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My name Carlos and I usually go by "Elaina Strongbow" or some variant of Elaina in games. Long time UO player and currently a Shroud of the Avatar player. Friend of mine showed me this on his stream and I really liked where this game is going. So I've ponied up as a Settler and look forward to joining you fine folks in game!

As a side note: I am a Twitcher/YouTuber. On YouTube I've been doing a lot of tutorial videos for Shroud. If all goes well here, I hope to add it to the catalog of videos I create as well.

See ya all around! ~~Elaina

8/13/2017 9:15:58 AM #1

Welcome to the comunity when you get a chance read this it will answer alot of the questions you may have about the game.

also a ex UO player which is why this game was so exciting for me as it seems like the legitimate successor in some ways as well as a expansion on the idea and concepts of UO which makes it unique

have you decided what server you will be playing on ?

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8/13/2017 12:06:52 PM #2


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