Interested in the game concept but the release/store info is too confusing

I am pretty hyped for this game. I've actually been following it for quite some time but I still don't have a clue as to what the best purchase would be for me and how all of it actually works. I was planning on playing it with my brother and also getting a few friends to join in on the action. I can't figure out if the game is currently in beta 1/2 or alpha 1/2, the only thing I constantly see is "LAUNCH December 2017". I haven't been able to clearly understand the "founder pack" by 2 sparks of life does that mean 2 characters on one account or 2 characters where I can give one to my brother and we can play simultaneously. If someone can help clear up the timeline and when I can expect to play depending on which pack I ultimately choose, I would be truly grateful.

Thanks in advance.

ps. sorry for the wall of text

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The game is not in beta, and likely won't be for another year.

There are a few playable features that may be available BEFORE Alpha. Yes, we are not even at alpha stage yet.

A soul a character slot. A spark of life is a single character's lifespan. You can either create two concurrent characters, or you can use one for a lifespan, then play as your character's heir. OR you can create an entirely new one at that point as well.

The packages that say "expedition" access will have 3 months of early-release time, which is set apart so that the players can set up the world. This is when kingdoms establish and regulate themselves and laws and when settlement will generally be established, as well as the economy. I believe at LEAST 1 month of this will also have PvP turned off, in order to help fuel the building of society.

After those 3 months, the game will officially release to the public, and anyone can play at that point.


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The game is currently in pre-alpha, the Launch Dec. 2017 is out of date, and really should be updated. However, there will be three Pre-Alpha experiences that should come out this year and will be made available to everyone who has purchased the game after they go through alpha and beta. Here is a post that explains them:

Souls are character slots. All game packages currently come with three. A spark of life is how you activate a soul to make a character to play in the game. The sparks of life in a package are tied to the account that bought them.

Characters age and die in this game. A spark of life lets you play out one character's entire life. Their natural lifespan is 12-14 months. If you are knocked unconscious in battle, your enemies may choose to perform a coup de grace on you. This will reduce your lifespan. If you are taking many risks and getting killed frequently, your life span could reduced to as little as three months. (Note that a coup de grace is considered attempted murder and there will be a legal system to mete out punishment to those who choose it and are caught)

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Hail, Ahopaho, and congrats on making your first post on our forums! We're glad to have you :)

As other members of our community have said, Chronicles of Elyria is still in pre-alpha development. Nothing playable for the community has been released yet, but we do plan on giving you guys three pre-alpha experiences to.. well, experience!

They're opportunities for players to jump into some form of the game as early as possible - even before alpha - to provide feedback, community engagement, player investment in the world's history, and to temper expectations by providing everyone with a pretty strong impression of what will and what won't be making it into the game at launch.

Who can play the different pre-alpha experiences?

As you might guess from the name, the Pre-Alpha Experiences are just that, pre-alpha. As a result, they're very early iterations on many of the mechanics. We'll be rolling ElyriaMUD, Prologue, and KoE out first to the Alpha 1 backers, then Alpha 2, then Beta, then Beta 2, and finally to those people who've purchased only the basic game.

Note that events in ElyriaMUD and KoE only become official once it's rolled out to all paid players. The earlier waves/releases are for testing and stabilisation.

Consequently, that is also the timeline for the various releases leading up to hard launch, and there are no publicly projected release dates yet for any of them. Once we've reached a stage of development where we can estimate with confidence a date of release, we'll let you know!

1. Pre-alpha experiences ◃ Where we are now
2. Alpha 1 (aka Closed Alpha, under NDA) wiped
3. Alpha 2 (aka Open Alpha) wiped
4. Beta 1 (aka Closed Beta, under NDA) wiped
5. Beta 2 (aka Open Beta) wiped
6. Exposition (aka the world-building phase)
7. Launch

The Exposition is an early access period of 3 months before launch where the goal, while partly to build conflict, story, and unfolding events, is also about giving early players an opportunity to build out a flourishing world. This way, players that enter the game at launch aren't coming into a world dominated by NPCs and title-holders scrambling to get their areas developed how they want them to be.

A Spark of Life is a lifespan, which depending upon your style of play may offer you three months of play to thirteen. The more recklessly you throw yourself into situations that rip your soul from your body, the more difficult it becomes for your soul to make its way back to its mortal shell... until eventually, it can't anymore.

This is permadeath.

However, what you're ultimately playing is your soul. Your experiences carry on through lifetime after lifetime, so long as you choose to provide your soul that spark needed to provide it with the energy required to be reborn into the world once more.

Your possessions can be passed onto your heir, or even hidden away in a remote location somewhere and later dug up by you provided nobody has stumbled across your stash and looted it. In this way, your progress is never truly lost -- your skills will ramp up to where they had been when you Died, allowing you to surpass your predecessor, and you can inherit your parent or grandparent or ancestor's belongings via a will.

However, going back to Death -- do note that different people will have different levels of difficulty finding their way back to their body. The more (in)famous you are, the more impact your death has upon other players and thus the world, which means you won't be able to 'die' as often as an unknown player.

The death of a peasant does not affect as many as the death of a king, for example, or the death of a renown blacksmith, or a farmer whose work sustained the bellies of an entire region. Compare it to a death amongst family or friends vs the death of the president, to name an extreme similar to peasant vs king.

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That pretty much covers it! The only thing I can think to add is further clarification around multiple characters on the same account.

Unlike most MMOs, you do not get (for example) 8 character slots per account automatically. Each character has to have both a soul and a spark of life.

The base version of the game comes with 1 spark and 3 souls - meaning one character but with a choice of which soul to use. If you bought additional sparks (or got them as part of a higher package), you could use them with the extra souls to create additional characters. (Using your sparks "in parallel" as it were.)

Alternatively, and uniquely to CoE, you can use additional sparks with the same soul once a character dies. This is how souls evolve, but this is a linear use of sparks rather than the parallel model above. :)

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