Changing Servers (mayor)

just wondering seeing as how i am locked to a server, and am unable to change, how can i switch to my clans preferred server, i know i wont be able to pick my town location along with everyone else, but is my pledge package now stuck on that server forever, or if i simple refuse to pick can i then swap server once everyone has picked their domains? 1-10 how badly did i mess up?

5/18/2019 9:47:18 PM #1


my understanding is that server locks cannot be changed, period

never hurts to try though

i'd suggest emailing their support team, but not be too optimistic

5/18/2019 9:54:49 PM #2

They will not allow moving your package to another server, many have asked all have been denied.

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5/19/2019 4:49:12 AM #3

You could see about swapping packages with someone on the server you now prefer. I am not sure that that is specifically forbidden.

You could also consider playing as a simple adventurer on your preferred server, and eventually cede your server-locked package benefits to someone who wants them.

5/19/2019 4:54:29 AM #4

It's been awhile, so I may be wrong, but even without the pledge transferring I believe you can play on multiple servers. The pledge package is just stuck to one of them.

5/19/2019 6:05:28 AM #5

Correct, you can not trade titles or packages with someone on a different server than you. Your package and account for your first 3 souls are server bound.

If you wish to play on another server, you'll be able to purchase soul packs for other servers at a later date. However, your current mayorship is locked to the server you have selected and that can not be undone.

5/19/2019 6:17:59 AM #6

The only way to change servers is if you were moving across the country or to the EU. Then they might work with you, especially if your moving out of country. This is the reason they told us before picking servers to be sure of our choice.

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