February 8th Q&A Stream - Ask Questions Here

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Monday, February 8th is our weekly Live Chat. I'll be on DM21 Gaming's YouTube channel where BicycleWalrus will be asking the questions and I'll be answering them! Live!

Please use this forum topic to post your questions for the Live Chat. We may not answer all of them, but we'll do the best we can.


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2/8/2016 4:50:59 PM #1

Q1. We have already seem some of the animal inhabitants of Elyria, but can you give us some hints of any others we might meet?

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2/8/2016 4:51:11 PM #2

1: Is it possible to purchase "claims" that give you the right to settle a piece of unclaimed land legally? Example: I buy 2 "claims" then I travel in the wilderness, find my perfect plots and use the "claims" to legally own the land instantly.

2: Will there be salt water, fresh water, contaminated water, stagnant water, etc? Or will all water be same(drinkable)?

3: Will we be able to transport live fish and put them into a new body of water "stocking" that lake or pond for future harvesting?

2/8/2016 4:52:18 PM #3
  1. Will there be any UI for counts/dukes etc. to keep track of paid tax that way, or will people hold in game records over such things.

  2. Would it be easy for a king to remove his counts or dukes to make room for his "friends". What are in place to stop this.

  3. Will npcs react to the clothing people are wearing? say a queen arrives at a ball dressed in full armour, will they then spread negative gossip about her.

2/8/2016 4:53:40 PM #4

Q1. Seeing how the new carnivorous leporidae was posted under the name "Canis rabbit", does that perhaps mean you don't have an actual name yet? Or perhaps, like cities, that the community can decide on the names of beasts in Elyria?

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2/8/2016 4:55:26 PM #5

Q1. Do you see animals ever being able to become 'work' animals such as horses to till the land? Or the more famous theory of using mammoths to help build the pyramids; what sort of ideas do you have for those scenarios?

Q2. Will animals also contain genetics just like Mann or will their system be much different?

Q3. Will we have some sort of interface when we find an item to decide what to do with it, like picking it up moving it or examining it? What are the vague limits on what we are able to do for this if it's a thing?


2/8/2016 5:01:45 PM #6
  1. Are there pearls? If so, can we make jewelry out of them or attach strings of pearls (or just individual pearls) to clothing that we make?

  2. Can you explain how customizable we can get when embroidering or adding frills/lace to a dress? Can I decide to put it anywhere I want or will there be designated areas to put it?

  3. Is there any level of customization to jewelry-making? Other than being able to choose what color gem gets put in it?

2/8/2016 5:05:20 PM #7

1 - We already know that animals don't just "spawn" back after killing them, but can we exactly "turn" our countryside into a Fallout realm void of life because we drove them all extinct?

2 - How "strong" and "intelligent" will common animals actually be? I mean, can you start of your hunter life by going out to kill a pack of wolves, or will a single wolf be hard a challenge on itself?

3 - Will the game's AI "evolve" in reaction to us when it comes to animals and such? Example: if alot of hunters kill wolves in X area, will they wolves either move to other places OR get smarter and come up with new tactics?

2/8/2016 5:11:04 PM #8

Can you toss items to each other? If someone is disarmed in a fight can you toss them one of your an extra weapons?

Will there be an animation for switching clothes or does items just appear on you?

2/8/2016 5:11:23 PM #9

Q1. If you choose a NPC family (Non-Traditional Family) will you have full access to all their assets including their money and items and do you invision a scenario where this can be exploited? ie. choose a rich noble, raid the assets, make a will, die and pass along the spoils to your next life, and repeat?

Q2. It was mentioned that there might (wink wink) be mythical creatures in the game. Do you see them being tamed at some point (riding a griffon or a minotaur as a pack animal) or will their presence be for lore, possible foes or mere landscape fluff?

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2/8/2016 5:15:44 PM #10

Q1. Is there make up in the game? And if so how does applying make up work?

Q2. You mentioned clothes that are restricted to certain genders. What would be examples of male clothing that females couldn't wear?

Q3. Can we get a divorce in the game? How would that work when it comes to dividing up property/children/etc?

2/8/2016 5:17:37 PM #11

I am just a PvP junkie.

  1. Will you be able to be a jack of trades in PvP? As in, can I switch from my two handed sword, exit melee range and pull out my bow for a few arrows and then switch back?

  2. Is there friendly fire?(please say yes)

  3. Will different weapons have different swing speeds/range?

2/8/2016 5:24:19 PM #12
  1. Implicit contracts and exploits - Will it be possible for a player to become king of an area and create laws that force other players to join his/her family or be an outcast and legally killable?

  2. Crests and Family Heirlooms - Will each player family be able to create their own crest and add it to things like equipment, contracts, buildings, etc.?

  3. City Farming - Will it be possible/practical for a small-plant dependent professional (IE Alchemist, Medicine maker, poison maker, etc) to have small, inner city gardens connected to their property?

Hope it helps...

2/8/2016 5:26:14 PM #13

Q1. When disarmed does your weapon physically drop to the ground? Q2. If the weapon physically drops to the ground, Who has ownership of that weapon? I refer to the court case Finders Keepers v. Losers Weepers

2/8/2016 5:27:52 PM #14

Q1: Concerning Siege Engines, in particular trebuchet's/catapult's/etc... what types of things can we fire out of them? eg can we fire players? (Player + Glider + Trebuchet = drool)

or something less extreme like firing people over castle walls from a catapult ala Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

2/8/2016 5:33:48 PM #15

1) will your body have ragdoll phsyics if it is unconsious, in spirit walk and permadead

2) will not just your body but onjects have weight to them? So for example a big stone ball used for trebuchets could that physically plow through a house or will it shatter and cause HP damage instead?

3) Now that the beastiary of Elyria (non-magical) now includes the Ursaphant and Canis Rabbit what other real world animal meshes (if there are more to come) will be introduced, could you show perhaps one more?