Mine Rail Technology

Given some early footage, I would like to assume that mine rail / cart technology will be in the game. However, we all know what they say about assuming.

Does anyone know if it is reasonable to expect mine rails and carts to be in game at the start, or is this something we are going to have to discover?

Corialli, Count of Louise

5/25/2019 3:11:45 AM #1

I don't know the answer. Perhaps the Silver Run Mine demo had some clues. If the mine in that had rail carts, then there is a strong suggestion that the technology will be in the game. We already know that there will be wheels, and it's not much of a technological stretch from wheels to wheeled rail carts.

5/25/2019 10:54:23 AM #2

I am thinking that you may be able to piece together a wooden cart and wooden rails, but that they would be able to handle a limited payload. Eventually when you discover better metals and processes you would be able to make metal carts/rails (assuming that you have the skills to do so).

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