The Barony of Wolfsbane

Nestled in the Swampy wetlands stand towering castle walls, within these walls you find a tavern, but this isn't an ordinary tavern, it's the most grandous tavern you've ever laid your eyes upon. Upon entry, you ask the barkeep for information on where you are, "You youngins always losing your way. You are in the Alchemist's Tavern, Foolish one. It's a wonder how you've made it so far into the swamps not knowing where you are, this is Wolfsbane, a barony known for it's deadly flora and cultivating the most toxic substances known to mann. Where the deadly blades of the Bloodswords get their bite. Now are you going to stand there in bewilderment or are you going to have a drink? Maybe I could interest you in a room?

Barony Information

County: Ostingale

Duchy: Drakeolm

Kingdom: Blackheart

Biome/Climate: Swampy Wetlands; The tropical home of the Dras

Size: Keep/Stronghold eventually a Castle (TBA at land selection)

Contact: Pm Barri or Barricuda#0001 on discord

Focus: Alchemy and Toxicology, Wolfsbane's primary focus is in cultivating the most deadly Diseases and Toxins known to Mannkind. To arm ourselves, The Bloodswords, and The Queen's Talons with the most viral weapons in Elyria.

Seeking: Guilds, Alchemists, Smiths, Animal Trainers, Archers, Soldiers, Anyone.

We treat every member of our barony as blood, vital to our survival we are bound to serve each other. We will put as much effort into your dreams as we do into our own for we know that prosperity is gained as a group. Our barony supports every trade and people from every walk of life. No skill would go unused and everyone in the barony will be a part of something larger. A Team, a Family, a Town. We are strong, as we are together.

Menn and Womenn of all trades and talents are welcomed with open arms and friendly gestures. If you want to start a guild, open a business, join a guild, trade, or create things of wonders; whatever your objective is, we want to see you achieve it. No, we want to help you achieve it. Let us be a part of your story.

Organizations in Wolfsbane

The Drakeolm Address


Suppliers, Producers, Explorers, and Warriors; Your hard work and persistence pays off in the end. But when thieves descend upon your home while you're gathering or distributing goods, while you're long away on an adventure of epic proportions, or while you're hammering your greatest efforts into the fires of a forge. Just know, Blackheart is here protecting you. We will defend your wealth and your lives like our own. We will lay down our time and effort to protect yours. This is the way of blood, for we together are one kingdom, one organism; and like you can't prosper without our efforts, we can't function without yours. Our labors to protect you, in the end, protect the whole. Your livelihood will not be swept out from under your feet. Years of effort will not disintegrate in mere moments, leaving you with nothing but taxes in your palms. We are one, we are blood, We are Blackheart.

Suppliers, Miners, Lumberjacks, Farmers, Hunters, Gatherers of all kinds; your labors in the mines, or the forests, plains and fields, will not be ignored. We will be with you guarding you, protecting you, your work, and your home, and you will be with us. You'll be with us in the stone we craft into walls, the wood that makes up our houses, the metal we wear in battle. You will always be with us and we will always be with you.

Producers, Smiths, Alchemists, Masons, Chefs, Anyone who turns raw materials into goods worthy of selling; Your services will never go without compliments. You slave away to create marvelous beauty out of our stone, to process our foods into succulent meals fit for gods, you beat metals into our swords and armours. You enable us to protect you, you enable us to survive. And to thank you for that; we will always be with you, goods or sword in hand, like you and your crafts are always here for us.

Explorers, Cartographers, Adventurers, Bounty hunters, traveling Merchants; Those of you who travel the lands in your efforts to survive. You may not be home but you are still with us, and we are with you. You're the part of our body that fights off infection and delivers nutrients, you fight off threats that can fester and spill into our organs, you bring home goods and trades, and you chart the lands and organize passages for the whole of us. We protect your home, your travels, and provide you with a safe in our strongholds. We provide your travels with safety with our routing patrols so you can provide us with nutrients, allowing you to walk city to city along side our elite warriors. We will open our Castle's safes to you, so you can leave on a yearlong journey to track untold riches, knowing well that your taxes and family wealth is in an impenetrable location. We will guard your home, like we guard our home, for your hearth is what connects you to civilization.

Warriors, Mercenaries, Assassins, and Thieves; You too are just as important to us. You work along side the talented and the most elite fighters in all of Elyria to protect us and our livelihood, and we will supply you for your efforts. You and the decorated veterans with tens of thousands of hours of experience fend off those those who wish to create chaos and intrude on our crafts, and we will create greatness for you. You sulk through enemy fortifications providing intel and creating chaos, giving our advantage and thus safety in our warfare.

Every trade, every person makes up the organism that is Blackheart. We are all blood, we are all supporting each other, and we are all working together to reach above greatness. We are already great, and we can do better. Join Blackheart today, become blood and become part of a society that cares for you.

In Sanguine Nos, Baron Aleister Von Barri

Laws in Wolfsbane

  1. Follow all Kingdom, Duchy, and County laws.

  2. Plant two trees for every tree cut down, plant 2 herbs for every herb uprooted. 2-a. This is only applies to wild or unowned plants, when farming on your own land this law is void.

More to discuss throughout MUD, KoE, Alpha, Beta, and expo.

Programs of Wolfsbane

  1. Project Fortify Blackheart - A croudsourced, contribution-based campaign aimed to bring fortifications to every contributing township in Blackheart beginning with those that contribute the most to the cause.

  2. Project Redcloak - A reserves unit and an autonominous, OPC driven patrol route aimed to secure routes between every city, town, and village in Ostingale County, Drakeolm Duchy, and eventually all of Blackheart. It utilizes a reward system to compensate players and NPCs for spending one third of their offline time patroling.

Contacts & Links

Drakeolm Duchy Post - Coming Soon

Kingdom of Blackheart Post

Kingdom of Blackheart Discord

Drakeolm Duchy & Ostingale Discord

Contact Barri either here or in PM, or contact Barricuda#0001 on discord or one of the discord channels provided for any inqueries.

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Drakeolm Duchy Gateway

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Mors Ex Tenebris!

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Such a beautifully crafted post. :}


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And those directory buttons! Holy fudge cakes!


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In Tenebris Nos!

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A Bump for a friend, and a bump for a Drake

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Drakeolm is recruiting!

Join us and we will sing songs about Myrkul, the Lord of Bones.

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Barri has been doing some killer work lately! If you haven't checked out this Barony you damn sure should!

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Returning the favor for a friend!

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Love the post Barri! you do great work

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Posted By Faclondor at 2:11 PM - Tue Apr 09 2019

Love the post Barri! you do great work

Thank you my friend!

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All encompassing and professional presentation. For the bloodswords!

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'Plant two trees for every tree cut down, plant 2 herbs for every herb uprooted. 2-a. This is only applies to wild or unowned plants, when farming on your own land this law is void.'

I like it. This should be taken seriously. It will greatly improve our territory and we will all benefit from it.

Great post as well my friend.

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As a member of The Scourge, I always look to having a nice place to rest when possible while on the road tracking down the enemies of the queen. I look forward to this Alchemist's Tavern you speak of.

I also look forward to perusing was sorts of concoctions you have that may aid me in my endeavors. This may become a regular stop.

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In regards to the conservationist ideology. What if the goal for minerals and stone?

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