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I love names. Sometimes they tell great stories and maybe tell me something about the person behind it. Me first: Atom is just a random name i once chosed for a cod clan. The D and the Chopper are from One Piece and these combined combined are Atom Chopper which is like Nuclear Core splitter which is quite powerfull. You can't live without me. But if you wanna try and destroy me though, I will annihilate you. My future ingame name:Niten. The Ni comes from the beginning of my first name. The t is simply from Atom and the en from my last name. After creation I noticed that this is also the name of one of my favorite characters from a very good book series called The secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel

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My full name is Scipion Daemon Pyrros.

Scipion refers to Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, a roman Consul and General, who defeatet the Hanibal brothers. His name is part of the italian national anthem “Inno di Mameli”, where a line runs: "dell'elmo di Scipio s'è cinta la testa", meaning Italy will set up again the helmet of Scipion. The "n" at the ending derives from making the name bigger by saying "Scipione", the great Scipio.

Daemon refers to the Qin that died in the first godwars of Elyria and was master of the still burning fire at Karcion. And it was also the name of my grandfather Daemon Pyrros, because his father Ireneus (Old Iren) admires that god for its flickering fire that with changing shadowmaking reveals the truth of any subject or object.

Pyrros is greek and you will find also phyrros or other writings. There was also a king with that name in Grece. The name means "redhead", and that is the reason to choose it: My character will be a Brudvir with red hear from a bloodline of redhairish Brudvirs. So there will be names like Rufus, Feuerkopf; Firehead and so on to decribe my relatives. As we learned the first rules for Brudvirian names the name of greatgrandma Øyvår Rødhåret came to my mind.

It's a funny coincidence that I decided to be a scribe and papermaker, and that Pyrros sounds like papyrus.

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Duka Darkfall, A name I have used every place i could since the launch of Everquest 1. Duka is a word mashup from Danish Du ( you) ka(n)(Can) Darkfall is mainly taken from a book called Darkfall ( the legendsong) by author Isobelle Carmody.

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It sounded good to me so yeah that's it.

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I am using Galliad as a modification of Gallahad, the knight from the king arthur story. I was frustrated that every time I had to pick a username, it was already taken. So I invented my own name and have been using it for 12 years now. And never again was a user name taken. and if it was, I created an account there a long time ago.

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When I started my first mmo I was super edge young teen and was going to go with the Mourning, but I left out the first 'n' and didn't notice until I joined a guild and we started skyping. It stuck after that and I used it for everying. Fast forward to college where I joined a foam fighting sport called Belegarth and used Mouring as my persona name.

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Back in my day... We kids played diablo 1 and 2, where you needed alt characters to haul your excess loot and trade items, referred to as mules. Muleface has been my main tag for 14+ years now :)

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We used to play the arcade style game Gauntlet, I don't remember which one, on the PS2. I couldn't fit my real name in the space allotted for the player's name. I couldn't fit my nickname either, but I could fit Barley which rhymes with my nickname and eventually it was lengthened to Barleyman.

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Forum name is just a nickname that I've taken to spelling as obnoxiously as possible.

Surname (Ewdotîmdweau), is my take on a To'resk name: the To'resk seem to use Zulu transliterated to French (as it's given me pretty good results in google translate), and the given surnames tend to be descriptive.

These tend to be either along the lines of a job description (one translated to "in the field"), or something like "shining" or "beauty".

Ewdotîmdweau itself is multi-layered when brought back down to Zulu. On the surface it's "Udotimdwu", meaning "modesty". It can further be broken down to "Udoti m'dweu" which is "to form dirt", to match with my settlement name of "Burgwall", which is the term for a wall around a town made of mounded and reinforced soil.

Luckily Burgwall works out because I'll be in Neran territory.

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When my son dragged me into playing Minecraft about 6 years ago I had to set my first ever on-line nickname. I struggled defining an alter ego until I started shuffling those 8 letters. Yeah, old, and layers. Obviously.

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I was a pretty rough kid when I was young.

My few friends were adults. One of them was a teacher.

She signed my yearbook with "Always Endeavor". Stuck with me ever since. One of the first times I had been told I could do anything other than cause trouble.

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Not that I'm soft-spoken by any means, but it seems that even my closest friends have trouble hearing me. I've joked for ages that I'm just forever talking to myself; a soliloquy, if you will. You'll often find me around with either "Endless" propped in front, or shortened down to Sol where I can. I much prefer the latter. ^.^

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