The Great City of Kreuzstadt



Kreuzstadt is a large settlement founded by the effort of three great houses, led by three great knights. The population is a mixture of Neran and Brudvir, and is notable for it’s commonly mixed race citizens, of entirely Neran and Brudvir descent. The town maintains two layers of walls, the outer protecting farms and fields, then the inner protecting commerce and government buildings. The three families are known to honorably disagree now and again between the members but are always united against exterior forces in diplomacy and in military matters.

The settlement is run by the three families, all taking action to ensure it’s stability and success. In the current day, the heads of the major families are Wieland Grossschmied, River Sudderland, and Claus Ulvoyne. Each attempt to live up to the legends of their ancestors, as well as encouraging others to act out their own great feats within the Knights of Kreuzstadt, a knightly order based around the three families and each member’s own heroism.

In regards to military, the Kreuzstadters frown upon the renting of their own out as mercenaries, and only allow their men to march out in the name of the families, their royalty and kingdom. However it’s locally considered very prestigious to be in it’s military, and it’s not unheard of for warriors who prove their valor to be raised to nobility in the local society.

Although the settlement is run by its major families, there are lower houses that are noteworthy. Each of these houses vies for the support of the higher families to advance their own wishes and status within Kreuzstadt. Some of them have been around since times of legend, some have only risen to power in recent years. Nonetheless, these houses still hold some sway the hold of Kreuzstadt. Today they are headed by Defaeco Nemanja, and Aswic Vospers.

The Sudderland, the Bronze Bears. Legend has it they were founded by Marwyn the Giant, a man of large stature who wrestled bears to earn his wealth. Marwyn then went on to help lay the groundwork for future generations under his house, taking the bear as his sigil for the beasts he put down with his fists to earn his renown. The family is commonly known for their influence in the town guard and ownership of multiple, and successful, businesses. The Sudderland have remained an influential family in Kreuzstadt for generations as both great knights as well as sound investors in the local businesses in Kreuzstadt. Their family traditionally holds the title of The Bronze Knight of Kreuzstadt.

The Grossschmied, the Silver Hands. The house of the Grossschmied was founded by Frederik Grossschmied, the first Silver Knight, who dedicated himself to the goal of surpassing all others, and becoming the smith of the gods, in life, he failed to accomplish this goal, instead amounting to a smith of regard within the settlement of Kreuzstadt. His descendants honor him before any other, regarding him as if he managed to succeed in his goal. All men of the house are expected to have gained some mastery of smithing before adulthood, those who fail to do so are disqualified as potential heads of the family, and honorably dedicate their lives to the protection of Kreuzstadt, forfeiting all claims to the family holdings. Their family traditionally holds the title of The Silver Knight of Kreuzstadt.

The Ulvoyne, the Golden Wolves. The founder of House Ulvoyne, Dandar the Manwolf, who was said to lead a pack of wolves into battle. All former fathers of House Ulvoyne were great heroes, known to be practicing duelists, strategists and would challenge many nobles in the spirit of heroism and honor. Their family traditionally holds the title of The Golden Knight of Kreuzstadt.


The Nemanja, the White Eagles. The origins of the house’s sigil originated from the founder, Volk Nemanja, who was a renowned commander long ago. When hunting, his companion of choice would be his snow white eagle. It is said that this eagle saved Volk’s life during his last hunting expedition, where Volk was unknowingly flanked by an incredibly poisonous snake. Alas, the eagle lost its life to save its master. From then on, his eagle would be venerated for its gallantry and courage - traits that are made tradition in the house of Nemanja. They traditionally associate with the Ulvoyne.


The Vospers, the Grey Cranes, are said to be descended Jae the Sharp, a recurring minor figure in Kreuzstadt folklore, renowned for his shrewd mercantile practices and sheer intellect. Jae dedicated himself to furthering the development of his business and amassing a fortune which received note from some of the most prominent figures in the realm, and was knighted as the first Green Knight of Kreuzstadt for his heroism. However, his wealth would be taken from him by those very same figures, prompting him to take up his chosen arms to face them in an honorable single combat, unfortunately succumbing to his wounds from multiple duels. After his death, much of his fortune was lost to his household workers, thieves, and businesses failing without his presence. What the family did retain has been used every since to help keep them in a minor noble position within Kreuzstadt. The family is commonly known to engage in large, successful business ventures, and to demonstrate an aptitude for literature, finance, and dueling. This family is traditionally associated with the Grossschmied.



Kreuzstadt is being put together by a group of friends, three purchasing the barony role and the rest getting supporting roles to build our town. We intend to transfer land/titles to one of our members to begin with a larger sized settlement. With much work we hope to further increase in size. We haven’t decided on a Kingdom to be under just yet, and haven’t had many interactions with Kings, Dukes, or Counts. We plan on following the religion of the Kingdom we are located in. If anyone is interested in housing our great city, please post below or directly message GoldenKnight.


Note; These are just tales for Kreuzstadt, completely for roleplay purposes.

The Legend of the Black Knight

The Black Knight is called upon in the most dire of times, and is said to do what those who are good cannot. The Black Knight was said to be a ruthless, honorless foe. All great houses must come together to summon The Black Knight from his tomb, and must fight together to force him back into his grave. The last Black Knight was summoned many years ago, when Kreuzstadt was in grave danger from foreign invaders. The Black Knight was rumored to have snuck behind enemy lines and kill the barbarian chieftain leading the invasion against his people...after he culled the invaders, he did not stop his massacre once the invaders left, and begun killing the other Great Knights. It eventually came down to him and the three knights of the great houses, The Golden Knight, The Silver Knight, and the Bronze Knight- they encountered him outside of his tomb where The Black Knight challenged them all for his freedom, after a long battle... The Black Knight was forced back into his tomb, and has been sealed in ever since then...

The Marwyn the Giant, The Bronze Bear

Marwyn the Giant was a man of large stature, who was a man of adventure as he marched across the continent carrying only what he needed to survive, and a bronze helmet. He explored many lands and temporarily lived in many regions, before finally deciding the settle down in what is now known as Kreuzstadt. In those days, there was nearly nothing in the surrounding region other than a few farmers and the wildlife. After spending months exploring his new home, Marwyn then decided he would take residence alongside the farmers, working odd jobs and assisting in farm work. Due to his large size, he was extremely useful to the locals, and even made enough to support a small drinking habit. One day, he approached a tavern a city over, and as he walked in two men were slamming their fists into each other. The on-lookers and drunkards all turned as the giant of a man entered the room briefly before turning back to the fighting men. Left and right, from wall to wall people were cheering on the fight as they placed bets and shouted in support of their fighter. Marwyn imagined that this would be a good way to bring wealth to his new home. He glanced around and demanded to be next to fight, but everyone stayed silent and the two men fighting stopped in shock at seeing the giant requesting a fight. “Fight you? You’d have better luck finding a bear to fight you than anyone here, you’re massive!” shouted someone from the crowd. Marwyn knew it to be a joke, but turned around and walked out in search of a bear anyways. After much search, he came across multiple dens not far from his home. For the next few weeks to months, Marwyn began construction of a small arena to fight these beasts in. Many onlookers who crossed through the extremely small settlement witnessed the man constructing his ring, and eventually saw it come together. Whenever someone passed, they’d ask what he was doing, and he would not respond. Finally as it was completed, Marwyn returned to the many taverns he once visited, and spread the news of what he had constructed and told them what he intended to do. Many would look at him confused at the mention of bears and beasts, some would question it. In the coming days, many showed up to see if the story was true. A giant of a man fighting bears for coin? Betting his own life against the savagery of such beasts? It was too far fetched to be true. One by one more men showed up, and each of them bringing coin to bet, valuables, local nobles with jewels even. No one knows for sure how Marwyn obtained his first bear, but it’s believed that he had the assistance of the locals on trapping it. The first fight went well, Marwyn pinned the bear’s paws and smashed his bronze helmet covered head directly into it’s jaw. The crowd cheered at the sight of the man with bear claw wounds pinning the bear and knocked it unconscious, beating everyone's doubts on his strength and stamina. Then came the second fight, the third, and fourth. The crowd was shocked and in the first night, the man known as the Bronze Bear, for the helmet he wore and the beasts he fought, had made a small fortune. He continued his bear fighting for months, once a week many would flock from surrounding towns and villages to see the giant fight the bear. Time and time again he would claim victory, until he eventually decided to retire. He took down his arena, and used the wood and stone from it to expand the size of his house, and opening his own tavern for the businesses he once spent much time enjoying himself. Rightfully, he named it “The Bronze Bear,” and passed it down in his family, and it has remained in the Sudderland family ever since bringing wealth and continuing the legend of Marwyn ‘the Giant’ Sudderland.

More legends will be posted as players complete their own feats and acts of heroism or write backstories.

All will be edited as more information is established by the leading three

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