Kingdom: Blackheart

Duchy: Drakeolm

County: Veikryss

Magistrate: Ylva Ulfdraugr

Atmospheric Tunes

Horns blared and drums pounded in the early morning stillness. Asleep in her furs, Ylva groaned and rolled over, the noise barely disturbing her, or the two battle cats sleeping beside her. Her husband, Erik, came in, a 7 foot whirlwind of death and muscle. "Wake up woman!" He called as he reached out to smack her bottom. One of the cats, startled awake, hissed and swiped at Erik, but missed and decided to launch himself at the large man instead. "Call off your blasted cat before I call Fenriir in here to eat him!" Ylva sat up and rubbed her bleary eyes. "Leave your hound out if this. Bygul, letta." Ylva looked at Erik, What's going on?" She mumbled to her husband. "Today we pack, my love!" He roars exuberantly. "The Clan's seers have determined that is it time for us to leave these cursed lands for more prosperous ones. In 3 days time, we set sail!" Ylva's eyes opened wide in surprise. "Truly? But where do we sail to?" "To the only land that would fit our dark souls, of course! We go to Drakeolm, of Blackheart!" Erik declared.

Now, many months later, Ylva and her husband are settled in the Duchy of Drakeolm. The Clan of HammerBull has claimed a large portion of land they call the Grand County of Stenhus. Ylva has been given the honor of running a city, which she calls Falkenskiold

Falkenskiold is a mostly Viking town where we want to assist others in their conquests. Our main goal is to provide clothing, shoes, food, and animal companions suited for battle. We also have two guild branches (so far) in our town. One is for training healers, which can be helpful whether it's for saving casualties of war, or for fixing your work related injuries. On the other, slightly less conquest minded, hand, we also have a breeding guild, which will have two sub sections. One for breeding beasts for war, and the other for keeping the general animal population from dwindling (and breeding more family friendly pets). (see Whispering Mother Healing Guild, and Freya's Battle Companions.). We also are home to the College of Fine Fares, where we hope to create the most delightful delicacies, from pastries and pastas to meads and ales.

For anyone looking to settle in Falkenskiold, you will be welcome to join my clan (HammerBull) though it is not required. Whether you choose to or not will have no bearing on how you are treated. If you come to my town, you become my people, and I take care of my people. We will have a council of elders to keep things fair, and when it comes to lawbreakers, they will be punished swiftly and severely. This town is to be one of trade and prosperity, and we have no time or tolerance for those who would disrupt the climb to success.

I hope to see many folks find their dreams actualized in Falkenskiold. We are currently welcoming any and everyone to our town, but would love to see some architects, brewers, cooks, and other craftsmen (or women) come and ply their trades in our town. We also welcome adventurers, and will have plenty to keep you busy, should you choose to visit.

For more info please feel free to contact Ylva#5518, or join our discord.

For more of our backstory, feel free to check out Clan Hammberbull. And, please, we love to talk! Come visit the clan in Stenhus Discord.

“You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.”-Rose Tyler Friend Code B72707

8/30/2017 3:49:09 PM #1

Glad you're a part of us, Ylva.

8/31/2017 11:32:57 AM #2

can this thread be moved to the domain forum please this is a GD forum for the server

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9/2/2017 7:16:27 PM #3

Well Done.

Mayor of the City of Widow's Reach, Thane of Clan Hammerbull

9/2/2017 9:10:09 PM #4

Your spirit, your quickness makes us stronger Ylva. We are honored to have you and Erik in our Family.

We shall continue to grow by the day!

9/2/2017 9:11:58 PM #5


4/15/2019 2:08:04 AM #6

Hammerbull sounds to be where I'd like to call home. Cant wait to see us grow!

4/20/2019 6:44:54 AM #7

So proud to see the new faces popping up in discord

“You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.”-Rose Tyler Friend Code B72707

4/23/2019 1:18:51 AM #8

Long live you!

4/25/2019 12:46:31 AM #9

More and more new faces every day, as we all get anxious for new news.

5/4/2019 4:13:36 AM #10

Wow there have been some great updates! As your count your passion for the community and your citizens makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

5/6/2019 2:49:15 AM #11

A healing guild you say? I may have need of a companion with such a skill. The life of a member The Scourge, hunting down The Queen's enemies, can be a dangerous task at times. Yes, a companion trained in the art of healing would be a most welcome fit in my crew and thus making Veikryss an important stop on my journeys.

5/14/2019 12:53:46 AM #12

Ylva, a longstanding sister of the Collective. We're proud to call you Battle sister, and look forward to your settlement growing.

5/14/2019 3:57:43 AM #13

Drakeolm Duchy Gateway

Drakeolm is recruiting!

7/17/2019 5:04:16 PM #14

As our oldest Battle Sister, you have inspired us to be better people in games and out of them. I am truly thankful to have met you and Erik, I thankyou for your time. May we do great things together.

9/8/2019 10:10:46 PM #15

Great post Ylva, I can't wait to work alongside you and Batraz in CoE.

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