The Great Dev Journal Easter Egg Hunt!

Hey All!

While in the process of writing the latest design journal it occurred to me it would be fun for the community (and for me) if I casually dropped a hint - an easter egg if you will - of some yet to be discussed feature, system, or mechanic. 

So beginning with design journal #1 I'll be giving a small amount of Influence to the first community member that can correctly identify the hint - as well as state a possible side effect, application, or relevant supposition - in the latest published article.

I'll admit, for this first article it's pretty subtle and easy to miss. Don't feel bad if it doesn't jump out at you. I look forward to hearing what you guys come up with.


8/4/2015 5:36:15 AM #1

How many theories can we put forward?  There are a lot of little gems of info in there haha.

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8/4/2015 5:47:00 AM #2

1. There are actually more planets/worlds that together form Elyria. 

Info taken from the screenshot of soul creation. 

It can mean that races are spread across the universe or some hint of future expansions to come. 

Possible travel between realms multi planet politics maybe?

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8/4/2015 5:51:28 AM #3

Also - Akashic Records have different planets inscribed on walls with some ley lines that connect them. 

Sorry for posting in new and not editing. Seems like my iphone does not like the edit button at all. 

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8/4/2015 5:51:51 AM #4

  • CoE is really pushing boundaries with the ‘random selection’ mechanic, there’s a lot put up to chance and just luck of the draw including even character creation which is why this section caught my eye “the soul brings with it a degree of randomness, as not all souls are created equal.”  Could it be that while some souls are older than others and some have talents and others don’t; that starting stats are also somewhat random?  Not every player starts from the same point of progression.  Some may start with more skills in the crafting area, while others in combat etc.


  • Another section that caught my attention was “good and evil. The players who receive souls older than one life will be, for good or ill, some of the most influential characters of their time.”  Does this imply that while characters with Talents can have not just positive influence on the game world but also a negative one?  You mention that Talents get stronger with progression so will there be multiple outcomes for the quests these players participate in, which could determine the for better or worse the world around us, leading to potentially large scale battles as other players seek to re-balance and stabilise the world we live in.


  • “Coming in contact with their soul mate”.  This one is pretty self explanatory, a romance/marriage system which could lead to possible sharing of wealth, families uniting and potentially opening up the door for a political system in which marriage can be used to gain power and influence.

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8/4/2015 5:56:36 AM #5

All great suggestions! Haven't found it yet. :-P

8/4/2015 6:02:17 AM #6

  • The Avatar - mind transferred to an alien body
    Reference to soul moving from a body to body after perma death.
    In fact player character is not the body but soul itself.
  • Voldemort - several soul fragments hidden in objects  
    Possible implication to weakening your soul by dividing into pieces.
    Suggestion that perma-death can be cheated/delayed by use of artifacts to store your soul.
  • Déjà Vu effect
    Upon rebirth you may be able to watch some eventsfrom a new perspective.Before you were in the middle of the action and now you just happen to observe that in another body.

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8/4/2015 6:27:18 AM #7

You mention Deviant Skills and Da Vinci in your article, so perhaps players can create items that are not initially part of the world around us and through player/NPC/OPC interaction can begin to influence and evolve the world we play in.

An example would be the creation of the oven, which as time goes by and more and more players begin to use them you start to see ovens in use throughout the world, not just by PC but also NPCs and the likes.

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8/4/2015 6:30:21 AM #8

Good one Silv! Was thinking of more or less the same concept around Da Vinci :-)

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8/4/2015 6:34:49 AM #9

Even if it's not the easter egg, I do hope this is something we can do!

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8/4/2015 6:36:05 AM #10

Got last two ideas and then I am dead dry of any more thoughts:

  • Akashic Records as playable zone
    As a soul between bodies or even while body is dead (not perma dead) we will be able to explore the Library - reading, learning, maybe even watching gameplays

It’s believed that when someone dies their soul returns to a great library called the Akashic Records. The library is filled with books and scrolls containing all of the deeds of every life a soul has lived. It’s in these chambers that a soul can read over their past lives and learn from their mistakes in preparation for their next life.

Anara Starsong – Keeper of Chronicles

  • Some form of Time Travel
    We will be able to choose that when and where we want to be born, thus multiple planets in different stage of evolution? That represent past, present and future of Elyria.

It’s also said that every soul is born with a purpose. That they choose the precise time and place in which to be born so they can learn the lessons needed to attain enlightenment.

Anara Starsong – Keeper of Chronicles

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8/4/2015 6:37:26 AM #11

Fingers crossed for your idea :-)

"From a flint and tinder to a plasma gun" that's evolution!

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8/4/2015 6:39:11 AM #12

Haha that would be some serious crafting!

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8/4/2015 6:41:19 AM #13

I've got all time in the universe, man. Ma soul is immortal!


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8/4/2015 7:09:10 AM #14

Yea, could do with a shoutbox on here somewhere.

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8/4/2015 7:09:10 AM #15

haha! You guys have done a great job capturing my jokes and the things I specifically called out, but you're still missing the really cool undisclosed mechanic/feature. People can keep the ideas coming. Derry, Silv, you two are probably cut off. :-P