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Allgemeines zur Grafschaft

Count : Cassim von Daske

Maincity of the County : Seaport Daske

Liege : Duke Ulrich Wirtenberg

Of course I could now write several pages with text about how the county will look like, which places and landmarks you might find in the area and others, but fact is that as long as the land selection was not done this effort would have simply little meaning in the end. That is why I will wait with this creative phase until after the land selection.

However there are some parts that are already known. For example the county will be part of the Duchy Wirtenberg which is part of the Kingdom of Arkadia. Also I will try to place the county at the coast with the seaport Daske as its main settlement, which will promote trade and prosperity for all its inhabitants.

As this undertake surely will not be small one, fellow campaigners are welcome. Here as well I could provide you with a huge list of needed professions but truth is that all is needed. From a simple adventurer to a baron and mayors to govern one of the 4-5 settlements I plan to have in Daske.

I am positive that there will be enough space for many interesting ideas you might come up so let me know about it and we can discuss it.

Guilds that are supported by the County of Daske


The written word is one of the most important inventions and a needed tool when it comes to trading and knowledge exchange. Due to this the County of Daske supports the INKDOT GUILD (Tintenklecksgilde) and search for competent writers and scholars willing to work within the county.

  • Needed equipment and workspaces will be subsidize as far as possible

I am free to discuss details if other guilds and groups are interested to open an branch within Daske.

11/18/2017 2:24:09 AM #1

Good luck with your project! As count, I'm looking forward trading with your county and make our lands and people flourish!

11/24/2017 12:30:09 PM #2

Very nice post wish you the best for your county.

11/25/2017 5:00:30 PM #3

I wish you the best for your county, maybe we will work together in the future.

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