[EU Demalion] The Markovian Guard

Nestled into the heart of the Demalion Empire rests the county of Markovia, domain of house Markof. To ensure the peace and safety of the county's population, Count Niklas Markof invested into founding of The Markovian Guard.

As the Count decided to assume command of Markofstadt's militia, he can not command the guard as he decided to offer the guard the same perks and support as he's offering the militias, and called apon me to take command.

The Markovian Guard will be a guild and i, Brunissende of Markofstadt will be it's Captain and commending officer, our headquarter will be Markof family's residence. The Count will provide us equipment, lodging and salary.

Our missions and duties are to patrol th roads and borders of the county to enforce law and protect inhabitants and travelers, to guard and protect the members of the count's family, to defend the Count and the seat of power of the county and to march in battle under the Count's banner.

Based in Markofstadt, we'll train alongside the town's militia, but will not interfere with their actions unless requested by the Count.