[NA-W] The County of Windrose

Calling all Tailors!

Windrose County

Home to the greatest artisans the world has known, whose county seat is planned to be the cornerstone of our region, the County of Windrose is open to all who seek an adventurous foray into the unknown. Our greatest strides will be to ensure that new adventurers and daring craftsman (currently we are recruiting for the textile industry) have an exciting and diverse region to delve into, a beautiful and dynamic home to come back to, and a supportive network of people that celebrate those endeavors and provide avenues for new and exciting adventures in Elyria.

Kingdom: Valyria

Duchy: The King's Duchy

Capital: Svellaros

Count: Magvad Yernbosque

Our Mission:

We seek to be a cultural crossroads for the community. We seek to promote our own unique identity as a land filled with adventure. We seek to have the means and strength to protect that identity from those who grow hungry for our treasures. If we cannot achieve these goals and maintain them, then we will try and try again.

Our Setting:

Set in the fertile lands of the Kingdom of Valyria, the forests break way to the golden rose, of Svellaros City. The inner walled complex surrounded by farms filled with all manner of flowers and dyes. In this transition from the wilds lies the possibilities of all manor of character, from scholars visiting from the academies in the captial to the stoic and devoted members of our great military. We are positioned at a unique crossroads between the King's capital and the most fruitful trade location on the continent. This position secures that we will have a very diverse group of people who will be walking our streets and investing in our region.

We have guilds focusing on the building of the greatest of coliseums, tavern owners dedicated to creating Inns that double as storied dungeon crawling experiences, artisans providing the highest quality textiles in the land, and adventuring guilds seeking to scour the world in search for all manor of unique treasures and monster in hopes to bring home that treasure and inspire our people.

The county itself will be one interconnected fabric that acts as the perfect backdrop for your experience in Elyria. We seek to ensure each location near you has a unique identity and a draw to it that promotes community and kinship from the ground up.

Our End Goal:

Our end goal for the region will be to have a classic adventuring experience with a central hub and no matter what direction from the Windrose you walk you will find a deep and interesting adventure waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed.

Who are we seeking?

As a community we are focused more on the creation of the ideal place to enjoy Chronicles of Elyria. Our primary goal as a region will to be support the creation of story and content that will keep our members excited and interested in what will happen next.

Content Creators: People who seek to create narratives, unique locations, unique styles and add to the greater unfolding story of our community.

Adventurers: People to call our community home and to experience our stories but also to go off on adventures and come back with the rewards, whatever they may be.

Artisans: With such a vibrant community we also seek a vibrant representation of our community through our architecture, our painting and sculptures, all down to the very clothing we wear. We are seeking people with a vision and a desire to express themselves through their art in game and create the backdrop for future adventurers and players to remember.

Defenders: People willing to live and fight for this ideal and the community we foster. A dedicated pvp guild would be great but we are willing to take any fighting member of the community who want a home worth fighting for!

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Letter about me

As a gamer, I first fell in love with games through the Zelda franchise where, like a compass rose, the town you start in had adventure and unique settings at every direction. As I've grown older, I've demanded more out of my gaming experience and desire both a visceral and exciting experience, à la Zelda, but the challenge and tactical depth of a city/world simulator, something like Banished or Sim City where you craft your reality and learn how to foster and grow to allow it to thrive indefinitely. Chronicles of Elyria seems to be the place where I can manage the town of my dreams and then zoom in and experience that town for myself and share that work with countless others.

My gaming foundation has fed into my vision for this community. The city will function as the compass where all directions point to a great time and unique place and environment to live in. I hope anyone interested can help me with that adventure moving forward as we craft what each point of the compass leads to and decide what our slice of Elyria will be like.

I want to be certain and clear that I am 100% dedicated to the success of this county and the city at its heart. I will fight tooth and limb to make sure it's a fantastic place to be. I'm fully aware of the economic requirements of that, the military requirements of that, and will plan accordingly to preserve this place for generations to come.

I want to invite anyone to chat with me: individual or existing community. We have yet to define the points of the compass and so a good majority of the work still is yet to come. I'd love unique groups and social types to take a hold of each point of the compass and turn it into something fully fleshed out and unique. I'd also love to have some great neighboring counties so we can expand the dream.

Hope to see you in game,

Count Magvad Yernbosque.

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Future list of groups:

For now check out the City of Svellaros post on the forums. Current members are all aligned with that project, but we want people to exist in the countryside and craft their own small towns and communities to spread the good times. The city is just to facilitate a hub of trade and commerce, we want there to be unique experiences and peoples all around us if we can. Don't be afraid to ask how you might fit in, we are flexible and the earlier you come into the fold the more we can adapt around you and make this place home.

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Interesting, I think your county is the first I've seen to specialize in textiles. Will your textiles be for simple clothes alone or also those of the magical variety, assuming they exist?

Kingdom of Tyria Dutchy of Aquitania Count of Mournstead

2/15/2018 10:55:08 PM #4

Posted By RedStormBringer at 7:26 PM - Tue Feb 13 2018

Interesting, I think your county is the first I've seen to specialize in textiles. Will your textiles be for simple clothes alone or also those of the magical variety, assuming they exist?

I'd like to keep a level of realism around that, not necessarily non-magical realism, but an economic realism. I don't want to sell someone something that I can't reasonably provide.

At a bare minimum, I'd like to support designers (tailors interested in aesthetic and setting fashion for the region). If I can vertically integrate the city so that they have ample access to cheap but quality supply, I will do that. If I can't grow everything nearby I'll solve the logistical problems associated with getting the product and supplies they need to the city by other means (establishing an industry we can support and using that to bring in traders who have access to places that can produce the base textiles in the game).

The grand concept is festivals and events that support designers, support the industry that the designers depend on to make their product (tax incentive, infrastructure planning, and establishing access to them to increase their profits), and celebrate the colors of Elyria with the county as a backdrop.

My most likely tribe will be To'resk...while they aren't the most attractive option, they provide a very attractive backdrop. (Think Venice) This backdrop will be the showcase for designs during festivals that stress how you dress and celebrate the crafters in our region. Their region is also very fertile, which means a higher chance of many crops being able to exist nearby.

1) We can never be certain where we will end up. What fabrics/dyes that are readily available or are something we can even grow in the city is still an unknown. We don't know if they will port over real world crops (such as flax and cotton), if they will make up their own, and where they will place those objects.

The only confirmation we have is Kypiq will have access to silk. Whether their method of silk creation is the only one is yet to be seen. Worst case, I establish and access trade with Kypiq for my people. Best case, we can produce it ourselves upon porting over that knowledge to our people.

2) Magical variety of textiles, if there is a market, would of course be sold. Again, if we have the access to that.

In what way magic would actually be imbued into cloth remains to be seen. It could be talent based, but it could also be akin to apothecaries imbuing dyes and treatments for textiles with things that have certain properties that are magical in nature.

Dye creation will be an alchemist's pursuit, and likely a huge profit center for them (dependable). So incentives to promote alchemists are also a part of the plan. If people end up with talents that allow them to modify cloth with magic, we'd do everything we could to acquire them.

While tax incentive is one thing we can offer to tailors, suppliers, etc...we would like to eventually offer more avenues of support depending on what is available to us. We can explore those options with anyone who is interested, but for now we need to wait till closer to launch and settlement selection before I can guarantee anything. I will do everything I can to make sure being a tailor/alchemist/textile industry supplier is better in my town than any other reasonable option.

In the end, I'm really wanting to have a textile industry in my town because I think that'd be an awesome and colorful place to live. Couple that with a To'resk mecca on water and you have an in-game Venice with fantastical celebrations and vibrant citizens. A huge goal is to be a town so fun and interesting to be in, that you'd want to live there anyway.

I also seek to make sure other groups in the city benefit from the textile industry. Adventurers would need exotic cloths or could go off to far away lands to provide rare dyes and textiles, etc.


We can't make a living off things we can't it depends on where we land. Magical textiles is obviously something we'd like to do but for now...we are just going to promote a culture around an industry that we think we want to have...but that culture is not dependent on that industry being within the city if we need to move to something like mining, etc.

4/25/2018 8:19:19 PM #5

Our Duke has married the Queen!

We have adjusted our location accordingly.

4/8/2019 4:34:00 AM #6

Lots of community shake up with land selection and the community dark age nearing its end.

Hope to have new updates and information as Land Selection changes the landscape and deals are being struck.

4/13/2019 11:40:23 AM #7

Well, I know where to get my new suit 😊

Love the idea!

5/6/2019 8:56:18 PM #8

With the results in Domain & Settlement Selection...we have moved! The Kingdom of Valyria is our new home!

7/28/2019 12:26:18 AM #9

We will be stationed out of a Deciduous Biome somewhere along the coast and up a major river.

9/21/2019 11:01:24 PM #10

We've placed! Updated the OP

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