Birth date

I've seen this in some videos and a little bit in forums but still have some questions on it. When you create your character do you decide it's birth date and how the planets were aligned that day or is that decided based on when you made your character and the age you wanted to start as? Also exactly what effects will the planets being aligned have on you. I remember it being hinted that the stars and how they were aligned can have a big effect on you. Also if it is a perk or buff does the rarity of the alignment mean a bigger buff?

3/12/2018 6:20:17 AM #1

Your birthday affects the story engine. The game will generate a secret story for you based off this.

4/23/2019 7:14:11 PM #2

When you create your character, you will determine what day you were born (minimum 15 years before the current game date) and therefore your age. The alignment of the planets on that day will affect your unique storyline and the choices you will make in your life. That is all we know, and even that is undoubtedly mutable.

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