The Extent of Technology

So, I'm sure I can watch the world advance in technology, but to what end? Does it end? Does it stop when we finally create bolt action rifles of does it continue? Can we have an inter-internet? Can we eventually reach futuristic technology?

Gundam? Memes? Movies? Old Spice Commercials?!

I am creating Old Spice commercials either way

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Gundam? Memes? Movies? Old Spice Commercials?!

Memes my friend are eternal. They've been with us since before the first furry carved a dude with a lion head and a huge knob. I'm certain 'get a horse' 'I love my wife' and 'killroy was here' could make huge comebacks. I hope they do.

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Caspian has said that it will be possible to achieve an industrial or steampunk era of technology by the end of the ten year story. This could include early, unreliable firearms and zeppelins but not airplanes. If the game is successful enough and the Devs feel that they have more ideas, the game could be extended or a sequel produced, which would take us even further, but they might instead want to make something new at that point.

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Let's all be honest here. We're definately going to make memes, if only like the romans did. Trust me, give me a sling and I will carve "your mother is a whore" on them before I pelt you with them.

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