[EU Demalion] The fortified pastoral town of Markofstadt

Nestled into the heart of the Demalion Empire rests the home of house Markof, the fortified pastoral town of Markofstadt.

Surrounded by vast farmland doted with all sort of agrarian structures Markofstadt's countryside offer plenty of opportunities for not only farming or livestock farming, but also for mount breeding, Markovia was once renowned for the quality of it's horses and count Niklas Markof will do is best to revive that tradition.

To support the town and offer an alternative to the traditional taxes, count Markof has invested part of his ressources into the acquisition of fields around Markofstadt that the community can tend in exchange for tax or work for a salary, the Count providing the seeds or livestock and the land.

If outside the walls of Markofstadt one can expect to mostly see farms and fields, inside the walls t'is an other story. Markofstadt is the main trade hub of the county, where products from the farms are sold at the market to be shipped away or more often than not, bought by the local cooking industry.

With so many high quality products it was only logical that butchers, bakers and cooks decided to settled into Markofstadt. To support them, attract new ones and help develop their skills and the fame of the town, Count Niklas Markof decided to found the Demalion Culinary Academy The needs of those Chefs do not stop at cooking ingredients, and lots of other crafters joined, knife smith, barrel makers, boilermaker, glass blowers and others, and what can not be produced in Markofstadt is imported by merchants that bring their wears and leave with the town's products to sell away.

To ensure the peace and everybody's safety Count Markof invested into improved fortifications for the town and founded

The militia enforce law and patrol inside and outside the walls to protect and secure the town area.

Markofstadt is a nice and safe city, surrounded by farms of all kind where crafters and merchants are welcomed, come join us and make yourself a home in our Town.