[EU] Kingdom of Tryggr

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Who we are:

We are a Viking themed EU Kingdom with large numbers of UK, Dutch and various Scandinavian speakers among our player base including solid NA & AU player support. The citizens of Tryggr are ambitious. We aim to settle as a community and will continue to reach new heights regardless of where we settle!

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Ultimately the Tribe & Biome we choose as our own, will encompass the many needs and play-styles to suit our widely diverse player-base and their goals. We are always looking for potential members who's free-thinking approach to the game mirrors our own...Although if you're only curious please feel free to visit our:

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or you can visit our website and learn more:

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Here is an overview of the class system used within Kingdom of Tryggr, we prefer to keep things simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.

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We also allow for each member whether High Jarl (Duke) or Karl (citizen) to fulfill their desired roles within Tryggr regardless of rank. As previously mentioned we'll follow a Viking theme especially within the House of Kilmaar and in keeping with the old ways, we'll expect that Dukes are responsible for the Counties within their Duchies, Counts are held accountable for their Baronies and Towns. Lastly Barons & Mayors are required to safeguard the non-noble citizens of Tryggr, with all of the aforementioned being answerable to the Triumvirate and The King. We'll implement taxes through our Danegeld system which will vary from Duchy to County to Town, However please note that our Viking theme is NOT a requirement for members of Tryggr. We encourage members to play the game to suit them as such Houses and Vassals are free to use or create their own themes within Kingdom of Tryggr and any accompanying lore are welcome additions.

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Within the Kingdom of Tryggr in-game ranks whilst a solid commitment by those invested are not the measures of which our members are judged, if you have grand ideas beyond your station then trust that within Tryggr they will not fall on deaf ears. So if you still harbour dreams of being landowner or an axe wielding barbarian then we're definitely for you, if you don't then what side of the axe would you rather be on...

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The duties of Kingdom ruler falls onto the shoulders of High King Ereshkigal, He assumes the role of High King with purposeful intentions. The High King will see Tryggr take their rightful place among the other nations and see us remembered, either from his Royal seat of power within the capital or among his men leading the charge. Times of change are coming as sure as rain.

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Kingdom duties will be entrusted to the triumvirate who will act on behalf of the High King consisting of Wrrynth Thonos [Foreign Representative]. He will maintain all external affairs and negotiations, then there is Muhrder Kilmaar [Military Leader] who as General of the armies will direct all warfare matters. Completing the trio is Darhk Kilmaar [Domestic Chancellor] who will manage the Kingdoms economy and internal matters.

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We three will rule by the old ways, the norse ways, Inn Vikingr Vegr | The Viking way!

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Vassals & Banner-men:

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County of Anwyn ShireAlt text - can be left blank

County of MisthavenAlt text - can be left blank

County of MyrklandAlt text - can be left blank

County of SkadiaAlt text - can be left blank

Barony of DoreAlt text - can be left blank

Barony of DrakfjällhållaAlt text - can be left blank

Barony of FimbulheimAlt text - can be left blank

Sessrúmnir KeepAlt text - can be left blank

Stronghold Arbrog [AUT] Alt text - can be left blank

More to follow

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Guilds & Organisations:

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  • A PvP focused organisation who's primary goal is to create a story through organised chaos that will involve but not be exclusive to combat, corruption, assassination and the odd mystery/clue finding. Another of our goals will be to weave the actions above to a point that peaks at a player made dungeon, either at a stronghold/keep within a kingdom or in uncontested land.*

Clan Norseblood:

  • Are a mercenary order, with emphasis on “order”, that has a certain set off values,and a vague code of honour. We want individuals who are seeking the thrill of battle above money, though money certainly will play a part. We also worship wolves who we believe to be true incarnations of war.*

College of Utdannelse:

  • A guild with a simple goal. To learn everything that can be learnt for the benefit of Tryggr. They research different aspects of the game while at the same studying the lore. From books, maps, relics to resource locations and more. The College really is a place where learning takes center stage.*

The Crows:

  • This secretive group likes their name to be known but not their faces, lurking around every corner, eavesdropping on every conversation, these silent soldiers will haunt you in their dreams. Sworn to secrecy, they could be your parent, sibling or even a friend, they are the shadows your ancestors told stories about and the monsters in your closet.

Jörmungandr Explorers Guild:

  • Will aim to search and learn about the history of Elyria. By attempting to reach that goal we can fulfill several needs regarding professions. This, we will perform in a peacefull manner, but that doesn't mean we won't face danger. Even if the devil himself stares us straight in the eye.*

Jötunnøðr Archery and Hunting:

  • This guild will train its members as archers who will be equipped & ready to serve in various roles ranging from soldier in the army, guards, huntsmen or as instructors passing on knowledge. We aim to produce the adept, precision trained archers in all of Tryggr. To ensure we achieve our objections we have formed collaborations with other guilds and organisations within the Kingdom.*

The Guild of Lundr-Vættir:

  • This group has always believed nature is the best teacher and is the foundation of all other studies. Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge regarding all matters of Fauna and Flora, Lundr-Vættir teaches our student the much forgotten and often overlooked skills of the natural world.*

Sindri Brokkrs Blacksmith Guild:

  • Are a business guild that will focus on the production, research and sale of all things encompassing the blacksmith role. We'll aim to combine our knowledge and push the boundaries of our chosen profession.*

Vault of Njordr:

  • A scribe based guild heavily invested in banking / safety deposit operations. The guild will be entirely self sufficient, Working in conjunction with anti-deviant players, Guards & Lawmen. The Vault will have a centralized site with smaller repositories, these will situated in various locations throughout the Kingdom of Tryggr.*

Verðandi Couturiers:

  • They will be teaching their employees to specialize in the Tailoring skill. Based mainly in the Barony of Dore, we will be delivering by horse and cart to all of our customers; Tryggr and other friendly guilds alike. Although, Tryggr will always come first as the community shall be based in the colder biomes, meaning that our people will require as many layers as they can get.*

W-Anchors Shipwrights:

  • This guild in cooperation with other established guilds within Tryggr will build and maintain a strong and fearsome navy, the vessels we produce will be for both commercial and military use, with the ultimate goal of unlocking maritime travel to other continents.*

More to follow

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Kingdom |Military |Trade |Expansion

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Our Aims:

As mentioned Tryggr will be established to allow all players the freedom to play the game as they choose, however this does not mean you will escape without consequences if you're breaking the basic laws we have in place. On that note whilst our laws are few in number we take them that much more seriously, Here in Tryggr we aim to build a strong and highly lucrative economy and already have members working on this to ensure it becomes a reality. Beyond the construction of this economy Kingdom of Tryggr will primarily be a military focused entity. Our operations will vary greatly, from [Covert/Intelligence Ops] to full frontal [Combat/Raid Ops] and every little piece of dirty work in between. We welcome any calibre of player to join us and quench their thirst for some Viking justice.

Why join us:

We are primarily [>> Light Role Play<<], however we do have a heavy RP outlet amongst a number of the Houses & overseen by Wrrynth Thonos. This also allows us to offer another style of play for those not wanting to be in the PvP spotlight. Instead you'll be able to contribute to Tryggr through other special interest. Your peaceful role play ways will be protected by the PvP fighters you supply or assist. Each member has their place in our society whether merchant or candle-maker it may even be a tavern owner or bard, We will strive to ensure all members of our Kingdom get a game experience that can be played out to the fullest.

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So whether you intend on playing as greedy Duke, clever Count, bloody Baron, perhaps even a generous Mayor. Or your intentions could lie with the unsung heroes that craft and produce goods within the Kingdom. Whatever you seek, carve out your destiny how you see fit brothers and sisters. Tryggr will provide you with the platform to reach each of your goals and live each spark of life to it’s fullest. All we ask is your fealty to the High King who holds the Crown and the triumvirate who govern on the Kings behalf.

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[Disclaimer] Please note that each and every member of the Kingdom of Tryggr will need to undertake basic PvP training. This is to ensure you have sufficient knowledge of arms and military operations, and in the event you are needed to defend Tryggr. Strong language is often used and crass comments are not uncommon, you must have a thick skin and relaxed demeanor at all times. We pride ourselves on maintaining unity and as such, any fractures or infringements on our basic guidelines will be dealt with swiftly by a member of the triumvirate.

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3/16/2017 4:39:51 PM #376

Thank you for the welcome to all of you! :)

3/16/2017 4:42:28 PM #377

Well that would be a big advantage having 2 kingdoms working together at the start, hopefully the Viking nation will be there at the start!

Fate is just a flip of the coin

Friend code DB6317

3/20/2017 9:21:51 PM #378

Did the king make his pledge in time?

I'm hearing rumors that the EU kingdoms are all now taken, and positions are granted in order of completing pledge. The latest comments indicate there are potentially 8 kingdoms already wanted in the EU and some pledged kings won't get them here.

Is the Kingdom of Tryggr now gone?

3/20/2017 9:34:08 PM #379

Oracle jump on discord if you are free 😁

3/20/2017 10:06:20 PM #380

Posted By Mr_Plunkett at 9:34 PM - Mon Mar 20 2017

Oracle jump on discord if you are free 😁

Sry just read this. In bed on phone now ;)

Will jump on tomorrow :)

3/22/2017 1:05:24 PM #381

I'm glad we didn't get to changing any of this, Darhk.

3/22/2017 8:12:59 PM #382

For those curious about what is going within Tryggr look no further then here for this is the bottom line coming hot of the presses...

Tryggr are going to remain Tryggr we will not compromise on that ever again

We are as planned going to be heading to the biome we set out to join everything else is irrelevant regardless of who claims it or not

For all you Viking fans and otherwise PvP inclined and capable players you know where to find us...Tryggr - Discord

6/13/2017 5:36:35 PM #383

So in other news... Are you still seeking out a Kingdom to settle with on launch

The Kingdom of Tryggr could be the place you've been waiting for come see our Meade Hall

6/13/2017 6:32:14 PM #384

The updated pictures look amazing!

6/13/2017 7:32:41 PM #385

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6/14/2017 7:37:35 AM #386

Loving the new look ;)

6/15/2017 1:51:17 AM #387

All Hail the High King!

KS Backer #44

6/19/2017 5:50:53 AM #388

Greetings All,

I'd like to announce the newest member to join our ranks @Rezyn, Welcome to Tryggr. Glad to have you onboard!

There are big things to come from us, We don't like to be dull for too long...If you're curious come see for yourself.

Tryggr - Discord

6/23/2017 9:21:09 AM #389

We like newcomers, we can offer you a lot of beer ^^

6/24/2017 1:28:09 AM #390

Posted By Jeremy_H at 04:21 AM - Fri Jun 23 2017

We like newcomers, we can offer you a lot of beer ^^

He means MEAD!

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