How important is the parkour system to you?

I just thought i'd bring this up as an open discussion, because it kind of came out of left field to me when I saw it being prominently displayed in the most recent demo.

When I first heard about CoE and began reading about all the potential it had as a sandbox; the wars, the exploration, the wildlife, the expansion of great nations and the politics between the them... I just didn't envision parkour being that big a part of the game.

It seemed to be the premier mechanic on display when we looked at the most recent demo of Silver Run, which, to me, was surprising.

I don't know anything about coding, so I have no great intuition on how much has gone into the parkour system, but at face value it looks quite sophisticated. I guess I didn't expect it to be such a highlight of the game, and now I feel like i've been missing Q&As and Dev Journals that were hyping it up all along.

I am curious as to the community's overall interest in parkour in CoE.

Going forward, is this something you all are excited to have fleshed out? Was this a game mechanic you were eagerly anticipating in CoE and hope gets expounded upon, even if it meant other things might take a backseat to it?

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To be honest, no. But I'm pretty sure it is a feature that makes the game even better and I wouldn't mind having it.

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The concept of parkour itself isn't a huge selling point to me in terms of, "Look at me, I'm climbing something... now I'm jumping off... now I'm on a zip line... wow, I did a somersault... watch me go...!" but the concept of being able to climb around and utilise infrastructure IN GENERAL in ways that other MMOs can only dream of is actually quite exciting to me. They're two sides of the same coin, really. So basically, I'm excited about what it means in general, even if I'm not into constant, kinetic movement that uses it.

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i like that you can clime walls but parkor is kinda pointless i thing but its a good addition to the game

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Not really too important but maybe I'll use it once in a while to get some nice lookin' screenshots.

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Scored a like for a good thread and good questions

In general I think it's going to heavily depend on how common and broadly used it is. If everyone is special enough to do acrobatics through cities and towns, then no one is really special at all and its charm will quickly fade as it becomes a basic way to get around.

"oh hey dude what are you doing on the roof?"

"oh nothing much just taking a shortcut to the market"

A few houses down the road...

"oh look a small party running on the roofs making their way to the gates... and there goes a murderer running from the guards over there, with a small army doing flips right behind him"

In regards to adventuring and it's relationship with parkour I think they've almost nailed it. As long as there isn't any perma-death BS after you get a bad camera angle and promptly free fall into your death, and as long as you don't have to 'leap of faith' your way through dungeons, then this system is going to be a billion times more creative, intelligent and exciting than fighting infinitely respawning mobs.

I can't think of a more perfect way to capture what an adventurer should really feel like... Climbing through ruins, mines or caves, purposefully taking in the scenery and making your way through some amazing sights in the hopes that you'll discover something that'll either make you rich with gold or wisdom... That being said, after seeing the demo, I'm worried. Mostly with the map design [which they have begun to correct but I doubt this will be the case for most], but also with how it seems to be coaxing players towards death as a core function of the game. So lemme get this straight... a miner with no armour weilding nothing but a pickaxe while confused and out of his mind is extremely lethal AND we can fall to our deaths, sprint off ledges accidently or simply miss a ledge grab and die that way as well? All the while getting hungry and thirsty? And I'm supposed to do bigger jumps in tighter spaces against monsters, during longer runs, as I progress? I know adventuring should be full of danger, but at that point you're more fighting the game than enjoying it.

Q: Going forward, is this something you all are excited to have fleshed out?

A: Yes. I think it's going to be an absolutely game changer to adventuring and could come with some very nice surprises including tree climbing, tactical escapes and attacks, surveying and even ways to defeat enormous creatures that have climbable points attached to their bodies. Ever seen that in a game like this?

Q: Was this a game mechanic you were eagerly anticipating in CoE and hope gets expounded upon, even if it meant other things might take a backseat to it?

A: Yes. After I first heard about it my mind exploded with possibilities. I hope it gets expanded on, but if it's a trade off I would have to know what for to answer honestly. If I could get senses (at least hearing) back for some more simple parkour I would do it in a heart beat, as its one of the only ways you'll be able to prevent KOSers in the wilderness. All this being said, while its a great feature, it's complicated to implement. Who gets these skills? Everyone? The skillful? How do you unlock parkour abilities? Is there a way to easily counter someone who out right avoids combat after they're busted and immediately turns to parkouring away (like rock throwing to get them off objects or make them fall, referencing Assassins Creed)?

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The parkour in Silver Run was great, but nothing I feel is critical for the game. It only makes sense if it is integrated everywhere, meaning it works on trees, buildings, cliffs, fences, etc. That seems like a lot of work, for less than value return. I think there are many other areas that will add more game values for less effort.

4/21/2017 1:04:33 AM #7

It's not important to me at all.

However, I see how marketing might focus on it, because it's not something that exists in other MMOs, unless you count Runescape.

Just the idea that the environment is more than a prop.

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My question is are we going to be able to pull up on everything or does it need to be marked as "Parkour-able" for us to interact with it.

Personally, I love this feature,I would still play if it wasn't in the game but I hate being restricted in my movements..I like agile characters so being able to have another feature that you can display agility is a plus for me. Also, like the fact that people need to consider all around them instead of just on the ground..Ambushes can be above and around..There is more thinking involved just because of one simple feature.

Think about all of the thief or infiltration in games it's been a dream for people that like this type of gameplay to do this in a mmo. Your outside of a base, you shoot a robe arrow, zip line down, knockout a couple people, pick a lock, and steal something..The closest gameplay you can get to this just is totally breaking down someone's door and running into their base .

It fills a role for an adventure as well..having someone that can get around better to higher spots or someone brave enough to take a lap of faith to try to grab an edge.

I hope there will be adventure tools like robe arrows, grappling hooks, climbing tool, etc. Would love to see a fully fleshed out system around this.

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Posted By Deftly at 10:26 PM - Thu Apr 20 2017

My question is are we going to be able to pull up on everything or does it need to be marked as "Parkour-able" for us to interact with it.

I wasn't thining about it as a feature in Elyria at all, just coss almost no game features climbing, but now i think it fits perfectly into the game. My only concern is the same you expressed. The characters should be able to climb many kinds of walls/rock/trees, not just the marked ones. If you can climb just a few marked assets, the architecture tool will be more exploitable. And the game loses a big impact on narrative/gameplay that this feature could bring.

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It's one of those mechanics, like being able to breed cattle. I don't have an interest in it, most people I speak to have no interest in it, but I think the game is made better by the fact that there is a small portion of players who intend to utilize the feature.

It changes the way we have to think about city defenses, personal architecture, law enforcement, and adventuring.

4/21/2017 2:57:53 AM #11

I don't think that it is something that I will likely use in CoE. No problem with it being in the game, but it is like pineapple on a pizza. If you like it on your pizza, but it won't be on mine.

4/21/2017 3:18:01 AM #12

Haven't seen enough of it to make a judgement

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4/21/2017 4:07:10 AM #13

How important is the parkour system to you?

To put it simply... I had forgotten that was a feature till I read this title

4/21/2017 4:43:41 AM #14

It's importance will depend entirely on the player and the type of character they develop. As Ebermensch mentioned, not everyone is going to be into the breeding animals aspect of the game, but most will agree it's an interesting and flavourful addition. By the same token having access to this "parkour" mechanic for characters with nimble/acrobatic persona types (assassins/thieves/rangers/adventurers/jongleurs/masked-and-caped-superhero-vigilantes) will also bring an interest and flavour to the game as well.

Hopefully though the ability to pull such feats will be tied to factors such as agility and/or skill, weight, clothing, etc (as I assume it would), because I don't wanna see a 300lb elderly character wearing a cumbersome dress and high heels pulling it off.

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the thing to note about parkour is it is much funner to do than it is to, being the current trend in mmos is leaning towards mobility it is only natural that it would be an aspect of coe. if the game play is actually as fluid as the testers claim than i think we are in for a real treat with this system.

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