[NA] County of Rotbärenland


The Rotbärenlands are located in NA-East in the Kingdom of Vornair in the Duchy of Ezrhalden

The Rötbarenland is a county consisting of 2 counties. The first being the original land the Rötbarenland and the sister county Mulligans Folly. The Rotbärenland look for people aspiring in any profession as having a balance in every field is beneficial for all that live in any place. I plan on setting up public work stations in my city Unsær of several major professions as well as storage buildings for those who are looking at the need for it.


Clan Shnepfenstrauß leads the County of Rotbärenland from the city of Ünsӕr in the Kingdom of Vornair in the duchy of Erzhalden lead by Clan Bälen.

Bälen lore: Clan Bälen has historically been a reclusive house and has been holed up in the deep forests and mountains of the region that is now Vornair for centuries. A bit rough around the edges, the Bälens are a hearty and friendly folk from unnaturally large stock. It is only just recently that they have joined civilization and become a prominent political force in the region. Due to their vast access to natural resources, Clan Bälen and those that follow them have had resounding success in the areas of crafting and research. The current seat of power is the mountain stronghold of Bärenburg, an extremely well defended crafting hub which houses several major crafting guilds. Bärenburg is in the county of Bäleningen, which resides in the Jarldom of Erzhalden.

Shnepfenstrauß lore: Clan Shnepfenstrauß is a curious group wanting to know the in working of the world around them have always worked in the shadows of the world in the dark arts. After many years, the Clan joined under the rule of Clan Bälen and began to show themselves more openly. The people of Clan Shnepfenstrauß became very sociable in a short period with outsiders to fill their thirst of curiosity. The diversity in the County under Shnepfenstrauß is grand and wide, though that may not hold true for eternity it has held true in the past. But After the war much has changed in way of politics and social construct, much change lays ahead.

We are a people looking for talented crafters and those of skilled fighters to join our lands. If you have a interest in Tinkering, Alchemy, or Herbology. I implore you to join Clan Shnepfenstrauß or even the Duchy of Bälen as there is at least one other Alchemist.


The general Plan for this county is to become an economic power for the lands of Erzhalden, while giving freedoms to its people. We will be a supporter of The Guilds of Erzhalden. I personally will be following the religion of Feadin, but all religions will be tolerated in my lands.

The TWO Counties will be overseen by myself and my first and second hand.

The order of diplomatic power within the county will be as follows (Subject to change) After the Count the second highest power will be the highest ranked ranked personal of the county army

They will be titled First Lieutenant

The next position of power will be the First Hand followed by Second Hand

And the last three positions of power above mayors and barons in some regard will be Fund Master Trade Master Grand Judge

Depending on the locations of the two counties we will hold Council Meetings If we are joined counties the meeting will be as followed.

One Baron Council Meeting (for matters disscussed in battle) and One combined Council Meeting

The Barons and Mayors will each elect a member from their respective group to become either

The First Lieutenants Second (To oversee for the whole of the county the First Lieutenant)


The Second Hand (To hold veto power in case of myself or the First Hands Absence as well as other roles which may apply at a later date.)


Any cases that cannot be settled at the baron or mayor level will then proceed to the Counts Court. Here each party will pay a small fee to accommodate an audience with the court. If it is requested to go to the Counts Court the requester will pay the entire fee themselves. (The value of this fee is TBD) Outlaws or those labelled as outlaws will be “free game” and only held to their own crimes in the court of law. Those labelled “Outlaws” must have committed treason or grief crime to acquire the title of “Outlaw” this will be decided by the Counts Round or even at a higher governing level. Any crime committed against an “Outlaw” will be waived in the county (barring game mechanic law if it still applies)


We are a people looking for talented crafters and those of skilled fighters to join our lands. If you have an interest in Tinkering, Alchemy, or Herbology. I implore you to join Clan Shnepfenstrauß or even the Duchy of Bälen as there is at least one other Alchemist.

Barons Freya Svanhildr Asbjorn (3/4 unfilled)

Mayors (4/4 unfilled)

Vassals (unlimited) TheOne

The Chief Aide. (1/1 unfilled)

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Also check out our Duchy's Discord and the Q&A from Bälen

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From there we can discuss your joining. If you have any questions, ask away!

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Also check out our Duchy's Discord and the Q&A from Bälen

"Vergessen und Erinnert" "Forgotten and Remembered"

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The land of red bears..


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Hey there...looking for a County at the moment for a family I am putting together...I possibly see a fit here.

Haus Von Reh is being developed as the hereditary game wardens/keepers, of in this case, a Counts personal wild lands. They would answer to the lord in all matters of safety, security and development of those lands. The idea is a combination of a modern park ranger and the old English/Scottish estates keeper with a Teutonic twist to it. They would be the Counts officers regarding use/misuse of the lands as well as for ensuring the viability of the land for the Count.

If this is an idea that you might like to pursue just let me know, I have been accepted as a citizen to Vornair, but have not pledged this family to any liege yet, as I am still in very, very early development. I do have a more thorough listing on the Vornair Wiki under the Clans.

Thanks for your time

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I definitely see this as a role that can be filled in my county.

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