[APAC] County of Monozukuri

The County’s name, “Monozukuri” is a Japanese state of mind.
It means to have the spirit to produce not only excellent quality products but to also have the ability and drive to constantly improve the production system and it’s processes.
It is the “art, science and craft of making things"

Monozukuri is located within the Duchy of Lorandor in the Kingdom of Lor Voskara.

The Forge is Monozukuri’s Capital City, which is home to one of two Head Branches of The Wyrmberg Smithing Guild.
Monozukuri, The Forge and The Wyrmberg have shared ambitions, all striving to be known for technological advances and doing their part in helping to bring Lor Voskara a bright future.
Monozokuri will have a strong focus on R&D to develop new technologies, materials and crafting methods as well as improvements upon existing items.

The County hopes to be the hub of superior crafting for Lor Voskara, attracting merchants, producers and settlers wishing to make use of the availability of high quality items.
It will be based around cohesion, everyone working together for the betterment of all.
The producers supplying equipment in return for raw materials and food.
The farmers supplying food in return for protection and tools.
The gatherers supplying raw materials in return for tools, food and protection.
The warriors supplying protection in return for gear and food.
All professions are welcome though gatherers will be in the highest demand.

Monozukuri is a non-RolePlaying County. It is not encouraged but inhabitants are free to do so if they wish. It is also a non-PvP zone unless accepted as a friendly duel or as punishment to those committing crimes. The County has a strong law enforcement policy and all criminals will be punished to the full extent of the law or pushed to perma-death if they do not give up or move on.

If Monozukuri interests you or you have any questions, feel free to join The Wyrmberg’s discord and speak with Count Valegor or DM at Valegor#8192

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7/8/2017 11:51:34 PM #1

I have heard a lot about you Valegor and really look forward to working with you group at launch. As Lor Voskara will have first pick of Kingdom at Settlement Im sure your Crafting team will do well.

7/9/2017 1:37:13 AM #2

I've been looking forward to seeing what you will accomplish in game since the days of Carpentaria, good luck on your endeavors mate.

7/15/2017 3:08:03 AM #3

Thank you Shado8. We will strive for success wherever we end up being located, with whatever resources are available. I look forward to supplying you with all that you need.

Thank you Remios. I hope to accomplish much with both my County and the Guild and couldn't do it without the support of the APAC community as a whole. I wish you the best of luck with your pursuits in Aequitas as well.

Legendary Metallurgist. Loyal supporter of King Alerxius Xakorai.

7/23/2017 11:55:33 PM #4

Awesome post Valegor. I must admit a bit of envy, because while you got monozukuri, I ended up with dementia, but on the upside, ignorance is bliss!! (J/k)...

Awesome post Val...... oops, there's that dementia! :)

7/26/2017 9:46:52 PM #5

Very informative post Val!

When can I place my first order? :P

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