Hello and thank you for your considerate post and feedback!

Couple of topics here, but mostly we're talking about information, availability, ease of access, clarity and recency.

First, let me say there's no hidden information, but there is a known disconnect in synchronizing of information across all our mediums and we're working on a project to bring this up to speed more rapidly and be more accurate.

A lot of issues stems from early days of information being delivered out via multiple platforms but never concisely pulled into one stream. The community members over on the wiki have done a great job in controlling this information and keeping it consistent and verifiable where-ever possible.

Ultimately, all of this knowledge, (hopefully with the help of our upcoming Ambassador team who are well-versed in it) will be put into one of three places:

  • v3+ Website Game Guide
  • Support Knowledgebase (currently under construction)
  • Official Wiki

Lastly, we do agree that some content is dated and needs a refresh, and have plans in motion to make that a reality.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into this feedback, and thank you for the time you spent providing it to us.