County of Latheon

The county of Latheon and it's capital, Dawngard are lead by Dreamar Wulfcroft. As part of the WolfLands and intends to be Brudvir (ie. Taiga biome), but other tribes are very welcome. It is open to people of all focuses, to provide diversity to the county.

People of Latheon have a saying; Never Unprepared, this mentality helps drive them forward regardless of play style, to hone their skills. Be it combat, mercantile, gathering or crafting skills, all are important and ensure sustainability and success of the land.

Lands of Latheon

The town of Dawngard

Originally founded by a group of wandering hunters, the town of latheon was primarily husbandry based, focused on living in balance with the land.

Over time, the people changed and while they remains deeply connected to their past, it expanded and adapted to the ever changing landscape. Placing their roots, they named the town Dawngard, as homage to their past.

As they set roots, the Wulfcroft family realised that in order to ensure the survival of it's people they must always be prepared for the Winterswatch. In times of plenty, they reserved a portion of food, for times of scarcity, war and drought. their stores of Dawngard became a lifeblood for many as it worked to provide during such times.

The town of Helavendae

The people of Helavendae began as barbarians long ago. But after the time of the Blak bull learned that they must use a balance or brain and brawn to survive.

Helavendae is known for its unique style of education and training as well as its specialty trades of rare crafted goods.

Helavendae seeks to become a central point for the county’s education and entertainment; a beacon for crowds near and far.

If you're interested in joining or learning more about the county, feel free to join the Latheon Discord

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