to the knowledge. As the guy mentions in his video, and I have heard this before, that definitions of that such and such weapon is called etc., often blades, have been warped in many an RPG.

What is an arming sword for one? Well, we good old Faerûn people call it by a different name.

Would you lift my massive warhammer for me? Warhammers back in the day were not a huge chunk of metal.

Elyria is fantasy, but how far from reality will it stray when it comes to weapons and thinking that they also have this SME thing, will SbS come somewhat close to reality when it comes to weapons, name, size etc.

Share your thoughts.

And remember, bigger is not always better. My stiletto will still fit nicely down your neck anyway ;-)

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It's fine by me if there are some extra large and heavy hammers, but they should then also require a very large and strong character to swing them. And those swings should be slow and clumsy... inertia incuded.

5/17/2019 10:53:46 AM #2

It would actually be awesome if a weapon recipie could be crafted in various scales and weights. More advanced weapon skills could be more effective if the character uses a weapon made exactly for her character's strength/agility/weight. That would also add something more for crafters to do and for shop keepers to consider with their stocks.

Would it be possible from the game development wiev point to include e.g. lenght scale variable to a sword model and weight scale to maul etc?

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Well, we know that a weapon won't be equally useful or same for all the tribes, as example, Longsword that is made for a neran will be just simply too big to use for kypiq or a hrothi, or a shortsword for kypiq will be seen as a dagger for neran, so weapons sizes and weights will definitely have an impact in game. We also know that you can check weapon balance and with a blueprint in hand, different parts can be made from different materials, so again, I would say that game would not expect you to just slap metal to everything and call it done and great.

If we're talking about huge weapons commonly seen in korean mmos, where a character swings a boulder on a stick with one hand, I would say that's not something we will see in CoE. But CoE may also feature tribes that may be much more physically stronger than average human, even in medieval times, so fully applying historical context to game, also wouldn't be correct, as such I don't see why we wouldn't have something like a large warhammer that person irl wouldn't be able to wield, a character ingame would find it useful, given he has the strengths and skill to use it

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The issue with large hammers is the amount of strength someone needs to use to move even 10lbs quickly if it's at the end of a long lever. If we stick to anything close to RL strength standards, even assuming the stronger tribes are akin to someone you'd see in a world's strongest man competition, you wouldn't ever want a hammer heavier than 20-30 lbs. And 20 lbs of steel isn't that much steel.

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This thread revisits an issue we experienced with one of the first Shinies, the Brudvir axe. Briefly, there is a split between those who want a more realistic representation of all items in both physical and "historical" senses, those who find the common fantasy tropes acceptable or even desirable. Feel free to look up that thread and its spinoffs if you want to experience the discussion for yourself.

By the way, the dude with the Youtube videos is Brad and his channel is Bradversity.

5/18/2019 11:01:14 AM #6

I feel like we could have both :)

Different weapons with different weight scales (perhaps influenced as well during the crafting process), and different character adeptness based on their physical attributes (which may be of course driven by their tribal traits.)

But, those scales could be higher than "real life"... to allow for that somewhat fantastical aspect to peek through. Maybe 10lbs in real life is equivalent to 50 Elyrian pounds :)

(btw do we have a weight measure in the game... kilos? pounds? otter bears?)

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"I cannot lift my solid iron warhammer..."

"Would you lift my massive warhammer for me?"

I'm sorry but are you sure your on the right forums? :)

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Pfff... It's not the size of your solid iron warhammer, but how you use it.

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Posted By DFDelta at 10:20 AM - Sat May 18 2019

Pfff... It's not the size of your solid iron warhammer, but how you use it.

Indeed. It will function quite nicely as a boat anchor.


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I like a nice 5 lb hammer

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5/31/2019 3:43:36 PM #11

I would expect some fantasy with weapon size. Nothing like Final Fantasy, or a gnome running around with a 2handed hammer bigger then they are.

I would allow for some fantasy size just so you could put some detail into it, like putting a design in the metal, that people can actually see it.

I am not 100% sure on how stamina will play out in the game. A person using a knife should use less stamina then a person using a war hammer. Size should matter in that sense. It's the players ability to use the weapon to attack or defend that will matter.

Just like a person wearing full plate armor should get tired before a person wearing no armor in a foot race.

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