Marriageable NPC's = A critical feature for the Dance of Dynasties.

Maybe this topic is outdated so please let me know if it is.

I was watching an old Q&A from back in the days when DM21 Gaming was still hosting them and I was struck by one particular detail that didn't really stand out to me at the time. Specifically, it was stated that it would not be possible to marry NPC's due to the fact that marriage was a social mechanic to encourage player interaction, etc.

Normally this wouldn't bother me, and it didn't at the time. However, since then I backed the kickstarter and have started approaching this game more and more from the perspective of a noble with geopolitical rather than interpersonal interests. Which is why I now have a new perspective on the issue.

The importance of marriage between noble families in medieval politics cannot be understated. It is a critical tool for succession, uniting houses, securing peace, and strengthening alliances. Any given noble house may not have enough players to inhabit every single member of that house. I believe it would be more beneficial and provide more options to players if they were able to arrange marriages contracts concerning their family members and children. These options would greatly open up the diplomatic and political game in the Dance of Dynasties. The interlocking family ties and access to child codes in certain lines of succession create numerous and interesting possibilities for player interaction and story.

Secondly, when a player enters the world they may enter an NPC that is already married. A player may wish, as well, to set up his future heir with an advantageous marriage before the player actually takes control of that character.

Lastly, I just feel the need to draw attention to this aspect of game-play because I feel it might accidentally be neglected. I don't have a lot of expectations for what the options will be at launch, but it might be a good idea for the community to start thinking about how politics works in a setting where inheritance and political power go hand in hand. Marriage, particularly for nobles, is a really big deal. It shouldn't be restricted to player with player only. It is called the "Dance of Dynasties" after all and a Dynasty is all about family.

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NPC marriages are allowed. This was updated along with many other details in the Dev Journal titled Down the Rabbit Hole.


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The politics will be interesting

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I am honestly curious about that.

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I'm really curious about dynastic marriage too, as a solution for a noble who may not necessarily have a ready pc spouse. I'm hoping to convince the wife to play but if she doesn't I don't really want to spend my game time trawling for a player partner to produce children with, it sounds kind of trashy.

I know that you can woo a tavern maid or whatever, which is fine for the peasants, but what about your dukes and kings? The king/ Queen can't trawl for ass in the local tavern and still expect to have a kingdom in the morning. What the king needs is to be able to marry the daughter/son of a duke or a prince or princess from a nearby kingdom, but without the need to charge over there every Saturday night for several weeks to take them flowers or out to dinner.

To summarise I want to know if you can promise your children as spouses to other families and vice versa, as would have happened in feudal times. Would it be possible for a duke to grant one of his counts his daughter's hand by way of her NPC code?

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I very glad that you can marry an NPC because to have children you need a spouse and to force every single person to find another real player to share everything seems like to much to force upon people. I for sure would not want to have to court real people online let alone making younger audience have to find other online people to be bonded with. I get making friends online and Im sure some people can gain that trust with another character but Im just glad its not a requirement

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I too am pleased about being able to marry NPCs. Just opens up options, which is something I tend to approve of. Plus, when the game first starts off, it may be slim picking with PCs for a little while.

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If my friend and I marry in game and produce two children - do I understand correctly those children will be the playable characters we will assume after we age and die ? And if I understand that correctly then that means the children we created are of course siblings so when we start playing those characters we will be brother /sister and not playing as a couple in that generation ?

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Incest would likely be an in-game law your kingdoms would have to manage. However if, you try and marry your NPC sister, the NPC might take offense to your romantic advances...or not depending on the tribe? Oh and you might have to change towns because incest might be a taboo there, but like I said, probably nothing going to stop you hard-coded into the game. Just soft coded making it more awkward.

Just like how I'm going to have multiple simultaneous partners until my Kingdom makes it illegal.