[APAC] County of Falkland

Server: Oceanus (APAC)

Kingdom: Tylsia

Duchy: Hartelione

Settlements: Panoga (County Seat)

Focus: Trade and Commerce | Primary and Secondary Industry

The History of Falkland

The county of Falkland was established by Aonghus Faulkner through his conquest of the region. Following the establishment of the county he chose to settle the site that would become the county seat, Panoga. Many years passed and the settlement of Panoga grew and prospered under his rule. With his best years behind him he named his son, Odo, as his successor.

Modern Falkland

When Odo succeeds Aonghus as count of Falkland he aims to build the county into a trade and commerce hub with Panoga at its centre and a focus on the primary and secondary industries supportable by Falkland and its surroundings as a foundation for growth within the region.

County Structure

Falkland will be ruled from Panoga by the count who will be advised by a council comprised of the count and each of the magistrates/barons/mayors and elected individuals residing within Falkland. This council will deal with matters that affect the county as a whole as well as the formation of laws for the county if Panoga becomes a city.

Current Player Organisations within Falkland


  • Azure Dawn
  • Falke Trading Company


  • Hartelione Tailors’ Guild


  • None at Present

Short Term Goals of Falkland

  • Maintain and improve infrastructure within the county. This would be achieved by constructing and maintaining basic locations between settlements for travellers to rest where viable as well as maintaining the roads establishing trade routes.
  • Catalogue and facilitate the gathering and supplying of finite and renewable resources within the region. Through exploration, mapping and infrastructure development we will utilise NPC/PC contracts to gather the resources within our county, providing them to the hands of merchants, craftsmen and the wider economy to facilitate both growth and production as the initial push behind our local economy.
  • Establish the core leadership of Falkland. We will achieve this by incorporating settlement councils, militias and representatives of the player organisations within Falkland to assist the council in dealing with any matters concerning the county as a whole.
  • Provide a platform for public communication. We will achieve this by erecting notice boards in each settlement (for recruitment, job offers, bounties, etc) and, if needed, a Discord server for the county.
  • Establish friendly relations with neighbouring counties and duchies within Tylsia. As a short term goal it would benefit trade, knowledge and our county’s reputation to lay the foundations with our neighbours early on.

Long Term Goals

  • Maintain established trade routes within the region and look into new trade routes.
  • Be on good terms with the wider kingdom and neighbouring kingdom counties depending on the political climate.
  • Stabilise the gathering and processing of finite and renewable resources within the county.
  • Have a consistent renewal process for resources such as wood, crops and livestock.
  • Provide a wide range of products and services at the settlement and county levels.
  • If the county seat becomes a city, implement local laws decided upon by the County Council to deal with regulation, safety and other issues which may be relevant to the stability and security of citizens and visitors.

Why Choose Falkland?

Because we aim to enter exposition with clear goals as part of Hartelione within the kingdom of Tylsia with the aim of becoming a trade focused county which would allow us to have a significant impact on our duchy, and potentially the kingdom at large. This will also facilitate jobs, social opportunities and player generated content.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the county or have any questions feel free to add myself on Discord or join any of the Discord servers linked below.

Count of Falkland: Odo Faulkner (Discord: Bonefork#1064)

Duchy Discord

Kingdom Discord

Count Odo Faulkner of Falkland, Hartelione, Tylsia

Friend Code: 64FFBD

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I approve of this positive county.

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Updated 2/2/18

Count Odo Faulkner of Falkland, Hartelione, Tylsia

Friend Code: 64FFBD

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Updated 10/9/18

Count Odo Faulkner of Falkland, Hartelione, Tylsia

Friend Code: 64FFBD

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