[NA] Town of Verthaven

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I, Mayor Runa Dál Birn, would like to invite you to join the bustling coastal farming town of Verthaven. The Town of Verthaven is a quiet community supporting agriculture. You will find all the necessities the adventurer needs to prepare for trips into the wild, or maybe just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Be sure to stop on by the unique shops of Verthaven and check out the unique and eclectic wares of our talented craftsmen. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

I’m currently seeking people for the following roles

  • Agricultural.
  • Husbandry.
  • Ship building
  • Gatherers
  • Crafters (Artificer, Artisan, Handicrafter, Blacksmith, Bowyer, Tailor & more.)
  • Combatants (Town Military/Guards, Protective Escorts, Bounty Hunters & more.)
  • Explorers (Cartographist, Traders, Treasure Hunters & more.)

A nice place to grow up

We are lucky enough to be hosting an orphanage for the Grand County of . This means that folks can begin their adventure in our wonderful city.

The County of

We, as part of follow their code of conduct.



Land and Property Ownership in Verthaven

This is still being decided but the post will be updated as soon as we have a decision.

As we hope to foster a wonderful RP community I am currently taking submissions for town motto's.

3/31/2017 7:13:26 PM #1

I look forward to working with this city. Congratulations Runa on becoming a Mayor!

4/1/2017 3:16:26 AM #2

Welcome Runa! I know we well have a great time building this wonderful County!

4/1/2017 4:21:57 AM #3

Congratulations to you Runa. I look forward to working with you and Aleran on the Grand County :)

5/2/2017 11:51:10 PM #4

Now featuring the orphanage of The Grand County of Tir'Brännon!

6/3/2017 11:03:33 PM #5

Nice, I'll have to visit from time to time. To see it all grow as the game releases. :)

Jin Devaris

6/5/2017 12:39:19 PM #6

will be interested in possibly joining you all once this game launches. i do have discord as well


6/9/2017 1:03:09 PM #7

Verthaven is looking good! Glad to have you guys!

6/10/2017 6:50:46 AM #8

Verthaven? More like Farthaven! jk, please accept me into your group (I promise I'm not a spy)

8/28/2017 6:09:33 PM #9

Verthaven is like a fine wine, It only gets better with the passage of time...Great Job!

10/8/2017 6:42:16 AM #10

I really like your ideas and hope you the best of luck within Sancta. Your town sounds like a beautiful place that I would like to visit some day

10/13/2017 12:15:51 PM #11

The heart of the Lindinheim Navy, and everything seaworthy! There will be a lot of fun times in this city.

2/4/2019 2:02:04 PM #12

I cannot wait to Sail my Ship into the Verthaven Harbor.

4/9/2019 2:17:12 AM #13

Nice post! I look forward to meeting you in game!

4/9/2019 6:43:21 AM #14

Look forward to visiting !

4/9/2019 8:16:21 PM #15

Looks awesome! i'm excited to see what you do in game

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