[NA-E Bordweall] County of Alhamora

Risk vs Reward Recruitment Post

2/18/2017 3:03:06 AM #1

now THAT is an impressive recruitment post!

well done!!!

2/18/2017 3:11:18 AM #2

I stand beside you Countess.


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2/18/2017 3:15:59 AM #3

Great post! :-D

2/18/2017 5:05:04 AM #4

Awesome recruitment post Kat. I wish the best with the county, can't wait to see it :D

2/18/2017 9:34:18 AM #5


I'll be back when I see mechanics

2/18/2017 12:35:54 PM #6

Katie - we're proud to have you with us as part of The Duchy of Bloodoak!


2/18/2017 6:19:31 PM #7

Interesting name.

2/18/2017 11:04:59 PM #8

Posted By ectro at 12:19 PM - Sat Feb 18 2017

Interesting name.

It derives from my love of Harry Potter. The spell known as Alohomora is used to unlock doors. I put a little spin on it and used keys in the Shield to show that our doors are always open for those that need a home.

2/19/2017 11:30:06 PM #9

Nicely done.

2/28/2017 3:15:12 AM #10

Much appreciated guys, thanks for the support :)

3/16/2017 9:27:54 PM #11

Looks like our Duchy is filling up quite nicely, Alhamora is proud to have the neighbors we do and are excited to start talks with anyone interested in joining our side :)

4/13/2017 12:19:23 AM #12



4/16/2017 5:11:17 PM #13

Great recruiting post! This county sounds great for any NA-E players. Well organized and it's clear your attention to detail, not just here but in the duchy, too.

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4/20/2017 3:01:37 AM #14

Glad to be a part of the county of Alhamora! Great group of guys and gals in the county, duchy, and kingdom. Shield wall strong!

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4/20/2017 7:10:45 AM #15

Awesome group here! One of my personal fav's in Bloodoak... but shhh don't tell Elb.. And as always.. Vive la Bordweall!!

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