I wish we could buy early alpha on Kickstarter:(

12/22/2015 11:31:17 PM #1


I've been following along for a long time, keeping my distance though, but I would love to get in and play even with what's there now bugs and all

12/22/2015 11:54:47 PM #2

I think it is almost inevitable that one of the Kickstarter reward tiers will include Alpha access. However, it doesn't make sense to start that Kickstarter until they have enough that can really be shown off.

They have said they are hoping to have a playable demo by April (PAX East) so I think Late March is the earliest anyone can expect to get into the game. As hopefully they will get some outside testing before that demo hits the crowds. Then I predict the Kickstarter beginning shortly after, or coinciding with PAX, and Alpha a few months after that.

After all it has only been a few months since they announced the game, I do not think it is reasonable to expect everything done yet.

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12/23/2015 1:19:02 AM #3

yeah, I was tracking all that. I am just a little impatient. I really wish there was more I could do to benefit me in game later. The new website launching soon will have more ways to gain influence. I think then things like guilds and fan fiction will help gain points.

12/23/2015 2:31:25 PM #4

is there even a kickstarter yet? I was looking for it but figured they weren't ready. nevermind I found my answer in another post.

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12/23/2015 2:59:51 PM #5

Not yet, probably will be in April with the alpha testing.

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So April seems to be the rumor? Sweet, gives me time to save up and dump some cash...

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An announcement will be made in January as to the official Kickstarter date.

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Hopefully January 1st? :D One can only hope. Although I wish you guys could have done it this December so I could have asked it for helping kickstart it for Christmas :D

12/24/2015 5:01:02 AM #10

We would have loved to be able to begin our Kickstarter in December, it just wasn't possible.

We feel very strongly that before asking for crowdfunding, we need to have spent as much of our own money as possible. As well, we feel equally strong that we shouldn't ask people for crowdfunding until we've got videos showing what the gameplay and user experience will be like.

We were just able to liquidate some of our assets and have a large injection of capital that will allow us to double in team size over the next few months. This is huge. It adds a lot of confidence that we'll be able to deliver what we want by our Kickstarter date.

The reason we haven't announced our Kickstarter date at this point is because we want the website update pushed out before we draw a huge amount of traffic to the website. Once we get the technology update pushed out, we've got a few big announcements to make.


12/24/2015 5:20:34 AM #11

Oh awesome! Didn't know that information. I can't wait to watch some videos on the game. Also can't wait for the website update. I'm telling all my friends about this game!

12/25/2015 12:10:59 AM #12

They way the team handles things and the decisions they make are so professional that I get more and more excited! Great news Jeromy =)

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I don't know if I should blame the Xmas or the extra drinks I just had, but I honestly start to believe Caspian is a decent person. Maybe too decent for today's gaming industry. After all, he's a CEO, not just a game designer.

Oh well, I shouldn't complain about it.

Merry Xmas to every decent person out there.

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Out of curiosity do you guys ever read our suggestion threads? Do you use them at all?

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Personally I'd like to see a very limited high tier reward where people get to start off with a soul that they know will have certain rewards on it, and maybe a reward to start off as a Monarch or heir to a throne. It'd be great if you could have a tier where you get one character where the very first time you start them, you get to build them like a ward with full range of skin colors and traits, but they're still an heir to a throne or a monarch.

I'd also really love to see high level tier rewards such as

-Start as a monarch and get to have your kingdom built off a design you worked together with the design team on (probably like a $10,000 reward. Myself, I'd want a kingdom that rested on a giant floating island in the sky. I like the magic thing a lot, you'd never guess right?)

-Get to design some single important item or talent in the game (I'd really like to be able to have a tree or something like in the anime/manga 12 kingdoms for having children, specifically so same-sex couples in the game can have bio-kids. If we can do it today with science, a world with magic should certainly be able to do it. Happens all the time in fairy tales with single parents.)

-Maybe a reward that makes you start the game with a single talent already turned on if your soul has any.