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I love names. Sometimes they tell great stories and maybe tell me something about the person behind it. Me first: Atom is just a random name i once chosed for a cod clan. The D and the Chopper are from One Piece and these combined combined are Atom Chopper which is like Nuclear Core splitter which is quite powerfull. You can't live without me. But if you wanna try and destroy me though, I will annihilate you. My future ingame name:Niten. The Ni comes from the beginning of my first name. The t is simply from Atom and the en from my last name. After creation I noticed that this is also the name of one of my favorite characters from a very good book series called The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel

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My last name is Appleyard and needed a username that was suitable. It is also a reference to snow white with the poison apple. Perhaps related to the apple of eden gone sour and rotten.

But mainly I just thought it sounded cool. :P

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A very long time ago, when computers were made of wood, there was a RPG called Bards Tale 1. In it there was a tower of the evil Wizard "Kylearan" which stuck in my memory so years later I adopted this moniker, misspelling it unfortunately.

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Warning: The word "concise" doesn't exist in my vocabulary!

I went through a few name changes over the years. Although I am not like most gamers who have hundreds of gaming names/characters, I tend to stick to the same names in every game.

Started as Peimur as a game tester for The Sierra their Yserbius game. That name stayed there and I've never used it again.

I stared using "Noldor" after that in most every game/forum. I was/am a fan of the Tolkien universe. Plus "Noldor" also means "No Older" as in "I don't want to grow any older!!! >.<" LOL

I added "Numbwit" surname when I started alpha testing Dark Age of Camelot (albion side) since the game allowed surnames. Upon release, I was notified that "Numbwit" wasn't approved for the I changed it to "Oncunnynge", which basically meant the same thing! -)

Then I started alpha testing Lord of the Rings Online for both Turbine and Codemasters. Since "Noldor" was part of the Tolkien lore, I changed it to "Dolnor" which is just the letters mixed up. I changed my surname back to "Numbwit" since I wasn't in DAoC anymore.

I've been also using the first name of "Elondra" for all of my alpha/beta test characters. It seems that people are still open to help (I helped new testers/players with in-game mechanics a lot during testing) from a female-named character than a male-named character...go figure.

I use Dolnor Numbwit everywhere now exclusively. Of course, there are NOW other "Dolnor"s out there on the web...20% chance it is really me! -)


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pieoflords came from an in game thing from a while ago. In a modded minecraft server I made a ton of pies. people started calling me the lord of pies, but lordofpies was taken so i switched it to pieoflords. it stuck so here i am. as for what my in game name will be, i'm not getting a specific last name however my characters name came from me looking at the last name generator and shortening something i liked to see. not going to post the name here just in case someone tries to take it

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Iooly was a character i created in Archage when my guild leader asked me to go be a spy in an enemy guild before a great siege.

I needed a name that was far from what my usual character was called. To get into the enemy guild I also needed to sign up to their forum and made a false identy for that - a girl named Julie with a last name that I've forgotten now.

Of course the character name Julie was already taken so i started playing around with different option in my head. I've always liked to play around with letters and the sound of them to create names. So Iooly (iooly) is a rewriting of the name Julie - just with a soft J-sound at the begining.

The name sort of stuck with me and I used is for my main character in Black Desert

I have not decided what my character name(s) will be in CoE yet - I guess it would make the most sense to decide on a tribe first :)

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I created my name due to my love for dragons and the fang comes from an actual fang that is precious to me. If I’m role playing my name would either be Rain. I initially made up this name because one of my characters in an earlier rpg had dark blue eyes which reminded me of a rainy day. Another common name I would use is GrimoireRain. The ‘grimoire’ part was added as my character was a mage. Another reason was because my usual role play name, Rain, was already taken.

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I don't know what i will name myself in game.

It could be zimmah, it could be something else.

Zimmah is a name i have been using for decades, it's a personal nickname that was derived from my own name.

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wow, old thread

My name comes from a character from the fourth book of the sword of truth series..

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I played a lot of different MMOs when I was younger, up until I hit the money wall (this 8-12 year old wasn't about to shell out that kind of cash). One game you RPed as a magical student and it had a random name generator. My first role got me Amber DawnCatcher, and I was like, "Dope! This game knows me". I used TheDawnCatcher for a long time, and when I started a gaming channel on YT, it just sorta worked to switch Dawn for Game.

My first character is likely going to be Cerys Eklund, cause I'm going full Brudvir. Cerys is Welsh for "love", but also a nod to Cerys an Craite from The Witcher 3. She's my preferred candidate for the new queen of Skellige, The Witcher's in-game version of the Vikings. Eklund is Swedish for "oak grove", since I imagine I'm going to spend a lot of time doing carpentry with her.

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I'll probably use, for the first name at least, Quinndae. Shortened to Quinndy or Quinn for times of convenience. Yes, I know it's my username, but I like the name. The story behind it is kind of dumb.

I caught a moth in a cup once and decided it needed a really over-the-top name which is undermined by the fact it is a tiny moth that can't do much.

Therefore, Quinndae the Unchallenged, edgy, I know, was born. And thus it became my name for a lot of things.

And also the name of an ocean deity in a Pathfinder campaign I'm in. Fun.


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random name generator, spotted it, and grew attached to it over time (first just using it for one or two characters in online games, but as time went on, it overtook the username I had been using for a decade)

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My name comes from a city near me called Gloucester, in England. ( It's pronounced 'Gloster.' ) Additionally, I hope to become a skilled physician/healer/GP in-game...and in-game I'll be 'Dr. Foster' That ties in with the following old English nursery-rythme:

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester, All in a shower of rain; He stepped in a puddle, Right up to his middle, And never went there again.

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I've been using Snipehunter for awhile now, I picked it up back in the 90s back when Quake and the original Team Fortress mod were all the rage. I was really bad at team fortress. No situational awareness, no sense of team, no ability to coordinate. I was the guy that died when the round started running out the first floor door of 2fort before he even made it to the bridge.

For a life-long gamer, and a game dev, it was frustrating. So I started experimenting with the classes, desperate to find a way I could stop being at the bottom of the studio's leaderboard. One day, I decided I'd try to play as the spy and to my surprise, I found out I was good at it. I could walk right into the other fort, go up to the sniper deck, knife all the snipers one by one and still not have their soldiers and heavies realize what was going on.

Of course, that's literally all I was good at, so it sort of became known that's what I was gonna do... and that strategy didn't last. But damnit, I kept trying. Someone, I don't remember who, made a joke along of the lines of "sniper hunter? Try snipe hunter!" and I started using it as my handle.

By the time TFC was released, I'd actually gotten good at the game, but I liked the handle, so I kept it. :)

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Mine is 1 of the translations of my name in Japanese...which doesn't translate cleanly. I've been using it for roughly 20 years now. The second is Kuraaku.

12/7/2018 4:16:04 AM #405

It was originally used in an unfortunately discontinued Kerbal Space Program fanfiction. I liked the name though, so I decided to keep it. Not sure if I'll ever use the protagonist's first name though.

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