[EU] Duchy of Coranth


Life on the Elyrian frontier had always been hard, and hard lands made hard people. That was until House Atreides came to make it its home. Life has changed on the frontier over the years, but the people have not. The Duchy of Coranth is our home. Do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself here?

Coranth is a frontier duchy situated within the Demalion Empire. While not as old or populous as some of the older more established duchies, Coranth is a young, vibrant and aspiring duchy lead by House Atreides.

Because Coranth has been established only recently it offers many opportunities for people with a pioneering spirit. Towns and villages shall be established, roads shall be built and industry and trade shall flourish. Whether you are an aspiring landowner, crafter, fighter, adventurer or scholar Coranth will be a home for you if you are looking to make a living for yourself. If you like to build, Coranth welcomes you!

Coranth’s general theme is very loosely inspired by the Nilfgaardian Empire from the Witcher series and Skyrim from the Elder Scrolls series. Coranth will be developing its own unique language based of Sindarin (The Lord of the Rings) and the Elder Speech (The Witcher). Coranth’s military theme will be loosely inspired by the ancient Greek city state of Corinth and the Byzantine Empire.

Even though Coranth follows an overall theme it is a very diverse community of groups and individuals. What binds the people of Coranth together is a shared love for a free and open society based on mutual respect and cooperation.


So, what biome are we going to be settling in? Our preference is a northern region (the Boreal Forests or the Alpine Forests) or a neighbouring transition biome with enough local resources to be largely self-sufficient, but until domain selection is finished there are no guarantees.


Regardless of the biome we will be settling in Coranth will be themed around the Brudvir as its primary tribe, and the Hrothi and Neran as its secondary tribes. With tribal migration having been confirmed by SBS as a possibility as early as Kingdoms of Elyria, Coranth will be planning (mass) migrations of its preferred tribes (and possibly other tribes as well) to its own lands. Regardless of how the cards will be dealt, Coranth will shape its own destiny and shall try to provide its citizens with the playstyle they desire.


Despite being a frontier Duchy, Coranth will mostly focus on becoming an economic powerhouse while seeking to build a strong defensive military able to protect its interests as well as that of its allies should the need arise.

Because of the economic focus of Coranth all taxes levied will either be reinvested into the economy (trade and infrastructure) or used to maintain Coranth’s defenses. Tax rates and tariff’s will be kept fair taking into consideration that all major projects engaged in by Coranth will ultimately benefit all its inhabitants.


Coranth seeks to facilitate, empower and protect its citizens but also believes in the idea of a minimal involvement of the government in the daily lives of its citizens. Coranth will therefore actively seek provide an environment in which its citizens can flourish and are able to pursue their personal goals and dreams while keeping the number of rules to a minimum. Advancing Coranth prosperity, concluding trade deals as well as introducing, maintaining and enforcing fair laws, developing new settlements will be high priorities for Coranth’s Duke.

In short, we won’t tell you how to play and we want you to succeed in your chosen path.

Coranth will respect if people want to do their own thing, therefore Coranth’s counties and settlements enjoy a good deal of autonomy. All that is expected in return is that the activities of the various counties and settlements don’t impede on or otherwise harm the interests of Coranth. Additionally, all counties and settlements are required to heed any call to arms sent out by the Duke.

While the Duke has the final say in all matters he will actively seek to involve all the important stakeholders in any decision or ruling. Only by working closely as a team will Coranth prosper. If possible, a consensus will be sought amongst the people of Coranth on all major decisions. The day to day management of Coranth is overseen by the Duke and his ducal council:

  • Duke – Atreus Wolfborn
  • Lord Warden – Thallan Adwynn
  • Strategos – Vacant
  • Ranger General - Vacant
  • High Justice – Vacant
  • Chancellor – Vacant


While PVP will be inevitable within Elyria, Coranth will engage in PVP only for defensive purposes. Coranth’s military will have its regular armed forces geared towards a more defensive role with Barons being appointed accordingly. With that being said, Coranth requires all of its citizens to become at least proficient in some form of self-defense. Citizens who are willing to actively participate in defensive combat will be enlisted as reservists and will be organized according to a landwehr system in times of war.

In addition to its regular armed forces and landwehr, Coranth’s military includes three specialist branches:


Coranth will actively be encouraging and facilitating the formation of vibrant communities of role-players throughout the duchy. To achieve this Coranth will build and expand onto the tradition of player run towns stretching back to past MMO's such as Ultima Online.

Experienced role-players already call Coranth their home, with one of our community leaders having been involved in various player run (roleplay) communities during his time in Ultima Online from 1997 to 2002. Coranth hopes to build on this rich tradition and to bring back those days by trying to nourish a wide variety of role-play communities within the duchy. Any roleplay community looking for a home will be welcome in Coranth!

Coranth and its Duke will support and promote settlements that wish to establish inns, taverns or other kinds of hubs dedicated to hosting regular role-play events. The goal is to help bring a sense of community and atmosphere to settlements wishing to facilitate role-play and make them more than a collection of player owned houses.


The establishment of guilds, schools and other organizations is highly encouraged. Below is a list of the guilds, schools and organizations that are either native to Coranth or maintains a branch / chapter within Coranth.

The Ostagaard School of Engineering & Architecture – Inventors and architects – Guildmaster Atreus Wolfborn.

The Shamans of Seornai – Shamans – High Shaman Thallan Adwynn.

Certo Certius – Scribes

The Elyrian Initiative - Adventurers

The Crimson Adventurers - Adventurers

Citizens of Coranth may petition the Duke to allow the creation of their own guild or school, especially if a profession is not yet presented in Coranth by any existing guild and/or school.

Why choose Coranth?

Why should a player choose to settle in Coranth? Besides offering players a community, an environment for role playing and the freedom to develop their characters as they want, Coranth will actively help players get established by assisting them in finding a place to live and set up their desired business.

People with an adventurous spirit will also be able to find their place within Coranth. By being situated within a border region Coranth is at the forefront of where history is made!

What roles are we currently looking for?

Coranth is currently looking for a wide variety of players.

  • Counts with an economic & trading focus, a military focus or a mixed focus.
  • Mayors to found additional settlements and Barons to provide security as well as to maintain law and order.
  • Landowners with an interest in farming, breeding and animal keeping to tame Coranth’s vast wilderness and cultivate its lands.
  • Crafters and traders to help develop Coranth’s industry.
  • Fighters to help keep Coranth safe and help enforce its laws.
  • A variety of other roles including, but not limited to: caravan protectors, sheriffs, traders, rangers, map makers, resource gatherers, spies and all kinds of other frontiersmen/women.

My personal motivation

So, what was my personal motivation as Duke of Coranth to form this very diverse community?

Building my own game/online world is a dream I have had for almost 30 years now, something that I but also everyone else can enjoy. Now, CoE is offering me the opportunity to help build a part of its world, a virtual world where people can have fun and spend the online part of their lives. Therefore, I am very passionate about building this Duchy with whoever wants to join me.

We are building our little corner of this world, a corner where we are in control while creating a whole community from scratch.

Join us

Coranth will be settling on the Selene server within the Demalion Empire. Anyone who is interested in joining Coranth is welcome to come and meet us in our Discord channel! Representatives of entities such as guilds seeking to establish a cooperation with Coranth will also be welcome in our Discord channel as Coranth is always looking to make new friends and establish mutual beneficial ties with other entities.

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Over a millennia ago, the region that is today known as the county of Ostagaard was part of the lush and verdant heartland of the fabled Republic of Aduron, also known as Old Aduron in later times.

During this time period, Aduron’s borders extended well beyond modern day Ostgaard, encompassing much of what is presently considered to be the heartland of the Duchy of Coranth. Aduron’s capital city was located high and secure in the peaks of the Silver Mountains just to the west of modern day Valnora. The region featured several paved highways to allow travelers and commerce to flow throughout the region. These ancient highways still exist today as unpaved gravel throughways and occasionally, pieces of Old Aduron paving will work their way to the surface.

Exactly when and how Aduron collapsed is still a matter of debate amongst historians. They can only agree that the collapse came about roughly a thousand years before the founding of Coranth by Atreus Wolfborn. The event leading to the destruction of the once prosperous and peaceful Republic of Aduron is simply known as The Great Plague.

In the centuries following The Great Plague, descendants of the people of Aduron slowly began to return to their old homeland in the hope of resurrecting their once beloved homeland. In time new communities were established amidst the ruins of the once-great Republic of Aduron and the inhabitants began to forget much of their heritage though they retained a fierce streak of independence as well as their unique language, now known as the Eldar Speech. The origin of the Eldar Speech isn’t widely known except amongst a select few. What is known is that the Eldar Speech isn’t related to any of the other regional languages. Because of their unique and ancient heritage, the people of Ostagaard and its surrounding areas have the tendency to regard themselves as superior over the people in neighbouring lands who mostly consist of settlers and have no ties with the region's’ original inhabitants.

What is remarkable, is that the native inhabitants of Ostagaard and its surrounding areas bear a striking physical resemblance to the Brudvir, even though the Eldar Speech shares no roots with any of the modern Brudvir dialects. While most adhere to the Feadin religion, there are otherwise very few cultural similarities to the Brudvir. In addition, the native inhabitants of Ostagaard and its surrounding areas are accomplished blacksmiths and also possess a highly refined architectural tradition.

In time the town of Valnora was established as the new regional capital and Seornai was established on a dome shaped hill that had once served as a military outpost and has since grown into a fully fledged town.

Seornai is home to the Shamans of Seornai, who came to help cure The Great Plague, the very thing which destroyed the Republic of Aduron so long ago. After helping heal the lands, the inhabitants of what is today known as Seornai were allowed to settle within the region and have built friendly relations with the people of Valnora.

As the nascent Demalion Empire laid waste to one Hazar stronghold after another, Radrik the Red ordered elements of the Hazar to regroup within the lands of Old Aduron. These Hazar forces killed Count Julius Jardine and occupied Ostagaard as well the surrounding lands. In response, a young and ambitious Demalion officer named Atreus Wolfborn marched his forces into the lands of Old Aduron. After a short but bloody campaign the forces under the command of Atreus Wolfborn managed to drive the Hazar from Old Aduron. Atreus Wolfborn subsequently proclaimed himself Count of Ostagaard and spent the next few years consolidating Demalion rule over the region defeating the various noble families vying for power as Count Julius Jardine died without an heir. After defeating all of his rivals Atreus Wolfborn met with representatives of all the communities communities throughout the lands of Old Aduron, resulting in the Concordat of Valnora.

Under the terms of the Concordat of Valnora all the communities of Old Anduron agreed to unite under the rule of House Wolfborn and establish the Duchy of Coranth with Atreus Wolfborn being recognized as Coranth’s first Duke. With the establishment of the Duchy of Coranth most of the lands of Old Aduron were officially incorporated into the Demalion Empire. The establishment of the Duchy of Coranth also marked the beginning of the Atreides dynasty, a surname adopted by Atreus' heirs.

During the modern era the Duchy of Coranth has extended its influence into most of Aduron’s former lands with Ostagaard and its capital Valnora becoming the seat of power for Coranth’s Dukes shortly after its establishment by Atreus Wolfborn.


1000: The Republic of Anduron is devastated by the event known as The Great Plague.

850 - 770: The effects of The Great Plague subside enough for the lands to become somewhat habitable again. The descendants of the people of Anduron slowly begin to return to the homeland of their forefathers.

769: The hamlet of Valnora is established.

546: Valnora becomes a township and several neighbouring hamlets are established.

523: Several families from Valnora establish the hamlet of Welten.

481: The hamlet of Seornai is established.

400 - 250: As Seornai and Welten become townships in their own right Valnora becomes the region’s main trade hub.

200 - 127: The regional population recovers sufficiently to spread beyond the three existing townships and new villages and hamlets are established in rapid succession.

127: The township of Valnora and several surrounding settlements are reorganized into the County of Ostagaard.

91: Hazar forces occupy Ostagaard and the surrounding lands. Count Julius Jardine is killed by the Hazar leaving no direct heir.

90 - 89: Demalion forces commanded by Atreus Wolfborn march into Ostagaard and quickly drive out the Hazar. Atreus Wolfborn proclaims himself Count of Ostagaard.

88 - 80: This period is also known as the interregnum as Atreus Wolfborn and several prominent local families vie for control over the region. During this period Atreus Wolfborn defeats and exiles his rivals and consolidates his rule over Ostgaard.

79: The Concordat of Valnora. Representatives of all the communities throughout the lands of Old Aduron meet in Valnora and agree to unite under the rule of House Wolfborn and thus Atreus Wolfborn establishes the Duchy of Coranth. This event also marks the beginning of the Atreides dynasty.

78: Following the establishment of the Duchy of Coranth most of Old Aduron is formally incorporated into the nascent Demalion Empire.

0: CoE launches.

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Counties and settlements

Coranth is home to a diverse range of counties and settlements. A diversity we are very proud of and we believe will serve to make Coranth strong in the long run.

The County of Ostagaard

The County of Ostagaard is the home region of House Atredies and many of the family’s ancestral lands are situated there. Ostagaard consists of three major settlements (Valnora, Seornai and Welten). Ostagaard is currently ruled by Atreus Wolfborn, who is also the Duke of Coranth.

The city of Valnora

Valnora is the current capital of both the Coranth and Ostagaard. Also known as the silver city, Valnora was established at the foot of the Silver Mountains near the former capital of Aduron. Valnora is home to the Ostagaard School of Engineering & Architecture, an important center for innovation where engineers and architects gather to hone their crafts and make ever more intricate designs. Nobles and merchants alike come to Valnora to commission grand projects at the academy.

In support of the academy a diverse range of craftsmen have settled down in Valnora. Blacksmiths, carpenters, stonemasons and glassmakers will all find a good livelihood in Valnora. Many of these crafters have joined forces in the Ostagaard Builders Association and the Ostagaard Blacksmithing Guild. Together with the academy these institutions are dedicated to supporting the city's industrial focus as well as developing Coranth's infrastructure.

Valnora also serves as Ostagaard’s main trade hub. While trade is not the city's main focus, it is vital for the city's industry as not all resources are available locally. Trading guilds will therefore find ample opportunity in Valnora.

The Barony of Seornai

The Barony of Seornai, led by Baron Thallan Adwynn (brother in law to Duke Atreus Wolfborn), is the sworn protector of the City of Valnora as both settlements share similar if not the same goals and are dedicated to helping each other advance. In addition the nobility, aristocracy and gentry of Seornai share the same heritage and Eldar Speech as the nobility, aristocracy and gentry of Valnora.

Seornai is home to many noble houses which were crucial to the resurrection of the region which later became the County of Ostagaard. Seornai is also home to The Shamans of Seornai, who helped cure The Great Plague, the very thing which destroyed the Republic of Aduron in the first place.

After helping during the resurrecting phase, the inhabitants of what is today known as Seornai were allowed to settle within Ostagaard and have built friendly relations with the people of Valnora. In honor of this friendship, Seornai was granted the honor of becoming the first Barony in Coranth by Duke Atreus Wolfborn.

Unaligned settlements

The town of Mistvale

Mistvale is the adventurer’s capital of the Duchy of Coranth. Once a sleepy farming village at the very outskirts of the duchy, the town has established itself as the main destination for adventurers to rest, replenish and recruit parties for contracts. The town’s main inn, the Scouts Quiver, is run by retired Ranger Captain and adventurer Talran Shadowmist as a place for adventurers starting their career to meet mentors and find their first contracts.

The Scouts Quiver is also an Elyrian Initiative chapter house, meaning experienced adventurers in Mistvale have a direct path to contracts issued by nobles and other affluent members of Selene. The town boasts trade routes with Valnora and Seornai, meaning gear and provisions are easily acquired and adventuring finds are quick to sell. It houses a smithy, locally produced food, and a large breeding stable.

Due to its adventurer population and associated amenities the Crimson Adventurers of Demalion has a significant presence in Mistvale hosting a guild hall with resident guild supervisor.

Learn more about the town of Mistvale here.

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House Atreides

Atreides is an ancient Greek word used to refer to "a son of Atreus". House Atreides is Coranth's ruling house. House Atreides was founded by Atreus Wolfborn after he became the first Duke of Coranth. Below is a brief family tree covering the period between the start of KoE and the launch of CoE. As KoE progresses House Atreides will no doubt grow in size.

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Nice post Wolffje, glad to have you as a Duke of the Empire and best of luck! We all wanna build our own online world, maybe I'll visit yours someday :)

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Nice post Wolffje, glad to have you as a Duke of the Empire and best of luck! We all wanna build our own online world, maybe I'll visit yours someday :)

Thank you!

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I am proud to announce that the town of Mistvale has joined Coranth. Please give a warm welcome to Mayor Talran Shadowmist!