[Bordweall] Duchy of Werïstarc


From Ashes, Strength is Born

The Eternal Crossroads have long allowed the Great Houses of Werïstarc to prosper. Their origins, long lost to the ages. These mysterious roads extend across the known realms, reaching out to the four corners of the world. Across rolling fertile plains, through mountains caressing the skies, and nestled into the hearts of hamlets and cities alike; these roads brought wealth and abundance. Though, through the Years of Confinement, these roads instead brought ruin. Pilfering the Eternal Crossroads, the Empire of Xeilias festered, spreading across the Kingdom of Bloodoak. The roads enabling the Empire to maintain dominance with their many troops and wagons. A perfect gateway to the ruin of all that Bloodoak held dear. Weakened from battles and fleeting prestige, the Kingdom of Bloodoak became deformed and lost to the grasp of the Empire.

Through centuries of secure diplomatic and trade treaties, the Great Houses of Werïstarc maintained their hold on trade. However, with invasion imminent, the riches that flowed through Werïstarc diminished and the imperial armies marched ever closer. Trust and respect built through the centuries held fast throughout the realms. It remained, even within the captured territories of the Empire of Xeilias, and with the armies of Werïstarc, disarmed and banished into servitude. With caravans seized an plundered, corpses strewn rested, and blood leached between the cobblestones of the crossroads; the chaos of the Xeilian Empires forming its foundation.

With resistance in the air, and word from the First Warden of Lejan Fallskeeper. Even diminished through force, Werïstarc assisted in the silent resistance. In the cover of the darkest dark of caves, and the misting swamp fog illuminated by the lanterns of trusted traders and mercenaries. These daring adventurers, reached the remnants of the Kingdom of Bloodoak, encouraging the reinvigoration of morale, supplying food, weapons and resources. Over years, this silent resistance transformed into the War of the Steadfast Shields.

After the Battle of Welinski the armies of the First Warden Lejan Fallskeeper forced Xeilias out of Werïstarc. In the coming months, Lejan Fallskeeper continued to march, forcing Xeilias in retreat. In reverence to the Kingdom of Bloodoak and First Warden Lejan Fallskeeper the Celebration of Sovereignty was held. On this day, of rebirth and celebration the Kingdom of Bordweall arose. Growth and reconstruction began, and a vast sprawling kingdom and duchy; the Duchy of Werïstarc emerged. Under the Ruling House, von Rügen, Werïstarc and its citizens once again prospered through trade and its cities and counties became centers of power in knowledge, commerce and craft.

Paragons of Werïstarc


Knowledge is power. It is a pillar of a prosperous and thriving community; with knowledge comes potential for all. This mindset uplifts all play styles, providing citizens, merchants, guilds and organizations the opportunity to thrive in all aspects of the game. With knowledge comes the ability to improve upon what was once considered perfection.


Diversity is key to success, diversity in economy, playstyle and knowledge. Every citizen has an ambition established, some even before stepping into our bustling markets or selecting our community as their home. Werïstarc encourages these ambitions and hopes to help provide the necessary structure and community needed. All should reach their maximum potential, while achieving the maximum amount of fun.


All are welcome and safe within Werïstarc; however, to forge a lasting community, we need to be connected both through mindset, military, and goals. These connections will span the entire Duchy allowing citizens to be a part of a greater whole and work together for the betterment of their County and their Duchy whether in the county militias or the universities. The community, mindset, and culture that has been established here is of the utmost importance and will be protected. Working together to reach our goals.

Citizens of Werïstarc

Werïstarc is searching for those wanting to become a Count, Countesses and Aristocracy in our lands. Those who are willing to help develop a strong, and lasting foundation. Currently, we believe that to be successful, we will need at least fifteen counties, each of these counties will need to develop and discover their own strengths and desires.

Werïstarc has three paragons - knowledge, ambition and unity through cooperation, which date back to our unification. With this in mind, Werïstarc searches for those who have a drive for furthering research and knowledge, progressing as an individual and community, and the foresight to overcome and prosper.

We all search for prosperity through wealth, influence, knowledge and martial. These diverse means of prosperity strengthen the cause of our citizens and duchy. Together we will face shared troubles and enjoy shared triumph. As a united force with diverse knowledge and skills we can withstand any threat that would otherwise overwhelm an individual. With these paragons and understanding of them we will be able to become a successful, strong and robust people and duchy.

With this there is a place for almost every playstyle within Werïstarc. Whether it is a the ambition to teach and learn at the finest educational institutions, adventure into the depths of newly discovered ruins, defend the realm in times of war and peace, owning a business with the hopes to reach the four corners of the continent, or simply farmland to call home, Werïstarc welcomes all.

Preferred Culture and Biome for Werïstarc

The clans of Werïstarc have a Germanic theme, with a knowledge, crafting and trade focuses. This leads that the preferred biome for the duchy will be Montane Steppe, Freshwater Wetland or Grassland, which will ideally include mountains, rivers and oceanic coast. However, this cultural theme will be unenforced, and all citizens are able to find and follow their own cultural theme. This will allow us to meet all cultural and tribal opportunities for our citizens.

Joining the Duchy of Werïstarc

Those looking to join Werïstarc as citizens, aristocracy or nobility need only visit our community’s discord and make their intentions known.

Counts and Countesses hoping to join Werïstarc will undergo an interview where all pledged nobility are allowed to attend. This is to ensure that the expectations of Counts and Countesses aligns with the community, as well as to ensure that we do not allow toxic individuals into the community.

Governance of Werïstarc

Crowned Duke

Duke Konrad, Ruling House Von Rügen While passionate, Von Rügen is just. A formidable ally or opponent, his unyielding loyalty to the future of Werïstarc shall promote prosperity and peace for decades to come. Believing all within our community shall prosper through passion, and greatness of opportunity. With an open-hand of knowledge and a fist of justice, Konrad swears to rejoice within all individual possibilities, as those possibilities abide by the rules of law. Striking down those who would dare to intrude on the hopes and dreams of the Werïc people.

In Werïstarc, we believe that all people, no matter their titles, has a right to debate and discuss the laws which will govern us. With this in mind there will be branches of governance in Werïstarc to help focus legislation.

Stewards of Order A collection of trusted individuals with specific roles of development in Werïstarc. Stewards create laws and policies in their government specialty; infrastructure, scholarship, commerce, warfare, and justice. Stewards advice the Ruling House, Von Rügen, in these specialties to ensure a secure, prosperous and welcoming homeland.

House of Lords The House of Lords, the Nobility, of Werïstarc will be provided the opportunity to assemble to write and vote on laws that will impact the counties within Werïstarc. The Council of Great Houses convene to help design and develop laws, and have a direct impact on how their counties will operate within Werïstarc.

House of Deputies Before the Battle of Welinsk, the Lords and Commanders met in the Heilägswert, leading to their historic resistance against the Empire of Xeilias. The House of Deputies now resides with the Aristocrats, who voice their opinion regarding law and policy, as well as offering a table to discuss military strategy and structure.


Utilized to ensure responsibility and accountability, Charters will be published for positions throughout Werïstarc, such as the Stewards of Order. Charters allow the Ruling House to both relieve or ensure the continuation of ducal positions. The Charter system allows fluidity in both results and ideas, while verifying a true merit-based system. The citizens of Werïstarc will hold positions for their work and effort; rather, than their bloodline or surname. Charters allow that any citizen, may one day serve and advise the Ruling House.

The Great Houses

von Rügen Heilägswert

Dal Riata Arenthia

Eberstark Aeilsir

von Masa Ustu Kahraman

von Rothschild Alkaria

Kostka Rogalin & Dalmor

Cetretha Cetretha

Arctosa Veridimond

Duchy Discord


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Well done, Duke von Rügen! Hope to read more in the future!

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I am curious if Werïstarc has a deviant organizational body to help support the Duke in matters that fall under that specific purview?

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Currently, there is no body that serves in that capacity. Eventually who knows. ;)


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We have more spaces for counts; if you are interested please follow the above link to our discord. Please feel free to talk to us about our Duchy as spaces are filling up.


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Proud to announce another count has joined our community, Count Alwin Cetretha! Weristarc has a couple more spots left, if you are a steadfast, honorable and determined Count or Countess. Come by our discord!

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Weristarc is still searching for Counts and Countesses who want to build a thriving, prosperous duchy! Come by our discord today!

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Very well written had to look it over twice.

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This is one of the most promising duchies I have seen yet.

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Well versed, Duke Von Rugen. Perhaps one day I'll be able to visit.

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That is a beautiful coat of arms, Von.

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Searing Plague is going to get it's moneys worth! Let's knock this outta the park!

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Beautiful crest VonRugen and thank you BlueBelle for your awesome work!

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Looks very promising, I am a baron/mayor pledge and I am interested in joining, do I need to try and align to a Count first or can I just pledge to a Duchy and go from there? Not sure how all this works yet as I am just now getting involved in the forums and community. Thanks!

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