Banishment as punishment

As an alternative to throwing people in jail or soul loss, how about banishment?

An exile will break the law if it is discovered that the banishment order is ignored.

Perhaps on various levels (settlement, county, duchy or kingdom) and with various duration depending on the severity of the crime. When banished for a long time, criminals risk losing assets to adverse possession.

Credits to Countess Amarria and Duchess Aèternà on discord for helping to come up with this punishment.

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5/24/2019 10:21:12 PM #1

I think this could be done regardless of whether or not there is an in game mechanic for it.

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5/24/2019 11:14:07 PM #2

Viewing it lore wise, this would be the most severe punishment there can be for The Waerd.

The death penalty is not really applicable to them, as they view death as simply a tool to be used to enable balance in fulfillment of The Two-Fold Queens plan.

But what would be worse to them than banishment?

It would be tantamount to someone in the Middle Ages being ex-communicated from The Church.

Not only are you lost in this world, you are also forfeit in the next.

Another similar example would be the Seven of Nine storyline from Star Trek Voyager. Except in that case she had a previous human heritage to re-assimilate. That does not appear to be the case in Elyria.

A Waerd without The Waerd is simply no longer Waerd.

He or She would become a nonperson to them in the best case scenario...or some type of heretic in others.

And also probably viewed with even more suspicion than they already are by the members of the other tribes.

In a game relying on community and interaction, such as this one, that could be a very difficult role to play.

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5/25/2019 1:47:19 PM #3

The punishment would weigh more heavy on some tribes than other, that's for sure. Better not break the law, Waerd!

Posted By silentechoes13 at 12:21 AM - Sat May 25 2019

I think this could be done regardless of whether or not there is an in game mechanic for it.

NPCs must recognize that the presence of an exile in itself is a crime.

Snipehunter mentioned the idea of being exiled if you choose not serve jail time. If this were to be implemented, a great deal of the mechanics would already be in place.

Rather than having the criminal choose between prison time or soul loss and banishment, it would be cool if banishment could be chosen as an explicit punishment by law, with varying levels and duration based on the crime, as described earlier.

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5/25/2019 4:19:33 PM #4

It's something that has already been proposed in the previous threads on this subject. And I still don't understand why some people don't buy it.

The only thing I would add to this idea is the opportunity to pay the fine after a delay of 1 to several days/months. The fine could even decrease over time for the least serious crimes. An exiled could therefore have a chance to come back several years after his/her deeds and pay the heavy price to walk again in this land.

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