Star Citizen Free Flight Weekend

Hey all,

I was sitting around being bored and all and wishing for some CoE stuff. So I figured it would be nice to play together with a few community members in whatever game. Those of you that know me longer know that I have also backed Star Citizen. Whilst that game is even further from launch than CoE, they do have a playeable alpha. I figured it would be nice to jump in with a few CoE members and see how we would go about game testing (albeit in a completely different game). This weekend they have a free flight, so you don't need to buy anything to be able to play.

If you're up for it, pm me on these forums or Discord (@Terrantal#2936). Or use my referral code for Star Citizen, that should also put us together: STAR-59Z4-ZGJP

Town of Brash

4/15/2017 2:50:23 PM #1

Just realized not everyone might know what the game is about. This video shows quite nicely what is in alpha at the moment (except for the last few shots).


Town of Brash

4/16/2017 11:21:04 AM #2

3 of us got together yesterday, would be great if more people joined up.

4/21/2017 5:17:13 PM #3

I bought a Super Hornet a couple months ago.

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