Freya's Battle Companions

(NA-W) Freya's battle companions

Headquarters: Falkenskiold

Freya's Battle Companions, based in Falkenskiold, is a 2 part operation. One side is the breeding of specialty animals for accomanyment into battle or dangerous areas. These creatures will include War Trison, War Hounds, and Battle Cats. The other side is the breeding of all other animal species found in Elyria, to prevent extinction of some, and to feed people with others.

FBC is currently recruiting anyone interested in assisting with the maintenance of the animal population, feeding people, and providing mounts and companions to our warriors/travelers. Our goal is to tame, breed and (if applicable) train every species of animal in Elyria so that future generations may continue to enjoy the same creatures we do. And so we can eat, because that's super important, too. For more information, please contact Ylva#5581 or join our discord.

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5/14/2019 3:55:04 AM #1

Hope to be able to trade some stock and bloodlines with you to further both of our inventories of the finest coursers and trisons!

Long live the Queen!

Drakeolm is recruiting!

5/14/2019 3:56:34 AM #2

Drakeolm Duchy Gateway

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