Duchy of Vitalis

A Haven for Prosperity

Welcome to Vitalis, I am Duke Jon Warren. Vitalis is a duchy in the Kingdom of Alésia, a realm brought together during Elyria's "Free Kingdom" contest and ruled by the winner, King Phyllain. The name "Vitalis" comes from the Latin word "Vita" or "Life". Here in Vitalis, our focus is economic growth through innovation. I firmly believe in the power of individual creativity and that each person provides unique value to the duchy.

Our counties vary in focus from banking, to a magic school, to the breeding and taming of trison, entertainment and gambling, and much more. I encourage creativity among the counts and am actively working to help them build upon their plans. I would like each county in Vitalis to be known for their unique blueprint. Every person, whether trader, priest, or architect, will have a place here.

A Peerless Center for Trade

My vision for Vitalis is a duchy that serves as the central hub for business and trade in Alésia. I believe we can achieve this vision through building local infrastructure and community. The systems we put in place will support our citizens and integrate new players into the game. I firmly believe that we can offer engagement to people of all professions while providing each person the opportunity to profit from their skills. I want to reward innovation and creativity in Vitalis. If someone provides value, they should receive value in return. We will be offering monetary incentives for solving problems within the duchy, as well as economic incentives for enterprising businesses.

Experience Vitalis!

All Roads Lead to Vitalis

Vitalis is a melting pot. Each individual brings a unique perspective to the table. Our goal is for each county to be self-sufficient while creating a support network that enables us to provide aid to neighbors should they need it. Each mayor should receive special attention from their count, to help those mayors build their territory in a way that provides them and their citizens the best benefit. No matter what county a new player spawns into, we want to make sure that the infrastructure exists to guide them into following their individual path.

Our planned apprenticeship system will match new players with those offering skill training and provide certifications of training that will be recognized throughout the duchy. These certifications will serve as a means to identify players skilled in different areas, who may be of interest to employers. Job boards will be networked and an association developed for the purpose of connecting those new players with people who can pay them coin for their skills.

We will design activities and events that harness each profession to bring value to the duchy. Whether we have mapmaking competitions for the cartographers, to map new areas in a short period of time, or hunting expeditions to eliminate a beast infestation, or crafting tournaments to equip kingdom troops, we’ll try to make them sustainable. Recurring career-based events that pay for themselves can help to keep our community interested.

The Ecclesiarchy of Caemlyn, the Military College of Harvard County, the Mercenary Guild of Falkirk, and the Grand Exchange of Warren County are just a few examples of the many projects to participate in and variety of events to take advantage of in Vitalis. Each county in Vitalis has a unique focus and will provide special opportunities to citizens.

Becoming Part of Vitalis

Vitalis currently has a retinue of twenty-one nobles and myself, leaving four counties open(two reserved, two unreserved). Mechanically, I can only reserve 11 counties, however, due to increased demand for slots in my duchy, I will be taking steps to reserve all filled positions as we work our way towards domain selection. I have made myself available to speak with every noble who has asked to be a part of my duchy, either via Discord or the forums. I believe it is only fair that I secure the positions of the counts who have pledged to me. While I am still deciding on those last few slots, when filled, they will be offered the same protections.

Anyone, regardless of influence or EP, who takes the county slot of one of those who has pledged to Vitalis, will promptly be ousted in-game, via whatever means necessary, as soon as is feasible. The counts pledged prior to domain selection will be protected. Neglecting to speak with me about placing a county in Vitalis indicates a distinct lack of cooperation and an unwillingness to communicate with others, at a stage when cooperation and demonstrated leadership capabilities are the primary metrics we have to evaluate our nobles.

If Vitalis sounds like your kind of place, I'd love to speak with you. We recently hosted a three-part seminar on being a mayor. We also have room for innovative, creative mayors, barons or gentry who would like to be part of Vitalis. Vitalis is a tight-knit community that sustains itself and creates value. We have projects available for players of all backgrounds and professions.

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Each noble will be given latitude to develop their county as they wish, so long as they meet certain requirements for funding and treatment of citizens. A duchy round table will be held periodically, known as the Assembly of Nobles, allowing nobles to bring forward complaints or proposals. Following a vote on consideration, proposals will be reviewed and read aloud to the entire contingent.

The duke will have final executive power on policies and a veto power, which can be overturned with a two-thirds majority of the duchy’s player nobility. Votes will be held on intra-duchy issues not related to taxation. Each count will receive a weighted vote, proportionate to percentage of player population in the most recent census. Prior to the first census, all counts will receive equal votes.

Cabinet positions will be filled as needed. Members of the cabinet will attend the Assembly of Nobles and advise the nobility on the status of the duchy in their respective fields. An untitled, unlanded representative of the citizens will be among them. Each county will publicly announce the voting and citizens will vote in a preferential voting system, within a period of no less than 14 days and no more than 45 days. Upon the closing of the polls, votes will be tallied and the winner in each county will be their vote for “Voice of the People.”


Our goal is to structure Vitalis in such a way that it is self-sustaining and harnesses innovative methods to stay ahead in trade, business, and technology. Our counties are very diverse in focus and we want to encourage economic interaction while ensuring that none of them rely on outside sources to subsist. Business and value creation will be incentivized in many different ways.

During my campaign, I expressed my intent to eliminate taxation entirely. That still remains my objective. Passive sources of revenue will be pursued by the duchy. Over time, we will replace taxation with investments. Every time someone makes a profit-sharing deal with the duchy, we will take steps towards eliminating their taxes. Eventually, if the duchy reaches a certain point in funding, via investments, taxes at large will be eliminated. The goal is to maintain full funding of the duchy, while ensuring that the citizens are economically unencumbered.

We will encourage trade across all of our borders. I do not intend to use tariffs as a source of revenue. There will be tolls on major highways and the duchy may take a convenience fee on transactions conducted through the central trade hub.


As duke, I will be working with barons to maximize efficient use of troops and fast response times. The amount of territory that our barons have to cover is quite large and efficient coverage will be important. Each baron should be provided with a template to use and offered support from the neighboring baronies. Communication channels will be utilized that allow for communication of game events to offline barons. Military strength is essential to securing the wealth of the citizens of Vitalis.

Minimum troop, horse, and equipment requirements will be maintained by the barons. Baronies will be rewarded for excellence and incentivized to reach set targets for efficiency. The duchy will be designed to allow a honeycombed, guerilla-style defense by the barons. Invaders or hostile forces should struggle to enter and leave each region. Using nations like Switzerland as a model, we will use whatever resources we have, whether natural or artificial, to provide for the defense of the duchy.

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We look forward to doing business with your businesses :)

2/13/2018 5:50:25 AM #4

I look forward to the business you'll do with our businesses.

2/14/2018 7:06:36 PM #5

The Duchy of Thearyn is excited to conduct business with you.

5/5/2018 1:12:35 AM #6

So glad to have become a part of this duchy!

5/17/2018 1:56:21 PM #7

I haven't really gotten into this game yet but I plan on devouring it once it gets rolling. I have backed at the Merchant level (currently considering bumping up to Mayor) and would love to join the Duchy of Vitalis.

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Great Crysnia, we'd love to have you! Come by our discord server and we'll get you all set up with tags and introduce you to the other citizens. Vitalis Discord Server.

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The County of Bhailedar is proud to be vassals of Vitalis.

10/29/2018 11:00:32 PM #10

Caemlyn is proud to stand alongside the esteemed County of Bagledar.

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