[NA-W] Barony of Dunmore

Barony of Dunmore

Stronghold of Lord Titus Wingate



Our Domain is within the Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri, a duchy of the Royal Kingdom of Ashland. Our County of residence is Halvamåne.


Currently no lore, if you would like to help me create and refine the lore join the Barony and you can do so.


We intend on offering a safe haven for those adventurers just starting out, as well as those travelers that need a break from Their travels. Your focus is on militaristic game play and plan to create a Colosseum known for supporting the training and entertainment Of soldiers. Both private gladiators and the Lord's soldiers will be able to utilize these facilities. The protection of the keep as well as the Colosseum and the trade in arms that is generated by those location should Foster growth of the settlement.


Due to our militaristic nature, scouts and other information gathering assets shall be utilized for the betterment of the Realm. Our intention is to later train and employ diplomatic guards to be used by state affiliated lords and diplomats.


Those individuals training through our facilities will be required to complete patrols within the domain of barony operation. Their skills shall be utilized to eliminate both hostile wildlife and banditry. Our forces may also be utilized as security assets for local settlements.

Economy and Trade

Due to the nature and function of the settlement, arms and armament trade as well as trade for their raw materials is to Be expected. Our intent is to not only offer a location for artisans to sell their wares, but to also become a more Permanent base for their operations. Livestock breeding for the purposes of war-mount breeding and the leather industry Are expected to be a prominent feature in the rural landscape surrounding the settlement.

Member of a Guild or Enterprise?

Our military schools, as well as our need for suppliers to arm those attending them, offer a variety of military minded organizations and individuals a home. Those persons who wish to legally develop and employ their skills as fighters may do so within the Colosseum while others may provide for their medical, armament, and living needs.


We are partnered with The Order of The Blue Rook and plan to deepen this partnership over time.

Looking for Settlers

Currently we are looking for settlers to join the barony in both a military and a civilian capacity. Those wishing to join us are free to fulfill their ambitions as soldiers in the lord's army or as individuals plying their trades or fighting in the pits. Leadership positions within the military hierarchy of the Barony are available

War Time Occupation

alright so to be 100% honest I'm unsure of at this time what i'd like my barony to focus on during war time, weather its front lines, scouting, reinforcements, supply lines, its all up in the air, because i'd like to wait for more people in my Barony to help me decide this, that way we can work together as a community in my barony.


plan on making a military styled area, with colosseum, trade in armor crafting and weapon crafting, breeding war animals, looking for all types of settlers, leadership positions currently available.

Here is our directory listing for Dunmore

Here is the post for the Duchy Navy.

If you would like to know more about any of the above then definitely join us at our discord

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Added pictures to the post.

Discord channels voice and text have all been created now.

Discord Roles have been created as well, may need more in the future but that's a quick fix.

Updated/Edit'd signature.

Created and added the CoE directory listing to the post[[[will be updated when i have more information for it, such as citizens ect]]]

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Glad to have you within my County, Baron Galared.

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Thanks Luna <3

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And glad to have you within my Duchy Master Galaerd! I especially like the screenshots from Stronghold 2, what an enjoyable game.

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it's a pleasure to be under you Duke Polite.

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Second in Command found

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Will be looking into knighthood stuff as well when more details arrive

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