What do you look for in a King?

I've been wondering what others look for in a King or Queen and how my own views compare.

For those curious...

I would like to have a leader who cares more about the peasantry than the upper classes. I see leadership as more of a service than anything. I'm not looking for a meek leader however. The leader should be intelligent but mindful of the risks of corruption. They should use their intelligence to build a strong foundation and infrastructure for their kingdom, not to get one up on everyone they meet to satisfy their own egos.

I want a leader who values knowledge and lives over wealth, but still has the might to swat aside those who would seek to take advantage of the kingdom and its people.

I want a leader I'd be willing to go to extremes for, even sacrificing my own character's life and my real life money in order to keep them on the throne so that my next character will have a better life than the last. Not because the leader awards me for my personal sacrifice, but because they are still alive making the Kingdom a better place for all to live.

I want a leader willing to work hard and rise from nothing time and time again to get to the point where they can better serve as ruler. No one understands the struggle more than those who are repeatedly reforged in the fires of the struggle.

I'm an idealist. I don't take much stock in those who follow the cookie cutter path to power. I don't take any stock in those who fail to think for themselves and innovate. There is always a better way to go about doing something, so keep searching. This very game is founded on innovation and ideals, taking the hard and unbeaten path. If no leader, no King or Queen can live up to ideals and only live up to mundanity, then they are not the leader for me.

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Posted By Kaynadin at 1:54 PM - Wed Jul 19 2017

I need a hero I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night He's gotta be strong And he's gotta be fast And he's gotta be fresh from the fight I need a hero I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light He's gotta be sure And it's gotta be soon And he's gotta be larger than life! Larger than life

So want Bonnie Tylor for your Queen? You could do worse as she's still pretty good looking LOL.

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A person that does not micro manage everything, focus on the big picture. A person that knows how much wealth is needed but not greedy. And one who butt out my business or feel an axe

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It's good to be the King

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it double posted? nice ...

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Also in general with leaders: someone who's grounded but not afraid of the shitty parts of being a leader.

Both are pretty huge for me, but I think the first isn't being stressed enough: far too many are counting their eggs before they hatch, and seem to think they and their kingdom/duchy/whatever will be magically in a good position from day 1. Everyone will have to claw for their positions, and most will fail.

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A heart beat is always good

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As someone who is watching my guild on another game die a slow and painful death, I have several things that I feel make an effective leader.

I want a leader to be active in the game and the gaming community. I want them to be interested in the big picture, not just their own self interest. I want a leader who knows how to communicate, both in relaying information and listening to concerns. I want a leader who is not afraid to admit that there might be a better way and is willing to do what is necessary for the good of the game. The willingness to try and compromise is important. I want someone who is honest and respectful. There is something to be said about a leader who praises in public and gives suggestions for improvement in private. Yes, not berating but constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

I want a leader who is not afraid of making mistakes or admitting that they are human. I want a leader who knows when to be serious and when to have fun. I want a leader who doesn't have to 'tear down the competition just because they want to build up their own community'. That is not constructive or for the good of the game.

I want a leader to lead, inspire, and be someone that makes me want to play the game. Their enthusiasm is contagious. We have a while before we get to the game, but a good leader is the glue that holds the community together.

Yes, this leader may sound like a myth, but there are some leaders here in the CoE community who have the majority of these qualities.

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Deep pockets.

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I want a Ramsay Bolton for my king! Fear and blood rules kingdoms!

lol that'd be a pretty cool coat of arms. Fear and Blood

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The best king will be the one who has the best support staff.

When you're a king, there are so many matters, many of which so trivial that a human cannot pay attention to them. A King shouldn't try. He should hear of a barbarian horde in such and so, and nod to a Major, who wordlessly marches his men out and deals with it. Ideally, a King wouldn't even hear of the barbarian horde until either it had already sacked a County Seat or more / been dealt with. Everything is done by staff. Staff do everything. They should be paid fairly for their competence and to ensure loyalty (coups aren't cool).

Second good idea for a king: Re-Invest. You hold many lands and make a TON of money. You collect a ton of taxes. Operate a government with surplus, and spend on an as-needed basis through the years end. End with a full coffer and some extra bags of gold laying in the hall.

Then SPEND that gold on something. Something good. Something useful. Something that adds value to the kingdom and will in the 5 year plan result in measurable returns on investment. A quality toll road. An outpost. Patrols to clear the road of highway men. - Invest in a vineyard. The finest in all the kingdoms. Sell its vintage to foreign lords for a hefty profit. - Invest in a drydock. Create merchant sloops that can outrun any blockade and get your cotton to market in London. Buy the textile mills that make the sails and through vertical integration pay no-one elses' profit margin from timbers and fibers to finished vessel. - Invest in a publicly owned and managed natural reserve. Staff it with foresters and wardens to sustainable grow timber for your nation, and provide stocked hunting grounds for locals and vacationing lords alike.

Be an Industrial Capitalist King. Read how the steel barrons made it work, and how the mill riots their abuse caused killed thousands. Then, don't abuse the people who work day and night to ensure you're the richest man in the world.

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A heart beat is always good

Intelligent undead could work too.

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