come see a beautifully illustrated lore book and listen to the story unfold

free beer and cavorting in our Kingdom Discord afterwards!!!

6/17/2017 5:12:43 AM #31

Looking forward to this! Can't wait to hear our story!!

I'm okay with being a little Waerd

6/17/2017 1:49:02 PM #32

Posted By Caracole at 10:12 PM - Fri Jun 16 2017

Looking forward to this! Can't wait to hear our story!!

looking forward to revealing it to you!

it will be this afternoon, and i'm still working on assembling the last page lol

6/17/2017 5:01:57 PM #33

Aw... And that's my fault @_@

6/17/2017 8:38:35 PM #34

Posted By Dleatherus at 7:17 PM - Tue Jun 13 2017

Posted By Primus Dedumo at 10:36 AM - Tue Jun 13 2017

I wonder who gets to sit on King D's lap and turn the pages?


i'm accepting requests from wenches above legal age of consent "P

I might volunteer as tribute..

In other words, I'll be there! Can't wait!

6/17/2017 11:07:48 PM #35

event starts in just under an hour from the timestamp of this post

6/18/2017 12:55:14 AM #36

Standing Ovation

What a show!


6/18/2017 1:26:17 AM #37

It was great! Thank you all for the event, I hope we have more of these in the future =D

And as said before, D's voice is the best for good night stories hahaha

6/18/2017 1:33:34 AM #38

This was a wonderful event, I am glad I attended. claps The story was fantastic, and the storytelling superb!

Nicely done D + team + Bordweall.

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

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