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BARON: Scott Cyrocco

KINGDOM: The Kingdom of Ashland

DUCHY: Sanctaphandri

COUNTY: Tir'Brännon

COUNTY WEBSITE [County of Tir'Brännon](Coming Soon)

FOCUS: PvPvE with Light RP


Azyr was founded by Corvus Cyrocco on the great river Nyth, which acts as a natural defensive wall from those further inland. The great forests of RavenLoft surround Azyr providing abundant resources to the Huntsman that have settled there and providing a natural shelter from armies who would wish to siege the Stronghold.

Corvus was a renowned Hunter throughout the Kingdom, as was his retinue, known for their keen eye and deadly longbow fire. Known to produce the finest archers and bows in the land, it is no surprise that they are revered as producing an elite band of Scouts and Assassins, known as The Vanguard Hunters. Access to the Azyr forges allows these elite warriors to arm themselves with some of the best weapons in the Land.

Azyr mainly receives its resources from the County to ensure its readiness for War. Those few civilians who call Azyr home are fabled throughout the Lands as some of the best Smiths and Craftsmen. Known as the Victrians, these Specialists man their forges 24/7, always seeking to improve their designs and creations.

Baron Scott Cyrocco

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Vanguard Hunters:

Even in times of relative peace the Vanguard Hunters, or known around Tir'Brännon as the Silver Eagles, are never at rest. They constantly patrol the forests, hills and Country sides of the Kingdom as they watch for the inevitable enemy raiders or forces.

Whilst the Vanguard Hunters never let it be known, many enemies have been pierced by a volley of black arrows, the silent slaughter of an enemy General whom had thought invulnerable behind his own lines or the disruption of supplies to an enemy Outpost, Town or City.

Vanguard Hunters choose their weapons from the elite forges of Azyr. Master Crafted weapons and armour made by the Victrians. The Vanguards tactics are based around a ranged doctrine, focusing on eliminating threats from a distance before closing in within melee and finishing the job.

Vanguard Armory:

  • Ranged - Longbow, Recurve bow & Crossbow
  • Melee - Sword, Axe, Dagger & Spear

When The Vanguards are out scouting and patrolling the borders, they wear light leather armour and hooded cloaks. During times of sieges and war, they will often be wearing a combination of chain/light metal plate and leather. This provides the Vanguard with suitable protection and maximum dexterity and movement.

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...The night was thick with a fog, eerier than that of a graveyard, as the enemy continued to march forward towards the Great River Nyth, half day's walk still away. A Brute of a Mann, easily 6 foot 5 and built thicker than an Ox was leading the party of 15. He sniffed the air, thinking he smelt a human scent, something not associated to the country scenery. He shook his head and lightly laughed to himself. ‘Anyone would see me and shit bricks’ he thought to himself.

He shouldn’t of been so quick to dismiss the scent, for no sooner had the thought entered his mind then the tone of arrow piercing flesh erupt. Arrows darted out of the fog finding a home in the chest of an enemy every shot. As he went to shout an order an Arrow punctured his neck, stopping him mid breath. He grasped at it to stop the bleeding, but the warm blood gushed forth from the wound, littering the ground around him. He fell to his knees, eyes wide with terror and confusing, for who had attacked him and where were they? How could anyone see through this fog?

As the Brute of a Mann tried intensely to stop the bleeding, he noticed the fog part slowly and 10 hooded figures emerged not more than 7 metres in front of him. Black their leather armour, black their cloak and black their arrow fletching. What is this sorcery? He racked his brain for an answer, but nothing came. For they are no Mann. No mann can walk through the Shadows like that. He looked into where the eyes of the lead hooded figures should have been but saw nothing, and for once in his life he was uncontrollably scared. The life was leaving him now and he was weak. He fell awkwardly onto his back, staring up at the fog covered sky and witnessing the encroaching darkness that would consume him now.

He knew not of whom they were but assumed them to be some sort of Vanguard.. As he lay there he prayed, not for his God to save his soul or welcome him to Heaven. No, he prayed that no other Mann or Woman would ever come across the path of these hooded figures, these skilled warriors whom fought from the Shadows…

Initiate (Open Recruitment)

  • All walkers will commence training as an un-borne.

  • An Initiate becomes a Hunter after receiving basic training in our ways and has been deemed suitable by a Watcher.

  • Once an Initiate is ready to become a Hunter, they will be initiated into the Vanguard as a full member by a Watcher after successfully completing the trials known as the ‘Gathering’.


  • A Hunter is a member of the Vanguard Hunters that has completed the ‘Gathering’.

  • Hunter’s will be responsible to help develop and train the Un-Borne.

  • Hunter’s who wishes to become a Watcher will do so before the Lord of Shadows.

Watcher (Selective Recruitment)

  • A Watcher is a Senior member of the Order, and reports to the Shadow Eagle.

  • The Watcher can lead small parties on missions as required by the Shadow Eagle.

Shadow Eagle

  • The Shadow Eagle is the highest rank of the Order and is currently filled by the Baron until a worthy candidate can be found.

  • The Shadow Eagle holds the authority to strip any Hunter of their rank and demote them and/or remove them from the Order altogether.

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The Victrians make up a very small number of the Civilians that call Azyr home. Master Crafters within their specializations, these Men and Women are renowned throughout the Kingdom for their endless pursuit for Excellence within their craft or trade.


  • Victrian Smith (Open - Will be responsible for recruiting crafters/traders and will have a seat on the Council)
  • Quarter Master (Open)

Merchants / Tradesmen:

  • WeaponSmith (Open - it will be up to the Master to hire Apprentice)
  • Carpenter (Open - it will be up to the Master to hire Apprentices)
  • Victrian Inn Keeper (Open)

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Azyr is more than just a Stronghold. It's a community of Brothers and Sisters whom have a common goal, to Defend their Great Kingdom from all enemies of the state. If you are after safety, excitement, progression and making your mark then you have found a home here with us! We offer all citizens a say in matters of importance and ensure their voices are heard. Regular meetings and letters ensure its Citizens are well informed of affairs.

All Azyr asks of its members is to be Loyal to their Town, County, Duchy and Kingdom, abiding by the code of conduct of Tir'Brännon.

What does Tir'Brännon offer its members?

I encourage you to check out the Tir'Brännon recruitment thread to see for yourself, but in short: Whilst many strive and hope to achieve the above, many simply lack the resources, proactiveness and support of experienced members. Tir'Brännon has an extensive network of resources and members within the County, Duchy and Kingdom, all exceptionally loyal to one another and working towards a common goal. We will provide an undying interest and excitement within CoE.

Tir'Brännon is a community, a family and we look after our own! We can provide you the safety to achieve your goals and ambitions within a dangerous world, whatever Town or City you are apart of. Tir'Brännon aims to provide an everlasting experience, one of continual pursuit and accomplishment. Finally, Tir'Brännon provides its members a say in all matters of concern.

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Cyrocco Dynasty

Tir'Brännon DISCORD

Please feel free to contact me in Discord by clicking on the link above or drop a message here!

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