Am i the Only one who Supports VOIP

localized VOIP. meaning only being able to talk to someone directly next to you. How is this not a game changing element. I realize that this may be subjective but I'm going to try and explain myself. that doesn't mean I'm right its just my opinion.

Having to stop what you are doing and physically type out what you want to say just puts breaks on the game. I want to be able to seamlessly communicate with the people around me. I don't want to wall myself into a teamspeak or discord. that would Limit who I would be able to talk to, to just the people I'm friends with. What about the random Tailor or blacksmith that I'm trying to work out a contract with, or a local baron/count that I want to set up trade with. Or even worse the bandit that is staring me down about to rob me. having to stop movement and type to said bandit to try and sway him into none combat could be the difference between life and death. This is going to be a very heavy RP type of game, atleast from what I can see. How will you be able to effectively play out your character if you have to always stop what you are doing and type. I'm actually for having NO in game typing. I'm all for setting up a postal service that you have to use to send your communication. Or if the game turns out to be more magic heavy, having some kind of mage set up communication between 2 people. kinda like a portal.

I get it some kids will play and be annoying and loud. but there should be a way to mute them if you must. but then you would learn who you would be able to trust and want to do business with.

To me VOIP is more important than any of the features that they have listed as stretch goals maybe a close tie with Mounted combat. I say maybe bc mounted combat would only appeal to those who actually want to purse a life of combat. VOIP would affect every person in the game in more positive ways than negative.

end of Subjective Rant.


5/14/2016 2:12:02 AM #1

I just imagine people sitting around and playing music through their mic non-stop. Or people just generally yelling obscene things. Every game that has VoIP that I've played has both of those.

Not to say it isn't funny though, but it'll be abused of course. A good idea, but I didn't vote for it.

5/14/2016 2:19:08 AM #2

VoIP is just risky. Like Ari said above I too have played many games in VoIP and it has been headaches of people playing their cruddy music, yelling, being racist and people just not RPing at all. I'v also played tons of games without VoIP and I'v found more often RP is better without VoIP.

In a perfect world VoIP would be amazing for any game.Now maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this game is the exception and VoIP would be awesome. But I'd still rather have some of the other stretch goals over VoIP.

5/14/2016 2:21:31 AM #3

Also, you already posted this exact same thing word for word.

5/14/2016 3:03:45 AM #4

Plenty of other bits of kit that I can use to speak to the people I care to like my guild mates.

5/14/2016 3:11:35 AM #5

Pretty much this and also.

  • You won't have immersion breaking voices. People playing characters of the opposite gender being the best example of this.

  • NPCs won't interact with VOIP. It'll be pretty easy to determine between PC and NPC if it exists.

  • You won't have people griefing with VOIP.

  • You won't have some people at a disadvantage due to not having/not wanting to use VOIP.

5/14/2016 3:20:44 AM #6

I think people support VoiP, I don't see why people wouldn't like the idea of a Utopian proximity chat. I think people dislike the verbal abuse, mud slinging, shit talking mess it could easily become especially in a game where it is hard enough to survive let alone when you are being assassinated or being told your taxes are being raised. I think it would be easy enough to invite you village into a discord chat or just talk via keyboard in the game. Once we establish a solid community that we can make sure the majority of players won't abuse voice chat I think we should hold off. I could be wrong though.

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5/14/2016 3:26:13 AM #7

I agree that VOIP would be amazing and potentially something that makes the level of immersion unlike anything we've ever played. However, I also understand the internet and the cons currently outweigh the pros. Anyone who has ever been in a public (and even some private) VOIP server can attest to these issues and until the devs can figure out a realistic way to combat these, I don't want it.

Now Natural Disasters, that's something I can get behind!

5/14/2016 3:30:12 AM #8

Nothing would break immersion for me faster than having everybody speaking through voice chat.

5/14/2016 3:36:22 AM #9

This was posted by Deoch in the other VoIP thread and thought it was definitely worth posting here too. This explains why I don't want VoIP:

5/14/2016 3:40:51 AM #10

I do not like the idea of a VOIP in-game, so I didn't vote for it. Perhaps if the game were focused on teamwork and was goal-oriented to the point where it required voice, I would support it. But in an RP environment, voice is distracting and immersion breaking. I was in an RP guild in ESO, and nothing would break immersion faster than someone in Teamspeak talking about what they had for lunch while the guild is trying to run an event. It was a pain in the backside, especially when I just wanted to do my own thing and RP through a zone but YapYap McSqueakervoice is talking nonstop in my ear.

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5/14/2016 3:44:31 AM #11

First point; enough with this unrealistic ideal of immersion. If a chat roll does it for ya, there is something bizarre about what you think is "realism". We don't really have it in MMOs, its just not a real thing.

Second Point; you mean easy on top of the other super obvious ways we know an NPC from a PC? You understand this game makes us an NPC when we aren't logged in. We aren't going to be saying anything other then preprogrammed responses.

Third Point; Griefing how exactly? If you are talking abuse, open mics playing nonsense music or clips... Mute button. You have to mute or ignore the same a-holes in a chat window too. SPAM is SPAM, you can easily deal quickly with both varieties.

Fourth Point; Text Chat is the fall back. We have RP etiquette that is well established in many communities for people with no desire or ability to use VOIP. An MMO immediately creates external VOIP social bubbles regardless of who can or will join in. When the VOIP option is integrated it creates an opened end to those private bubbles and we see a marked increase in dual use VOIP (they still use a private channel but engage more with Proximity VOIP).

Having more options than less is only a good thing. I am only seeing nonsense and narrow excuses so far in all the many threads opened on the topic. If its not an option there'll be consequences... if it is an option there'll be consequences.

I would pose a question to those who seem to adamantly NOT want VOIP. What if they decide to include it, what will you do? Does it stop you from pledging?

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5/14/2016 3:49:20 AM #12

I'm guessing you didn't already see this, but this is not nonsense nor a narrow excuse:

And to you saying "Just mute them": Once Immersion has been broken the damage is done. You can mute people only after they've made the experience less enjoyable. Muting them only stops them from making it worse.

5/14/2016 3:51:32 AM #13

Immersion again. uh huh.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” - Carl Sagan

5/14/2016 3:55:37 AM #14

RP immersion is different from the experience of the game as a whole. And voice does disrupt that, usually because your RL voice doesn't match your character's 'voice'. Tone, mannerisms, etc. So yes, a VOIP will disrupt immersion.

VOIP social periphery bubbles form, yes. But the members of those bubbles, by joining those social groups, are allowing those people within the group to talk to them. It's by choice. An in-game VOIP has much less control and no choice. You may say that muting people is possible, but as someone who deals with VOIP trolls every single day on one of the world's largest Ventrilo servers, they do get smart. They do find ways around it, or sly ways of trolling that are inconsistent enough to avoid the blocks, bans and silences.

As for your question, of course I would still back the project, but I would have the voice option off, always. I would never use it, just like I never use the one in World of Warcraft.

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5/14/2016 3:56:31 AM #15

So the contents of that video is what you want for CoE? When in an area with a large number of people you want to be on mute patrol? Spending your time trying to figure out who is blasting music, yelling, blowing into their mic?

I just don't get how you see that as something CoE should have.

And if you think that this game would be any different than the contents of that video why do you think that exactly?

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