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I'm not sure if you've checked out some of the responses to the article posted there, but it's becoming more and more obvious that people are thinking this system can be manipulated to their advantage. Such as dying to wolves during a full moon might trigger a werewolf talent. Hopefully the talents you have planned out have triggers that are either a bit more complicated or maybe even more random than the given scenario.

Last thing you want is to have your game puzzle unlocked and posted in every guide, so everyone has every talent and you are now back to square one with the problem you initially wanted to avoid. That being everyone is equal.

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Hey Rhoklaw,

Thanks for your post. There's a few important things I wanted to point out from the article in case it wasn't obvious to people.

First, and this is the most important - not every soul has a Talent. In fact, we're thinking that between 0.1% and 5% of the population will have a Talent - depending on what the Talent is. If you don't have a Talent, you can go through the entire Wikipedia list of ways Talents were triggered, and none of them will become activated.

2. Many of the Talents will be things that help you avoid death. Why? Because it's EPIC! Imagine you're sailing the ocean blue when a giant Kraken comes up out of the water and begins ripping your ship apart. Your crew of stalwart sailors are throwing spears and harpooning it but it's all in vain. Finally, with one final surge it reaches up and pulls the whole boat down. The surge creates a whirlpool that sucks everyone under... down.. down... down... until there's no hope of survival.

Things begin to go dark as you see blood pooling in your eyes. You hear the sound of your own heart beating as your lungs begin to burn.... and then, your lungs give way, you open your mouth to cry out, soundless in the darkness, and bring the salty water into your chest... but instead of darkness, your vision clears. Your heart returns to normal... and you realize you are one of the gifted few... one whose life now consists of everything above the water... as well as below.

Sounds awesome, right?! Unfortunately, to test the theory you risk death - or even permadeath. So to actually determine if you've got a Talent, would require you to throw your life away in the pursuit of just discovering if it's worth it.

3. We want to avoid having too many of the rare Talents running around in the world at once. Even if you have a Talent, if too many souls are already exhibiting signs of that Talent, the Soulborn Engine might just let you die and give the Talent to another soul anyways. After all, you never knew you had it, so in the interest of game balance, it'll be like you never did.

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Thank you Caspian, thank you very much! I think I'm finally seeing an MMO that is bringing the RP in MMORPG back to the genre. I was so looking forward to World of Darkness, but that's dead in the water. Probably eaten by that Kraken you mentioned in your post. By all means, stick with your current vision and try not to sway too much from where it all started. Don't need another Star Citizen, lol.

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There's no hand holding here!

If they proceed with Talent distribution as Caspian proposed then it’s just not feasible to keep re-rolling.

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So are there going to be different rarety on Talents? Like some talents will be more common than others? So like you are the only one in the world that has that particular Talent?

Though just thinking about this, Talents are pretty rare already so it might make not much sense if they have rarity.


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I remember it being mentioned that some Talents will be rarer than others.  Magic will be one of the more common Talents I believe.

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I'd imagine the more 'physical' talents will be much more common. 

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Just relaying the info we've been given.

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Yes, according the the orginal Developer Journal magic will be the most common:

"Some examples might be Magic Use (this is one of the more common ones)"

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Yes thats good, a more indepth, sophisticated approach to magic is much more immersive and game changing then everyone throwing fireballs at each other.