Questions about death and Spirit Walking

Still trying to wrap my head around all the crazy things going on in this game. I have a few questions though.

1: After you die are there evil/neutral/helpful ghosts you can encounter while being dead?

2: Can you fight other spirits while being dead?

3: Can you fight other players while being dead?

4: Are there deities or gods that you can encounter while Spirit Walking?

5: Can you gain quests or items while Spirit Walking back to your corpse?

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Not sure any of these have ever been answered, we know that there will be a plane walking talent which will allow a player to join another in their spirit walk and help them, but aside from that details of what challenges will be faced during the spirit walk appear to have been intentionally left vague for us to discover when we encounter it. Several times when asked about details of spirit walking and an afterlife in Q&As the devs have chosen to not answer to allow it to be discovered during gameplay.

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It just seemed like it would be a strange waste of a death mechanic if there was no risk in getting back to your corpse or that you would need a guide to get back even with the spirit cord thing.

It just seems like inside the spirit walking realm that to become a lich you would need to go there in order to get loots or kill things in order to unlock that talent.

Though it would be super grief heavy if you incomp someone and then spirit walk and grief them again.

But at the same time it could be cool if religions offered spirit walking abilities or to join spirit families or that being good, peaceful, or neutral would have some kind of consiquence in death based off your choices in life and the types of spirits you could face there that could help or hinder you even if they could not kill your spirit.

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8/5/2017 1:41:22 AM #3

Nothing has been released or really hinted at, yet, I get the feeling that you may may not be by yourself on you Spirit Walk. Once upon a time it was hinted that a Talent may exist to aid others on the Spirit Walk by helping them avoid pitfalls and delays. I have no idea of what that means though it would surely be a huge waste of a mechanic.

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8/5/2017 1:59:33 AM #4

When asked casually in chats it seems like something they would maybe want to implement (interactions while spirit walking) but not something planned as of now.

Kind of an "it would be cool if" thing.


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Can't really tell if I like or dislike this whole thing where the developers drip feed content to their audience. Then again, I do rather like it a lot at the same time.

Anyways, I feel like spirit walking would kinda be a rather trivial feature if there weren't specific interesting things you could accomplish while doing so. I feel that being an undead lich would definitely require spirit walking though. Because, you know, "undead."


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